The Very First Public Seance of Physical Medium, Colin Fry

A few months before he passed to Spirit himself, Sandra and I enjoyed an excellent lunch with our good friend Colin Fry at a restaurant in Mazarron – close to our home in Spain. We shared some lovely memories of the early days – when Colin was just starting to develop what became a superb (and eventually quite famous) physical and – later – clairvoyant mediumship.
What made the memories even more precious at our final meeting was the fact that we had been there in the very beginning – I had myself been a member of his development circle (the ‘Swift’ Circle) at Hove for some time, and was privileged to witness some of the Colin’s first physical phenomena.
Shortly after my formation of the Noah’s Ark Society, we planned our first residential Seminar for members to be held at the Park International Hotel in Leicester (in the UK) during May, 1991. By then, Colin’s own physical mediumship was sufficiently developed for us to consider the possibility of inviting him to undertake the responsibility of being the very first physical medium to demonstrate Physical Mediumship for the NAS at that seminar.
It was important for us that Colin (as a new and unknown physical medium at that time) first put the suggestion to his personal and circle guides for their approval before he agreed to do the demonstration. We were delighted to soon learn that Colin’s spirit team were happy for him to agree, so the arrangements for the experimental séance went ahead, with the actual event planned for Saturday May 11th.
It was felt in the Noah’s Ark Society that we should protect the identity of any of our demonstrating physical mediums (once news of their mediumship was out) to prevent them being inundated with requests from the public for private sittings before they were ready to do general public work, and I therefore came up with the pseudonym of ‘Lincoln’ for Colin, which was as near as possible an anagram of his Christian name. So our demonstrating medium at that time simply became ‘Lincoln’.
The room we used at the Leicester Hotel was a very large conference room with 20 foot high ceilings. We prepared the room very carefully for the séance, which was attended by 96 people including the medium – with an inner circle of 16 people; a middle circle of 32 and an outer circle of 47 people.
Although every effort was made to darken the room, some very dim light still got in, due to the very large size of the conference hall, and the many windows in it. Two light metal ‘trumpets’, painted with fluorescent bands; a tambourine; pen, pencils, and paper – plus vitamins and water were placed at the center of the circle before the sitting began.
What particularly struck the President of the Noah’s Ark Society – Alan Crossley – when he first met Colin Fry was his striking resemblance to famous physical medium Jack Webber who – like Colin – also worked in an ectoplasmic-based way. Alan Crossley was a veteran medium and researcher who was an expert in Physical Mediumship and its phenomena and had often organized séances for Helen Duncan (the well-known materialization medium).
Cable ties were used to secure the medium’s wrists to his chair, and his feet were also tied to the chair legs. (Once fastened, these cable ties cannot be undone. They have steel teeth in them and are normally used in engineering work. Consequently, at the end of the séance, the medium has to be cut loose. I explained to the delegates that – whilst hoped for – results could not be guaranteed, as this was an experimental séance, but it was important that the test conditions were strictly adhered to. We tried to reproduce as faithfully as possible the conditions the medium sat in during his own home circle.
There was a short period after the séance started where we were quiet, to allow the medium to enter his usual deep trance state but, as soon as everybody began to sing – the phenomena started to happen. One of the trumpets moved off the floor and started to tap the tambourine – quite clearly in time to the music. It then rose high up in the air as if conducting the song whilst tapping out the beat. At the end of the singing, the trumpet ‘dipped’ as if it was taking a bow!
Because of the small amount of light that was entering the room, it was possible for us to see the outline of the top of the medium’s head during the proceedings. We also witnessed the two trumpets up in the air simultaneously (although many feet apart), and the levitated tambourine being shaken in time to the music. One member of the medium’s circle asked that the tambourine be levitated high into the air, whereupon it shot up to a height of 15 to 18 feet, and was waved over the heads of the sitters – some distance away from the medium. It then moved rapidly in an arc before landing with a bang under a seat at the back of the second row.
The first ‘voice’ communication received was from a teaching guide known as ‘The Mandarin’, who spoke through the levitated trumpet. He recommended that all physical circles placed some crushed or powdered vitamins and minerals in their circle. Vitamins C; D; Riboflavin (vitamin B2); iron; magnesium, calcium and salt were all recommended. ‘The Mandarin’ also stated that a new baby – who was a potential physical medium – had been born that very day in Leicester.
The second communicator was a young ‘Cockney’ named ‘Charlie’, who was a regular speaker in the home circle. He suddenly announced that he was NOT going to use the trumpet, which was then thrown into the middle of the circle before he then started to speak in the ‘Independent Voice’, using the ectoplasmic ‘voicebox’, which he said was built about two feet away from the medium. Because of the unusual conditions and the unintended influx of light, he explained that Spirit were unable to move the ‘voicebox’ about as they did in their home circle.
Whilst ‘Charlie’ was answering questions from the floor, we could hear paper being torn off the pad, and one piece of this actually landed on the lap of one of the ladies who was present. Jokingly, he said that he could not find the pencil – so he would have to write the messages elsewhere, and then ‘apport’ them into the circle. These would be found at the end of the séance, and would be evidential to the recipients!
The Very First Public Seance of Physical Medium, Colin Fry 1As predicted, when the séance was over, two screwed-up pieces of tissue paper were found. No tissue paper of any kind had been brought into the circle by anybody present, so, indeed these must have been apported into the room. When one of these messages was opened, it was intended for a lady who was present, and was from her deceased 10-year-old son. It read: “Mummy xxxx Richard”. This was indeed very evidential to the lady sitter. The second message read: “Annie, I still love you”. This, too, was extremely evidential to the lady who received it. The words were printed in the form of little dots – very much like braille – or the print from a dot matrix printer.
The third communicator ‘Daphne’ was also a regular visitor to the ‘Swift’ home circle. She explained that her role was to convey personal messages during sittings but – in the Spirit World – her main function was to help children who passed over at an early age. Even though the lighting conditions were less than adequate – nevertheless – the Independent Voices were loud and clear.
During the séance, those of us close to the cabinet were able to confirm that at no point had the medium moved from his chair, as we were able to see the top of his head at all times. When the sitting was over, the medium remained firmly bound by cable ties, and had to be cut free. We also noticed that the bowl containing the vitamins and minerals showed signs of its contents having been used.
Special thanks went to ‘Lincoln’ and his circle members for taking part in this historic experimental séance, particularly in view of the fact that Colin Fry had only been sitting for development of just over ONE year!! Needless to say, this public demonstration by physical medium Colin created headlines in the ‘Psychic News’ in its May 25th issue 1991.
Colin Fry continued to demonstrate for us (members of the Noah’s Ark Society) on many occasions – both at our home in Scole and during subsequent residential seminars. In fact it was this first demonstration in Leicester that prompted deep trance and physical medium Stewart Alexander (who was present) to speak of his own mediumship, and to volunteer – like Colin – to demonstrate physical phenomena for members of the Noah’s Ark Society.


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