To Prove What He Always Said Was True

Harrison Connects book

“Harrison Connections, Tom Harrison’s ‘Desire to Communicate’ to Prove What He Always Said was True” takes the reader on a lively trip through and beyond the passing of a loved one, chronicling myriad ways that communications can happen across the veil of death. At the insistence of her late husband  Tom and in support of his lifelong work on this side of that veil,  Ann Harrison tells the story of continuing communications from her late husband and the many and varied ways that connections between beloved friends made possible the continuation and further record of Tom’s lifework.

Tom was born to a very gifted materialization medium, Minnie Harrison, and used to speak extensively about his experience with her home circle in the 1940’s and ’50’s which included “every conceivable type of physical phenomena from apports and writings to trumpet voices and full, solid materializations in red light.”  He would end his talks by saying: “What you have seen and heard today is not proof to you as individuals. It is proof to me, but for you it is only evidence, which is commensurate with the credibility of the source, as in a court of law.”

Tom’s life work was to share his experiences; he spent the best part of his earthly life telling all who would listen of the contact with family and friends who  had passed over, to know that their support and love continues from the world beyond. He and Ann would share the platform during Tom’s lectures, she at her laptop as he spoke,  illustrating his talks with many remarkable photos from his mother’s sittings.

Tom passed in October of 2010, and immediately began a series of communications with mediums and friends around the world, who reported the connections to Ann, who shares them in this book.

For the reader with an interest in communications with loved ones after death, this is a remarkable yet matter-of-fact story of one man communicating with his loving wife, Ann, and continuing his life-long work, providing more and truly varied evidence of the continuation of life after death. Much of its beauty is in the many ways Tom makes his presence known. Many of us who’ve lost loved ones will likely recognise many similarities of events that made Ann aware of Tom’s continued presence in her life; she had the joy of having those events validated by messages from friends and mediums who were also in contact with Tom.




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