Why Seek Risen Contact?


Why ought we to actively and consciously seek contact with the Risen at this time?

As far as humanity is concerned, Earthly Natural Evolution, for the most part, has ceased. Nature has brought humanity as far as it can, unaided. Tto proceed any further, humanity must either aid itself and/or seek and accept aid of a supranatural environment. At this point, all that earthly Nature can do is to respond to humanity’s interactions with it, whether it be supportive or destructive, and then reflect back into humanity’s present physical manifestation as stimulated by epigenetic effects or reactions to the environment that impress and impact our DNA, which ever-awaits its next instructions. Thus while humanity appears to be at the mercy of terrestrial Nature, because of its ability to distort and pervert Nature, has actually placed itself at its own mercy, having utilized its powers to create its own problems, thus creating the dilemma of having less-effective or even damaged material to work with as solutions. Earthly Nature Itself cannot ultimately provide the corrections to that which it has not created—it can only react to heal and protect itself from further assault and damage so that it can continue living its own life.

Even this interaction between Nature and humanity—humanity itself being individualized Divine Nature and therefore the height of Creative Source’s concept of Self as a materialized aspect of terrestrial Spirit—eventually reaches an end-point whereupon growth relapses back into itself, just as breathing proceed in and out and back in again, just as material elements break down and return to a beginning state to rebuild again. Patterns emerge and then cycle and recycle. Humankind is also an integral part of the cycling and recycling that has been occurring for uncounted aeons upon Earth. While the evolution of Nature does slowly and minutely continue to proceed, which would appear as an unhurriedly expanding spiral, humanity has been brought by Nature to the point where it must now proceed by building upon, above, and beyond the foundation Nature has provided for it, and this construction can only be achieved by what may be called “higher consciousness.” Humankind can cycle upward, or recycle. So while humanity continues to be embraced and sustained within the ever-widening spiral of evolving Nature, humanity must now also draw itself up into a counter-spiral which, while appearing to also draw inward and become contracted and narrower in scope, is actually becoming a concentrated point of consciousness that can pierce that which is sometimes called “the veil of separation” or the dimensional fabric of space-time that, up until this point, has kept humanity firmly on terrestrial ground.

This point of concentration, the apex of a terrestrial pyramid of life that is almost able to touch the zenith of the next spiritual level awaiting above it, cannot simply pierce the veil and hope to immediately and naturally provide understanding and acclimation to the new geography awaiting it. It cannot simply burst into that light but must first meet another point—in the dark, as it were—the next point in humanity’s evolution, which, as all manifested things do, starts as a seed-point in a womb-darkness and then begins to grow, spiraling anew, up and outward, once again into the light.

Concurrently—or really, synchronously—those of the higher levels of Spirit cannot burst into our light fully formed, but as emerging points of light and sound in the dark, and then gradually expand in some way that conforms to those laws of terrestrial Nature. This darkness on our terrestrial level is a mixture of material and psychological manifestation—as seen in the shadows of the darkened séance—and the laws of which are contained within higher laws. To move successfully from one level to the other, the traveler must therefore understand the laws of movement—or vibration—of the various levels.

This new awaiting point is not one of an Earthly Nature, but of the next level of refined or higher-vibrating Spiritual Nature, wherein reside advanced and risen individualized points of consciousness—or minds—who await patiently with outstretched hands to initiate the point of contact and then communication. This, then, is the reason and motivation for consciously reaching out to those in this next world of refined Spirit, instead of waiting for the less-conscious contraction into the disappearing point we currently label as “death”—which, while still remaining a viable option, is now on the lower end of the spectrum of conscious, authoritative choice. We can now choose to exit via the lower entrance we psychologically fear as “death” or we can consciously, fearlessly enter via the higher entrance best described as “transition,” both of which are always aided by higher minds, but the latter which is further enhanced and aided by our own higher mind.

Humanity must now firstly aid Itself in order to consciously pierce the dimensional veil, becoming its own bridge to the next level. This does not have to be a bridge that proceeds halfway to join the edge of the bridge awaiting it. Indeed, it cannot, so limited is humanity in its new infancy. It need only be a concentrated point of open awareness that becomes the first step that any infant takes before it can take the next, and the next, onto a new path of life and living. Our somewhat older and wiser Risen siblings joyfully await us with loving, open arms and smiles of encouragement.

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