When Religion Stops You Healing From Grief

Grief Is Often Misunderstood By Religions If you have never suffered the pain of grief, then it is very hard to empathize with the suffering...
zetas connection

Etheric templates and materialization

The Zetas who communicate via the medium, Paul Hamden, are extraterrestrial beings who live in physical environments, but they also have the ability to...


spiritual giants

You Are A Spiritual Giant

"You are only half the size than the spirit inside you, a spiritual giant resides within, and all things are possible when turning within....
spiritual thoughts

Seeds Of Thoughts

"Think of thoughts as seeds, If they are positive and you feed them with love, you will create a beautiful tree with strong immovable roots. If they...
Science and Consciousness

Science and Consciousness

Toward a Science of Consciousness I recently had the wonderful experience of attending the “Toward a Science of Consciousness” Conference (June 9-13, 2015), in Helsinki,...
dealing with grief in the new year

Dealing With New Year’s Grief

Dealing With New Year’s Grief Many loved ones pass during the Christmas and new year season, and for some, this is more sensitive than any...
Spirit Art

Understanding the Distinct Types of Spirit Art Guided by Spirit Control

It is certainly the Age of Aquarius! Everyone is interested in the psychic, aren’t they? Nowadays, we find everyone is “a weekend medium/psychic/healer” after completing...
The Moses Effect

The Moses Effect

Moses Could See - Why Can't We? Think back to the Biblical story of Moses on Mount Sinai, when he went up the mountain to...
All Things Etheric by Tom Butler

The Winter Solstice as a Parable for Progression

Like the Winter Solstice, Progression is a cycle of Renewal January is a good time to stand back and consider what we are doing, where...

Potentials of Consciousness

Etzel Cardena: "What do anomalous experiences tell us about the potentials of consciousness?"Etzel Cardeña holds the Thorsen Chair in Psychology at Lund University in...
kai mueggevideo

Kai Muegge Full Materialization Breakthrough 2017 Video Interview

Physical Mediumship Materialization We apologize for the poor quality of the recording. This was due to poor communication and environmental conditions. However, it does not...
let them go

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go?

Do You Love Enough To Let Them Go  There is a reason that i have left this particular article till the end of the Valentine's...
Door Keepers

Of Planes and Doorkeepers

Door Keepers One of the things I puzzle about from time to time is about the levels in the Etheric World. We are told that...

To Prove What He Always Said Was True

"Harrison Connections, Tom Harrison's 'Desire to Communicate' to Prove What He Always Said was True" takes the reader on a lively trip through and...
Spirits allow Marcus Lang to view energy obs with his naked eyes.

A Conversation with Physical Medium Marcus Lang

This is an adapted version of a facebook conversation between Marcus 'Hoody' Lang and some friends. The topic is so compelling and the photos...
signs from spirit

Learning Signs and Symbols From the Spirit World

Our loved ones in the hereafter are with us often, and they try to let us know that. They’re with us when we need...
Restricted Access

Don’t Screw Up the Séance!

Physical Mediumship And Associated Phenomena ….One Of The Finest Forms Of Objective Mediumship And One Of The Most RarePhenomenal phenomena -- if you don’t...
All Things Etheric by Tom Butler


Let Us Begin This is my first offering to The Otherside Press, and it seems like a good idea to begin with an explanation of...
zetas connection

Etheric templates and materialization

The Zetas who communicate via the medium, Paul Hamden, are extraterrestrial beings who live in physical environments, but they also have the ability to...

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Near Death

A Video Presentation

Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. This classic exploration of life after...

What Happens After Near-Death?

As more and more people experience near-death, the public awareness increases, and more and more, it comes up in conversation.The conversation about near-death experiences...

The AWARE Study – AWAreness during REsuscitation – and Near-Death Experiences

The AWARE study explores the survival of conciousness beyond clinical death.

Journey Through Grief

the afterlife

I Don’t Believe In Life After Death

 Ok, so it may shock you a little to hear a medium say that they don’t believe in life after death and the reason that I don’t believe is because I know there is...
mediumship karma

Mediumship Karma

Instant Mediums Karma Have you ever considered the importance of the Job you do as a medium and how much responsibility that carries? I often wonder how many actually think of the responsibility on...
have i been abandoned

Have I Been Abandoned?

There is no doubt about it – Grief is a debilitating emotion and it is a journey that we all have to take. There are so many aspects to grief and grieving that one...
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Kai Muegge Interview

Kai Muegge has often wowed audiences with his demonstrations of physical mediumship and as an...

Stewart Alexander Talks Candidly About Mediumship

If you are interested in Physical Mediumship and Trance mediumship, then you will not want...

Robin Foy’s New Physical Energy

The Scole Experiment In a little village named Scole in England, in a cellar that was...

John Zaffis And His Paranormal World

John Zaffis Paranormal ExpertJohn is considered to be one of the foremost experts in paranormal...
Mavis Pitilla

Mavis With Spirit

Touching Spirit With Mavis Pitilla Mavis Pitilla is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated...

Spiritual Healing

Angel Healing

“Angel Healing Made Easy

“Angel Healing” To help evolve your consciousness and empower your physical health and wellbeing” “For He will command His Angels concerning you to guard you in...

Spiritual Thoughts

silver birch quote

In Times Of Crisis – Silver Birch

in all the moments of crisis, fix your minds upon the eternal things of the spirit. Do not dwell too much on the kingdom...
New Energy Of Physical Mediumship


Ever since the energy-based work of our 'Scole Experiment' (with its unique physical phenomena) became well-known within the realms of Psychic Research and Spiritual Science, the...
afterlife stories

Where Is That Light Coming From

“Where Is That Light Coming From?” A Moment Of The Afterlife One of the greatest gifts from the YouTube video of me speaking in Sedona...
robin foy interview

Robin Foy Talks Scole Coming Next Month

If you have not heard of the Scole experiment, then you will not want to miss this once in a lifetime Interview with Robin...
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