afterlife of billy fingers

The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers

Afterlife Of Billy Fingers Some may find this review quite surprising. I am reviewing 'The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers' both as a professional in the...
grief fear and anger

Fear Evolves Anger And Regret

Fear of Dying - Fear Of Living “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.” ― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed Fear is an emotion that...



Conflict resolution in spirit realm

A previous article on “Spirit realm as information structures” discussed a low-level description of the spirit realm presented to us by an extraterrestrial Zeta...
ALBERT BEST Spiritualist Medium

ALBERT BEST – The Man, The Medium

  Ireland has long been the mother of many a spirited child, but yet none has come so close to compare to her greatest son...
let them go

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go?

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go   There is a reason that i have left this particular article till the end of the Valentine's...
Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice – Beauty in the Darkness

Milioni di Orvs ~ "Millions of Orbs" © photo by Shannon Taggart, Sardinia 2015 “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an...
The intuitive connection of telepathy

The Intuitive Connection of Telepathy

When we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it, there are certain kinds of messages that come to...
All Things Etheric by Tom Butler


Let Us Begin This is my first offering to The Otherside Press, and it seems like a good idea to begin with an explanation of...

Take control of your thoughts and your life

You may be surprised to learn that we each have hidden beliefs inherited from our ancestors. These thoughts and belief patterns are passed on...
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Near Death

What Happens After Near-Death?

As more and more people experience near-death, the public awareness increases, and more and more, it comes up in conversation. The conversation about near-death experiences...

New Life After Death

Joyce Hawkes, PhD is a biophysicist and cell-biologist turned healer. Honored with a National Achievement Award for her work with the effects of environmental...
A Video Presentation

Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after...
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Mavis Pitilla

Mavis With Spirit

Touching Spirit With Mavis Pitilla Mavis Pitilla is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated...
Colin Fry Video

Colin Fry – Discusses Mediumship

  Colin Fry is one of the Most Respected Mediums In The UK Jock and Colin discuss...

Stewart Alexander Talks Candidly About Mediumship

If you are interested in Physical Mediumship and Trance mediumship, then you will not want...

Robin Foy’s New Physical Energy

The Scole Experiment In a little village named Scole in England, in a cellar that was...

John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal Expert John is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal...

Spiritual Healing

guardian angel

Angel Medicine Is Divine Healing

Angel Medicine Angel medicine is a powerful expression of divine healing work via the supremely potent divine light of God, which emanates directly through His...

Spiritual Thoughts

spiritual quotes

Think Like A Waterfall

  "You can't keep the water from the fall in your hand, it is temporary like material life, but it's life is eternal like you....
zetas discuss materialism

Why spirits choose the illusion of matter

In the conversations with the Zetas via the medium, Paul Hamden, the purpose of existence was occasionally addressed. They explained that we are all...
spiritual thoughts

Seeds Of Thoughts

"Think of thoughts as seeds, If they are positive and you feed them with love, you will create a beautiful tree with strong immovable roots. If they...
the birth of gilberts sanctuary

Sanctuary for Spirit Development


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