What is Trance Mediumship?

What is Trance Mediumship?
What is Trance Mediumship?

For centuries, trance mediumship has been an important form of spirit communication. Trance mediumship involves working with the principle of trance control to enable a spirit communicator to regulate the medium’s mind and body and to speak through the medium – this is a profound mental and spiritual experience. The medium’s conscious mind is in a deeply rested state, allowing the spirit communicator to develop a powerful connection with the medium by blending with the medium’s aura and subconscious mind. There are many degrees of trance communication – from a light overshadowing of the medium, to a deep trance or full control by the spirit communicator.

Trance mediumship must not be confused with channelling – indeed, this is completely different from trance control. Channelling involves the reception of thought or divine guidance for the purpose of communicating with spirits, beings, or the higher self. It involves ‘plugging into’ a frequency to access information.

Trance mediumship involves a relationship of deep respect between the medium and the spirit communicator (whether a discarnate or highly-evolved light being, etc.), through the sharing of a trance state. Over time, the attunement becomes clearer for both parties and true rapport is created. The medium must speed up their frequency, and the spirit communicator must slow theirs down, in order for them to be able to link and develop a mutual platform for communication.
This occurs as a mental and physical experience. The connection occurs using a blending of the aura and the unconscious mind with the spirit communicator. This is possible because the conscious mind is in a rested state allowing the spirit communicator in this alter state.

During the trance state, the medium must silence the mind and create a mentally-clear space; this causes the medium’s brain state to alter and drops into a delta / theta state of consciousness. There are also physical effects on the body – for example, the heart rate slows, breathing rate dramatically reduces, and the body temperature drops. When this state is achieved, there is an alteration in the medium’s energy at the cellular level in the physical body; indeed, this is evidenced by the suppression of the medium’s state of consciousness.

The medium then appears to step aside to allow the spirit communicator to work with their body and mind. The spirit communicator takes direct control of the medium’s speaking and physical movement. The spirit communicator brings forth a fascinating variety of facial expressions, mannerism, voice changes and varying degrees of transfiguration in the medium.

Trance mediumship is a rare gift and involves significant commitment from the medium to persist over time with the process of developing a relationship with the spirit communicator. However, trust the relationship with spirit and know the path you are on is true to your vocation as a medium. When you – as a medium – embrace trance communication, you become a powerful human vessel for spirit communication.

Now we have the modern mediums of the twenty-first century who will expand your ideals with revealing evidence of the afterlife and sharing the infinite intelligence teachings to all who wish to be enlightened.


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