Understanding Psychic Awareness


Everyone has thoughts and feelings, many of these are influenced by the outside world, and some from deep within. It’s those thoughts and feelings that arise from deep within us we want to explore. There will be times in everyone’s life when a strong feeling or emotion arises to encourage us to either remain still, or to take a step forward or a step back, often to re-evaluate or change something. This is what we call a psychic feeling or, intuition.

All too commonly we ignore or dismiss our psychic awareness because it does not make sense or it even seems rather illogical. We often ignore our sixth sense because we cannot see a rational reason for following it; ‘’Why should I take the long way to work, there is no benefit and I will waste time’’, not realising that if we follow this psychic thought, the outcome of our day, week or even year will be improved in some way. We should always keep the butterfly effect in mind!

Is It Your Intuition?

Sometimes we all have that feeling in our stomach, a hunch. This can also be described as our intuition and developing psychic ability is really about taking this much further whilst also enabling us to help others.

Like the entire Universe, all thoughts, actions and events are made of energy and energy vibrates. Each event that happens is linked to several causes and this will, in turn, also affect the outcome. This is known as cause and effect. Someone who has a developed psychic awareness is able to naturally sense and interpret these vibrations and is therefore able to gain a deep understanding into the timeline of an individual’s life.

A professional psychic has personal responsibility and should be thoughtful and not give any information that may lead to unnecessary fear or anxiety. They should always aim to be kind whilst being supportive and professional.

A powerful psychic ability may be seen and recognised from an early age or it may remain unrecognised or misunderstood. Everybody has different experiences in this world and sometimes these experiences can bring out inner knowledge and abilities, or conversely, they can make them seem further away.

It is often those who have led a life full of varied experiences, both good and bad, that have the potential to become more sensitive and therefore more psychic. It is often when people are faced with life’s hardest lessons that they realise how strong they are and during these periods can also develop powerful feelings of empathy and compassion.

It is commonly known within psychology that people like to feel they are in control of their lives; we feel safer and much less anxious if we believe that. Part of this inherent need for control is really about us feeling reassured that we know what will happen in our future. In some ways, this is positive because it helps us plan and develop successful, happy, and balanced lives. It’s not very common that someone can build a happy family home without planning. It takes planning in order to build a career and of course we need to plan when to have a time off for relaxation and holidays, this is a basic example.

If somebody is constantly looking into their future then sadly they leave no energy to enjoy the here and now, to be mindful. We can focus too much on what we want therefore not always appreciating what we have. Another issue here is that by constantly fixating on certain outcomes one can limit the potential of more fruitful opportunities and therefore more successful or fulfilling outcomes.

Mindfulness and Living In The Moment

Living in the moment makes life more of an adventure and full of surprises. Sometimes joy and excitement come from not knowing what will happen, to wait and see.  There is an important concept within Daoism known as Wu Wei, this means ‘non-action’ or ‘non-doing’, many misunderstand this to mean laziness or having a lack of personal direction. What this really means is to not act with prior judgement. Often, we visualise anticipated future situations and how we think they will play out, and also how we will emotionally react to them when they do, well before they even take place. Wu Wei, is about choosing to be calm and act spontaneously in each situation as each new situation arises.

This is when we can sense our psychic ability in a more natural and undisturbed way. This is partly because we have not already preconditioned our mind and made it rigid within the particular context. It is not always possible to achieve this state due to our busy and chaotic lives, and sometimes because of our ‘monkey mind’, called so because monkeys don’t often sit still. Sometimes just simply reminding oneself of this can also remind us to relax our minds and to be at peace within.

Personal desire greatly clouds psychic clarity because it often fills us with a range of thoughts and emotions. At times people experience a positive feeling or sense of knowing about a particular outcome, for example, about something they want to happen. However, the difference between wishful thinking, being optimistic, and psychic intuition is very subtle. It’s not easy to look into the future and see clearly when we have a strongly defined perspective regarding our hopeful outcome. To be aware of this combination of mind, emotion, and energy is beneficial. This can stop us being too attached to what we may consider psychic thoughts and feelings before fully understanding and validating them. Learning the difference between a psychic feeling or thought, and something arising from a simple desire or optimism can take many years of refinement. When working with clients one has to be careful not to become energetically attached to their hopes and desires because this can weaken or mask true psychic awareness.

If for example a psychic person is often faced with a negative feeling about a particular event in life they will be able to understand if this is caused by a basic level of normal human anxiety or is in fact a premonition. To learn to develop one’s psychic or mediumistic ability it can also helpful to gain at least a basic insight into evolutionary psychology. In doing this one can learn about the minds negativity bias and why It will often try to hold us back when venturing into unknown territory. Learning about mindfulness is also a wonderful way to study the human mind and our thought patterns. This helps us rediscover clear and acute awareness, in essence rediscovering our true nature, which is often described in Buddhism as ‘Buddha nature’ or ‘beginners mind’. The more somebody learns about their true self, the more natural is the flow of their psychic awareness.

When using one’s psychic ability to help others, the psychic is able to blend with the person’s aura. Some psychics can see the aura which often contains many different colours. The different colours (and the brightness of each colour) represent a different facet of one’s mind, energy, and life. A massive amount of information can be observed and the level of the psychic’s awareness will determine how deeply they are able see into a person’s life. Sometimes our problems overwhelm us and we cannot see any clear pathways forward. This is when a skilled psychic can help provide clarity, advice and support. Developing a high level of empathy helps the psychic naturally feel another person’s emotions, and through their objectivity often with more clarity than the individual can themselves. This should also make the client feel at ease. A psychic should not disempower a client by only highlighting shortcomings and problems, they should also help the client find understanding into the cause and help them to feel their inner strength and find practical solutions to move ahead.

Is everybody psychic, the answer is yes, but does everyone understand their ability the answer is no. It’s a bit like saying every person has some level of ability to communicate with other people, but not everyone can do it well and only a few will master it. A skilled teacher can feel a student’s energy and gain insight into their ideas and thought patterns. They may also see any mental blocks or fears that may be hindering progress and gently help them along the way to achieving their full potential. Always remember, having an open mind and a kind heart will make you a good student of life

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