A barrier to communication with extraterrestrial races

#Extraterrestrial races have made their presence known to many people over the years.  They show their craft in the sky, they allow people to...
dealing with grief

Don’t Label Grief

First of all, I would like to start off with an apology. I know some of you rely on the monthly articles for this...
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Grief and Grieving

Don’t Stand At My Grave And Weep

This is an article that was published previously on my old blog and I thought that it fits well with our Journey Through Grief....
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Quality Mediumship Diminished?

I love watching other mediums demonstrate.I think we can learn a lot from observing others work, both in the sense of adapting positive traits,...

Animal Materialization In Physical Mediumship

 In much of mediumship history, there have been examples of animals being apported into the seance room or indeed materialized from the medium from...
robin foy interview

Robin Foy Talks Scole Coming Next Month

If you have not heard of the Scole experiment, then you will not want to miss this once in a lifetime Interview with Robin...
psychic awareness

Understanding Psychic Awareness

 Everyone has thoughts and feelings, many of these are influenced by the outside world, and some from deep within. It’s those thoughts and feelings...

The Many Faces Of Grief

There is a saying that if a butterfly flaps it's wings in Africa, that act can cause a chain reaction that can become the...
Victor Zammit Informs - A Legal Perspective

James Randi Challenge EXPOSED!

I had a lot of complaints from many psychics and mediums that the closed-minded skeptic James Randi is using his alleged million dollar challenge...
The Moses Effect

The Moses Effect

Moses Could See - Why Can't We? Think back to the Biblical story of Moses on Mount Sinai, when he went up the mountain to...
let them go

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go?

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go  There is a reason that i have left this particular article till the end of the Valentine's...
A Christmas Message Of Love

All I Want For Christmas Is You

It's that time of year again, a time when we have so many things on our mind such as how costly it is to...
dealing with grief

Don’t Label Grief

First of all, I would like to start off with an apology. I know some of you rely on the monthly articles for this...
the birth of gilberts sanctuary

Sanctuary for Spirit Development

cause and effect of man

The Cause and Effect Of Man

 In this séance Mickey talks about (after some gadding about!) Mans cause and effect not just for the world but also in his effects...
Door Keepers

Of Planes and Doorkeepers

Door Keepers One of the things I puzzle about from time to time is about the levels in the Etheric World. We are told that...
the afterlife

I Don’t Believe In Life After Death

 Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason...
guardian angel

Angel Medicine Is Divine Healing

Angel Medicine Angel medicine is a powerful expression of divine healing work via the supremely potent divine light of God, which emanates directly through His...
signs from spirit

Learning Signs and Symbols From the Spirit World

Our loved ones in the hereafter are with us often, and they try to let us know that. They’re with us when we need...

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Near Death

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What Happens After Near-Death?

As more and more people experience near-death, the public awareness increases, and more and more, it comes up in conversation.The conversation about near-death experiences...
A Video Presentation

Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after...

New Life After Death

Joyce Hawkes, PhD is a biophysicist and cell-biologist turned healer. Honored with a National Achievement Award for her work with the effects of environmental...

Journey Through Grief

the afterlife

I Don’t Believe In Life After Death

 Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason that I don’t believe is because I know there is...
mediumship karma

Mediumship Karma

Instant Mediums Karma Have you ever considered the importance of the Job you do as a medium and how much responsibility that carries? I often wonder how many actually think of the responsibility on...
have i been abandoned

Have I Been Abandoned?

There is no doubt about it – Grief is a debilitating emotion and it is a journey that we all have to take. There are so many aspects to grief and grieving that one...
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Mavis Pitilla

Mavis With Spirit

Touching Spirit With Mavis Pitilla Mavis Pitilla is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated...

John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal ExpertJohn is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal...
Colin Fry Video

Colin Fry – Discusses Mediumship

  Colin Fry is one of the Most Respected Mediums In The UK Jock and Colin discuss...
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Stewart Alexander Talks Candidly About Mediumship

If you are interested in Physical Mediumship and Trance mediumship, then you will not want...
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Kai Muegge Interview

Kai Muegge has often wowed audiences with his demonstrations of physical mediumship and as an...

Spiritual Healing

power of spiritual healing

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

 Spiritual Healing is the ability to align with the all-powerful cosmic healing forces of Creation, of Pure Source Energy, God, in order to be...

Spiritual Thoughts

raise your vibrations

Think Positive and Raise Your Vibration

Negativity and Negative People Only Affect you if you resonate with their vibration. If you think higher, you will vibrate higher and won't ever be affected!

Spirit realm as information structures

1. IntroductionIn a previous article entitled “The creation process and states of love”, we learned from our Zeta teachers that we exist in a...
physical mediumship

Trumpeting to the East

Several readers were very interested in hearing about the recent trumpet activity in the sitting we mentioned in the last blog.  Here is a...
zetas connection

Etheric templates and materialization

The Zetas who communicate via the medium, Paul Hamden, are extraterrestrial beings who live in physical environments, but they also have the ability to...
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