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Mediumship and The Afterlife.

The Otherside Press is the official communications vehicle for the American Society of Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Research, Inc. (ASSMPI). As society as a whole experiences a global surge of interest in the possibility of an afterlife and science continues to move closer to an understanding of how life can continue beyond the death of the physical body and there is evidence of life after death, there is a tremendous need for a focal point of information for the general public as well as for people engaged in day-to-day communication with those on “other side of the veil.” There is a tremendous amount of information available concerning scientific research as well as an increasing amount of anecdotal information from people with no background experience in mediumship, save a few well read journals, not to mention the books, articles, social media discussions, mainstream television shows and Hollywood movies – that there is a growing need for a reliable, authoritative source for “the real story” and real answers about The Otherside.

Understanding The Afterlife

Gaining an understanding of the world unseen opens doors to more than just the Afterlife, and we will seek out and publish information about the paranormal using the same stringent standards for truth and reliability. We will not knowingly contribute to conspiracy theories or fear mongering, and as always, your comments are welcome. So, welcome to The Otherside Press!