the birth of gilberts sanctuary

Sanctuary for Spirit Development

dealing with grief

Don’t Label Grief

First of all, I would like to start off with an apology. I know some of you rely on the monthly articles for this...


have i been abandoned

Have I Been Abandoned?

There is no doubt about it – Grief is a debilitating emotion and it is a journey that we all have to take. There...
Philips 070 transistor radio

Resistance is Futile?

What happens when a famous skeptic confronts the unmistakable mystery of spirit in his own life?Michael Shermer is the well-known skeptic and publisher of...

Social Media Changing How We Interact With The Dead

Social media is changing how we continue to integrate the dead into our daily lives.
afterlife stories

Where Is That Light Coming From

“Where Is That Light Coming From?” A Moment Of The Afterlife One of the greatest gifts from the YouTube video of me speaking in Sedona...

Conflict resolution in spirit realm

A previous article on “Spirit realm as information structures” discussed a low-level description of the spirit realm presented to us by an extraterrestrial Zeta...
Angel Healing

“Angel Healing Made Easy

“Angel Healing” To help evolve your consciousness and empower your physical health and wellbeing” “For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in...
helen duncan

She’s Not A Witch – Let’s Set The Record Straight

Recent news published by the Sunday Post in Scotland has brought further light to the case of Helen Duncan, and as usual, she is...
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Near Death

A Video Presentation

Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after...

The AWARE Study – AWAreness during REsuscitation – and Near-Death Experiences

The AWARE study explores the survival of conciousness beyond clinical death.

What Happens After Near-Death?

As more and more people experience near-death, the public awareness increases, and more and more, it comes up in conversation.The conversation about near-death experiences...
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Colin Fry Video

Colin Fry – Discusses Mediumship

  Colin Fry is one of the Most Respected Mediums In The UK Jock and Colin discuss...

Robin Foy’s New Physical Energy

The Scole Experiment In a little village named Scole in England, in a cellar that was...

Stewart Alexander Talks Candidly About Mediumship

If you are interested in Physical Mediumship and Trance mediumship, then you will not want...
Mavis Pitilla

Mavis With Spirit

Touching Spirit With Mavis Pitilla Mavis Pitilla is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated...

John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal ExpertJohn is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal...

Spiritual Healing

guardian angel

Angel Medicine Is Divine Healing

Angel Medicine Angel medicine is a powerful expression of divine healing work via the supremely potent divine light of God, which emanates directly through His...

Spiritual Thoughts

inner spiritual battle

Your Inner War

  "The inner battle within is always greater than any battle or hurdle you will experience on earth. Bring victory through your divine power realizing...
Spirit Links

Links to Spirit

Forge the Chain Of Love My message this month was all about the links that we forge in life. Therefore, I would like to bring...

The Art of Spiritual Alchemy

What is Spiritual Alchemy Alchemy is the ancient craft of using a chemical philosophy to turn lead metal into gold. Now how does spiritual alchemy...
physical mediumship

The Facts Are Physical

What is Mental Mediumship? MENTAL MEDIUMSHIPMental Mediumship is the most common of the two basic types of mediumship that are practiced today: there are literally...