What really is Channelling?

Channelling is a form of communication between two energies, one being the receiver of a conduit of information and the other being the sender. It is the practice of receiving messages from a source that is usually external to you and is performed for others or for oneself.

Everything is vibration, so when it comes to channelling it is like tuning into a vibrational radio. When a person channels, they are plugging into a frequency of energy vibration in which a connection is experienced. Each station carries a specific frequency of information that comes from beings such as light beings, discarnate souls, and beings from the angelic realm, ascended masters, spirit guides, elementals and even spirit animals. This information is translated into writing, drawing, art or the spoken word.
A psychic or medium works as a channel to varying degrees. The depth depends on what type of work they are performing. Whether it is a one to one sitter session, a group of people or reading on a platform, they each take different degrees of alteration in the expansion of energy consciousness or levels of channelling.

This art has always been part of the human association with a higher vibration connection, so isn’t a totally new process. The practice has been recorded for centuries. What is new is how it is perceived and received nowadays, as its popularity has quickly expanded in recent decades.  As we are an information society with easy access to the internet, so we have become more open to the possibility of the reality of the practice.

When you are in a channel session, your energy has shifted to a frequency that is in tune with that of the sender. To achieve a high frequency you must first align all aspects of yourself. This includes physical, emotional and mental aspects as well as your soul self, all of which have to be aligned for your frequency to match and bond with the energy.

You are integrated to facilitate a conduit of flowing energy and from this you receive information or guidance.

Hundreds of messages and transcripts are relayed from a variety of sources all over the planet on a 24 hour basis. Most messages are to make us aware of what we can do to improve, develop and evolve. The choice to be a channel is yours. I recommend if you consider drawing on information via a channel as it’s a worthwhile opportunity to discover and progress with your spiritual life. To be a quality channel, relaying information which assists yourself and others can be an empowering experience.


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