Submission Tips and Guidelines

Why Write For Us?

The Otherside Press magazine (TOSP) is a labor of love, inspired by spirit to serve. As the main communications arm of the ASSMPI, we at TOSP work as volunteers to serve others by sharing the message that life does not end at death.

We encourage you to share your story, your experience with communication from the other side, too. Having your work, with your name, photo, bio, and contact information included in our publications and online is a great way to help you:

  • gain exposure to new people and markets,

  • sell your information, products, services or other intellectual endeavors (such as workshops, seminars, and the like),

  • give you greater visibility, credibility,

  • help you build your own promotional lists, and

  • maximize your exposure both online and offline.


TOSP does not offer payment for article submissions of any kind. Apart from prayers!

Your Article:

We encourage you to submit articles that will be of interest to our readers, such as:

  • personal experience stories

  • “how-to” articles

  • essays

  • biographical information about mediums or thought-leaders of the past

  • book review

Style, Presentation & Editing:

Articles submitted to TOSP must be previously unpublished and in English. Drafts are not acceptable.

We expect articles to be written well, have good punctuation and grammar and not be self-promotional unless agreed by the editorial team. The article must be set out using a maximum of 12pt font size and headings should be set in H2 and subheadings as H3.

Word count should be a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 3,000 words and each article must have a featured image of 640×340 dimensions, anything larger or smaller is subject to rejection.

Please note that all submissions are open to editing before publication and we reserve the right to reject submissions that do not meet TOSP standards.

While your accepted article may be edited for length, style, grammar, organization, syntax, and clarity, we will work in good faith to preserve your intended message and voice. If substantial changes are required, we will notify you, and allow you to accept our suggested edits, re-submit your article, or rescind your submission.

Author Bio, Photo, and Contact Information:

TOSP wants to provide author information with each article. Because the online magazine articles will continue to be available to readers for many years, we prefer to pull timely, author-updated contact information and profile photos from

We encourage our writers to create a free account on using the email address from which articles will be submitted to TOSP. By doing this, you will be able to keep your bio, photo, and contact information up-to-date: changes you make on will be reflected on TOSP website.

Copyright Policy:

By submitting an article, you grant permission for its use in our magazine and on our website while retaining all copyrights to your individual work.

Be aware: When you submit an article to TOSP, you must be the rightful owner of the content provided without plagiarism.  Plagiarism – copying other people’s work without permission, citation, and good reason – is a serious offense, and TOSP adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws. When you copy someone else’s words, do it fairly – and LEGALLY – by giving them proper credit. Here’s how:

In the text of your article, you may say something like this:

In the book TEACHINGS OF SILVER BIRCH, editor A.W. Austen tells us “The appeal of Silver Birch is to Reason, and if anything he says is not acceptable to the reader’s reason then it should be rejected or at least left as an open question pending further evidence.”

To list your references at the end of the article, the paragraph above would look like this:

The appeal of Silver Birch is to Reason, and if anything he says is not acceptable to the reader’s reason then it should be rejected or at least left as an open question pending further evidence. (Austen)

The reference at the end of the article lists the author (or editor), date of publication, the title, and publisher, like this: