precipitation mediumship

Biblical Precipitation Mediumship

Over 2,000 years ago, three mystical stories began to play out, ultimately were written down and are now a part of the formalized book...
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Take control of your thoughts and your life

You may be surprised to learn that we each have hidden beliefs inherited from our ancestors. These thoughts and belief patterns are passed on...
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guardian angel

Angel Medicine Is Divine Healing

Angel Medicine Angel medicine is a powerful expression of divine healing work via the supremely potent divine light of God, which emanates directly through His...
A Christmas Message Of Love

All I Want For Christmas Is You

It's that time of year again, a time when we have so many things on our mind such as how costly it is to...

Conversation: One Size Does Not Fit All

Abstract This essay focuses on some of the factors controlling the clarity of our communication with others. The idea is that there are different ways...
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Synchronicities – Knots of Knowing in the Golden Fabric of Reality

 Having just completed a two-week spiritual pilgrimage to the eastern Indian region of Bengal (Calcutta and Puri), I find myself returning in thought often...
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The AWARE Study – AWAreness during REsuscitation – and Near-Death Experiences

The AWARE study explores the survival of conciousness beyond clinical death.
christmas message

Christmas Compassion And Love

Merry Xmas from tosp. Live with Love and Love with compassion.
I Walk In Two Time Periods

I Walk In Two Time Periods

Of the 252 Old Testament translators, most were uneducated in the Gifts of the Spirit. They ignored Saint Paul’s directive to understand psychic science. Are these translators trying to disguise the fact that one could ask a question and receive an answer from Spirit?
the last witch trial

The Last Witch Trial Under The Witchcraft Act Of 1735

Carrying on from our rebutting of the claim that Helen Duncan was the last person to be tried as a witch under the Witchcraft...
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Rupert Sheldrake – Morphic Resonance

Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author, is best known for his hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of...
zetas discuss materialism

Why spirits choose the illusion of matter

In the conversations with the Zetas via the medium, Paul Hamden, the purpose of existence was occasionally addressed. They explained that we are all...
Angel Healing

“Angel Healing Made Easy

“Angel Healing” To help evolve your consciousness and empower your physical health and wellbeing” “For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in...
The Real Reason why Personal Development is Crucial in Mediumship

The Real Reason why Personal Development is Crucial in Mediumship

Mary-Anne Kennedy tells us why personal development is neccessary.
Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice – Beauty in the Darkness

Milioni di Orvs ~ "Millions of Orbs" © photo by Shannon Taggart, Sardinia 2015 “In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an...
ALBERT BEST Spiritualist Medium

ALBERT BEST – The Man, The Medium

  Ireland has long been the mother of many a spirited child, but yet none has come so close to compare to her greatest son...
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Potentials of Consciousness

Etzel Cardena: "What do anomalous experiences tell us about the potentials of consciousness?"Etzel Cardeña holds the Thorsen Chair in Psychology at Lund University in...
afterlife communication

The Mediums Journey Ends But The Sitters Begins

Over my many years in being of service to those who are grieving, and to spirit. There is one thing that I feel many...
Physical Medium Colin Fry, 1962-2015

The Very First Public Seance of Physical Medium, Colin Fry

A few months before he passed to Spirit himself, Sandra and I enjoyed an excellent lunch with our good friend Colin Fry at a...
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Near Death

near death experience

New NDE Research Reveals God Experience

New research carried out by the #Near Death Experience Foundation has revealed the occurring theme of a "deep and unconditional love" within the majority...
A Video Presentation

Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after...
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What Happens After Near-Death?

As more and more people experience near-death, the public awareness increases, and more and more, it comes up in conversation.The conversation about near-death experiences...

Journey Through Grief

My Mother's Grief - A Story of Hope

My Mother’s Grief – A Story of Hope

This is a difficult, confronting and deeply emotional story about death that must be told. Rest assured it has a comforting ending and I hope it finds its way to anyone who is struggling...
the afterlife

I Don’t Believe In Life After Death

 Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason that I don’t believe is because I know there is...
mediumship karma

Mediumship Karma

Instant Mediums Karma Have you ever considered the importance of the Job you do as a medium and how much responsibility that carries? I often wonder how many actually think of the responsibility on...

The Many Faces Of Grief


The Physical Touch Of Grief

dealing with grief

Don’t Label Grief

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The intuitive connection of telepathy

The Intuitive Connection of Telepathy

When we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it, there are certain kinds of messages that come to...
let them go

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go?

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go  There is a reason that i have left this particular article till the end of the Valentine's...
afterlife of billy fingers

The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers

Afterlife Of Billy Fingers Some may find this review quite surprising. I am reviewing 'The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers' both as a professional in the...
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Kai Muegge Interview

Kai Muegge has often wowed audiences with his demonstrations of physical mediumship and as an...
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Robin Foy’s New Physical Energy

The Scole Experiment In a little village named Scole in England, in a cellar that was...
Mavis Pitilla

Mavis With Spirit

Touching Spirit With Mavis Pitilla Mavis Pitilla is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated...

John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal ExpertJohn is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal...
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Stewart Alexander Talks Candidly About Mediumship

If you are interested in Physical Mediumship and Trance mediumship, then you will not want...

Spiritual Healing

power of spiritual healing

The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing

 Spiritual Healing is the ability to align with the all-powerful cosmic healing forces of Creation, of Pure Source Energy, God, in order to be...

Spiritual Thoughts

spiritual quotes

Think Like A Waterfall

  "You can't keep the water from the fall in your hand, it is temporary like material life, but it's life is eternal like you....
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