There’s A Thirst For Standards In Mediumship

In all walks of life, there are your frauds and fakes and wherever there is a buck to be made, then people will go to great lengths to extrapolate money from innocent people. From mechanics to carpenters and bankers and lawyers, there are your personalities within every niche that have no experience, training, knowledge and will try to dupe you with their wisdom. The sad thing is that many suffering people looking for a lifeline will fall to their charms. Some would call this willful stupidity and will claim it is their own fault for falling for the scam. However, suffering makes you act in a way that you would not normally succumb to and this can be detrimental to one’s life as a whole.

The paranormal world is unfairly judged in this respect, and it us easy to refute anything without knowledge and understanding. One thing that can be agreed upon is the fact that we know, every niche has unscrupulous personalities and the world of the psychic or medium is no exception. Many are called fraud without any due justification and some warrant that term, but in a niche that has no legislative control or as such standards, it is fair game to the unscrupulous to target the suffering and those who grieve.

One can never clean up a house because free will can inevitably make it messy again and we won’t stop frauds and fakes operating in this arena. It’s rather like banning guns under the constitution, it won’t stop criminals getting them. Nevertheless, there are things we can do, thus ensuring that practices and standards are achieved and raised sufficiently enough that an educated public can be guided to the right people.

Horrific Examples

You only have to scour the internet to learn about those unfortunate individuals that have been duped into psychic scams and have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars into the bargain. Unfortunately, we will not stamp this out as people will always have free will to approach these people. A recent example was discussed in the New York Times

This unfortunate individual was preyed upon due to his desperation and continued to feed them and be bled by them.

In another case, a woman in Scotland was taken in by a psychic and lost thousands of pounds when the individual claimed she was under a dangerous curse and the only way to remove it would be a particular spell that would cost an exorbitant amount of money.

Or what about the family who lost money with the promise to have wealth beyond their wildest dreams. These stories are happening all too often and whilst we will never stamp it out, we can help in other ways. EDUCATION.

A Psychic Does Not The Medium Make

One of the greatest tragedies is when a psychic considers themselves a medium, which can actually cause more damage to the individual seeking comfort from losing a loved one. The psychic clearly displays time and time again that information received is not – in fact coming from a discarnate and whilst many could argue the point, it is the supporting evidence of the original statement or link that will give it away. Furthermore, the unscrupulous person claiming to be psychic can actually cause tremendous damage to the grieving. They are worst of all because they tap into a general statement and create a seed of fear in the sitter. At least a person with some degree of real psychism within them can hit on some good things, but one who knows they are not and does it just to extract money is worse than lower forms of spirit.

Not all mediums are mediums

Some individuals consider themselves mediums and there may only be a small kernel of truth, but with lack of knowledge and experience and only a workshop or two under their belt and perhaps a few hits here and there, they go out into the world with a drive to heal suffering people from grief, which is a fallacy in actual fact. A medium is a conduit to the spirit; the only person who can heal you through grief is yourself and a medium can help you on your journey or walk the path with you for a short time by giving you real evidence of your loved ones around you. Inevitably, grief is a necessary part of life that we all have to experience at some point. Being able to give a reading is only a small part of the story and becoming a medium is not like choosing a bike or new car. It is a lifestyle choice with many challenges along the path.

Professional Practices

One of the best ways that can be initiated to protect the public and ensure those who take up the path of mediumship is to have professional practices and standards that extend far beyond the basic ability of an ability to give an accurate reading. It is the whole package, being able to go beyond the limits placed and walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. How you deliver a message is important and can be the delicate balance between helping and hindering. Moreover, the experience of learning the language of the soul and decoding what spirit is trying to say is a fundamental skill that can’t be learned just from a book, course or video.

There was a time when the development group and circle was where mediums were grown from mere seeds, but now it has become an add water and mix attitude. Whether it is a drive to gain more money to make a living or some other ambitions, such as fame, there are more untrained and undisciplined individuals labeling themselves as mediums and being a danger to those who grieve.

It is, therefore, Important that standards are raised and we get back to real development to ensure we are real ambassadors of the spirit and not ambassadors of ourselves. The greatest gift we can give those who grieve is the knowledge that our loved ones still live beyond and that death is a mere transition to the real life we already are connected.

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