A Poor Example Of Trance Mediumship

A Poor Example Of Trance Mediumship

Looking back in history, one can find authentic examples of mediums with remarkable trance mediumship abilities, which were extremely rare

How a Ghost Inspired a Profound Spiritual Journey

How a Ghost Inspired a Profound Spiritual Journey

(The author of this story is Fred Welling, a spiritual medium who resides in Adelaide, South Australia.) In the 1940s,

What Are The Chances?

What Are The Chances?

I had an inkling that Gordy’s spirit was earthbound.

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choose peace

Let’s Have Peace and Compassion Not Hate Nor Malice

Does anyone think the spiritualist community is imploding, with all the negativity and hatred and personalities attacking one another. How

It's GAWD! (Seriously?) 6

It’s GAWD! (Seriously?)

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 That’s the number of stars in the universe — Neil deGrasse Tyson Now, think about this. Our star –

psychic awareness

Understanding Psychic Awareness

  Everyone has thoughts and feelings, many of these are influenced by the outside world, and some from deep within.

the risen contact

Why Seek Risen Contact?

Why ought we to actively and consciously seek contact with the Risen at this time? As far as humanity is

love forgiveness and compassion

Back To Basics – Love Forgiveness and Compassion

Over the last few months, there have been atrocities bound and the world moves backward instead of forward. Ego’s bash

Clutter of Thought Creates Pollution in the Astral

Clutter of Thought Creates Pollution in the Astral

I’m often dismayed by the images and ‘news’ stories that friends share with me via email or social media, often

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