Throwing it out there – Highly defective thinking?

Throwing it out there – Highly defective thinking?

For well over a decade we have lamented the sad, sharp decline in standards of mediumship it is acknowledged in practically every sector and yet this very noticeable decline has not been stopped and it is certainly a question of “Bums on Seats” and money through the door as far as development is concerned, development is of course the very life blood of all we do.

Currently the majority of students entering development for fixed fees are taught by methods which hinge greatly on the “Throwing it out there” style backed by institutions and I feel the need to highlight this system and its drastic flaws.

Its effects are plain to see, regrettably so, in fact a “high visibility” regret almost every day of the week in so many churches and halls. A rapid decline in standards and loss of attendance to churches, the system literally choking itself.

The method is designed to put in place fail-safe’s to safe guard not only the institutions that teach large numbers but also to safeguard individuals from embarrassment and also to give them a “fighting chance” to get a link.

The real problem of this is, to my mind fundamentally flawed. It is one of my well known pet hates… I call it the “I have a name, John… surname Smith…. and I am over here somewhere…” style, the throwing it out there style taught so widely.

This to me is such a greatly flawed system

This to me is such a greatly flawed system open to great criticism by sceptics and exploited fully and actually to the growing interest shown by the public, is it no wonder that the attendances in, and churches themselves, are closing? And again to my experience and spirit guides teaching, so greatly inept that it is almost laughable were it not so serious of course.

It is the hedging of bets, and to see the style of “I have a man”, and a rough description follows and several hands go up, followed by more information… he worked with his hands… and one or two hands go down… he had a brother… Etc, etc, etc. until the field is narrowed down to what seems like a certainty, is one which has fooled the public, I feel for far too long.

Yes it is a face saver, yes I do understand that an apparent fail especially in a public arena is not good and could be highly embarrassing and to an extent costly in terms of a career – wrong place, wrong time to make a mistake but let’s face it, do you have confidence in the gifts and techniques and connections you work with? Of course we don’t get it right every time sometimes a subtle nuance can lead slightly astray.

You really need a back up?

If what you are taught is the “You really need a back up!” system for working, the question surely arises “Why is this? What is wrong with the way I am taught, the way I work?”

Why would anyone need a backup system in the first place? Too many students are taught far to quickly and are, probably for reasons of ego, for the tutors and the students, and of course any institution you care to name and its bottom line, in this fifteen minutes of fame mindset we seem to have taken for granted in today’s society, bound together with the “go on a course and become famous” thinking together with the fashion that today being a “medium is the thing to be is not only easy but it can bring fame” state of mind.

Countless times we hear of the student going to churches offering themselves as mediums available for work and on the odd occasions when they are asked about their experience state that they have been on such and such a course usually quite short, and sometimes “I have a certificate” and that actually they have little experience at all. Is it no wonder that standards have dropped so dramatically?

In the “old days” part of the reason it took time was that students were carefully monitored, not just for their own personal skills, but for public speaking and most crucially, do they have any common sense? I have witness terrible gaffs made from the platform. Of course if you are more interested in turnover then “time is money!”

So much of what was good appears to have been lost, again I feel because of the treadmill effect of having to have turnover of money and what is supposed to be prestige and in effect to flood the market boosting the ego of institutions and tutors alike. It is so very obvious that the opposite has happened.

Its just the bottom line!

It has simply become a business of turnover and in taking care of business it has gone from bespoke to counterfeit in so many ways. What we do can only be bespoke surely? There are so few great mediums. When the greats have gone what are we left with? Spirit will not allow this to happen the current teaching methods are obviously not at all good.

Not only does the current teaching methods fail many individuals, in the attempt to churn out mediums it does, if we label this an “industry” because it has come dangerously close to it, in institutions hedging their bets with their teaching it does of course affect their bottom line. Surely such materialism and spirituality do not go together?

It has gone from bespoke to counterfeit in so many ways.

Once again it is the dilution effect that greatly harms what we do; and diluted tutors teach diluted tutors and greatly encourages sceptics and certainly sceptic scientists that can point to any number of flaws in the “system” that “throwing it out there” produces inherently.

Hidden in plain sight in this method is another pet hate of mine… Why is it that so many mediums ask questions? Again this is the hedging of bets. It is so obvious that the information is “not there” and so the need to ask. Why is that? Where is the skill in that? It can give credence to the “Cold reading” effect we are challenged with.

My tutor was/is excellent, my subsequent experiences and learning something everyday reinforce all I have been taught and all I know to be correct from a spirit point of view and from a practical way of working. Messages should be practical, spirit can advise on everyday matters but, free will must always reign of course.

You may ask where all this is leading?

You may ask where all this is leading? What point am I really trying to make?


It really is so very simple, in fact mind blowingly simple. You may or may not be staggered by this… and if you are, may I politely suggest you may have been taught wrong?

You have a connection, let’s say Aunt Beverly…. She has come to give a message…

Aunt Beverly knows who she has come to give the message to, surely, right?
I mean you know your own child etc, don’t you? You would recognise your own close family members wouldn’t you?

The solution is blindingly simple….

The solution is blindingly simple…. Ask the communicator!

There is no need or indeed excuse whatsoever for the “I’m over here somewhere” style and it should not be tolerated, the communicator knows exactly who they are with and all you need to do is ask! Exactly the same with a question… “Why am I seeing a dog?” Ask the communicator!

I suppose the real question is why aren’t students taught this? Is it because in the race for cash, the race for fame as a teaching academy hasn’t the real purpose of it all been lost in the race for ego and bottom line?

Can you imagine the type of medium we can produce when they have the ability not only to not ask questions but to confidently say “I am coming to you and I have this to say..” isn’t that more impressive?

You may have fewer students but the old adage of quality not quantity is surely so much more important in our profession than many others, shouldn’t we strive for this instead?

Light to all, always.

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