The Third Ear


“A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”
~ Groucho Marx ~

Gifted with this column in Afterlife Magazine, (The Otherside Press) I enter this phase of personal development as a messenger for Spirit with feelings of privilege and pleasure, especially knowing that Spirit is orchestrating it. This curious notion of orchestration is the best way I can generally speak of the vast realm where Spirit—or the Risen, as I tend to say—meets and overlays the terrestrial experience of those living on the Earth. Rather than offer any specific definition of just what “orchestration” means, I let it express its own resonance for readers, who at the end of any day must come to their own conclusion as informed by some kind of personal experience with the Risen

So it is even with open and joyful relief that I welcome those who are in the Spirit Life, along with my Risen Companion, Timothy Gray, who are linking with me as we cooperatively strive to bring forth glad, meaningful ideas here, which will be stimulating and at times, perhaps, frustrating. Spiritual growth in a physical body is often uncomfortable in the early stages, but any development  is really good news for those who desire it.

Mediumistic growth experiences often take place outside the constraints of space and time and therefore may pose serious challenges, for example, to those skeptical scientists who have always relied on such matrices in their laboratories. In her article, “Exceptional Human Experience and the Experiential Paradigm,” Rhea A. White asserts that there’s a form of knowing that can only come from having been immersed in a particular experience. In other words, the worldview of a medium can only be objectively analyzed after the analyzer has also subjectively experienced it.

As my Risen colleagues and I have addressed in other writings, we are not here to address the needs of professional skeptics or other such lovers of fiction—they have their own literature with which to occupy themselves. Mediums have spent decade after decade providing them with more than ample learning opportunities. Many of us are thankfully done with them at this point, and so can now suggest that they are free to return to their own mentally-darkened basements, or perhaps go on bravely through the door at the top of the stairs, welcomed with blessings when they’re finally ready to be still and wonder. That being said, we most certainly align ourselves with healthy skepticism, which means to be curious, unbiased, and unafraid.

I’m also a licensed psychotherapist with many years in private practice, an experience that particularly informs and enhances my own particular worldview as a medium, and in ways that I hope will bring informative and even original notions to this space. Theodor Reik (1888–1969) one of the earliest of psychoanalytic psychologists, spoke of listening with “the third ear”—a thought-provoking way to say “intuition” and with which many psychotherapists and mediums are intimately familiar. Not only do they listen with their physical hearing apparatus, but also with non-physical ears, which places them at or near the center of two and even many worlds converging—those of earthly humankind, and those of non-terrestrial spiritkind. This cutting-edge intuition, which is often unconscious in the spiritually-unaware (as mediums might say) and the psychologically-unware (as a therapist might say) listens and speaks directly not only with other humans, but with all spirit energies at the most primal base of existence of Life—people, animals, plants and stars; earth, water, wind, and fire.

I recently returned from another energy-renewing stay at the famed mediumship community, The Lily Dale Assembly, while attending some physical mediumship sittings at the house of a friend—also a medium—in nearby Cassadaga, New York. Cassadaga is a Seneca word meaning “water under the rocks,” possibly so-named because during dry weather many of the local spring-fed streams vanish, settling into the gravel base while continuing to echo audibly but invisibly. I have written about such sittings elsewhere and in great detail, and those so interested in such things might find my report, “Water Under the Rocks” of interest.

All of the above is my long-winded way of introducing the idea of not just simply reading the words here and in future columns, but to also invite us all to develop ways to become provocatively quiet while using our third ear to listen for the water under the rocks—that is, to locate and then interact with all those unseen worlds that interpenetrate one another, including our own … worlds within worlds within worlds, never-ending.

You have been hearing about Tim and the Risen with little explanation about whom or what they are. This is because most readers here already know about such beings in some way, or have been able to intuit it without the need for much explanation, and very likely have their own words and concepts to articulate such things. We all know much more than we might think we do—but for those who might feel unsure, some very brief clarification is offered.

Something essential to realize about the Risen is that while they may seem very like us, they are simultaneously very not like us. Their current aspects that are unlike us are extraordinarily novel and no longer of Earth, and in truly paradoxical ways. Their present experience—and our experience of their presence—will often be quite strange and bewildering as we enter into increased interaction with them. Thus while we on Earth can easily compare and contrast ourselves with one another, such attempts may quickly evaporate from any such intentions toward Risen Ones.

Because this column is about all of us—those of us here on the Earth, and those whom I call the Risen—readers are invited to interact by sending us their own paradoxical ponderings, which we might then utilize to weave into a living dialogue of learning and love, grief and relief, the wyrd and the wonderful, as beings and becomings. Although the conversation doesn’t have to have anything to do with our book, it’s used here as an example because it offers a bit more insight into the Risen and, as Rhea White might say, my own “experiential immersion.”


  1. writes:

“Hi, Tim and August—I am on my second read of The Risen.

“I like your non-dogmatic views and the fact you give credit to whatever method a different individual may find comfortable that works for him or her. You and your Risen friends offer a wide variety of ideas, many of which are easy to use. I particularly have taken to the use of ‘creative imagination’—not your words but it is for me an apt description of what you say as ‘Mundus Imaginalis’. I give you both credit for having the courage to bring your relationship into this book.

“I am interested if the Risen personalities are aware of the effect of reading the book on an individual basis. I decided to approach reading your book as an act of faith and as far as I am concerned it has been more than justified.”


We respond:

“Thank you, M., for your kind and supportive words, and the sharing of your reading experience. As you note, we offer ‘views’ as best as we can—in the way that what some might call ‘truth’ may appear different from different places.

“A second reading is an awesome thing to hear about, for many have shared with us that they find the book ‘slow going … rough going … difficult going.’ Going is vibration, which means movement, which means change, which means transition. We do not have to wait for transition to occur when the body ceases all function. Transition can begin long before that. The new vibrations brought about by the book’s material is such movement.

“Although August has read this material from the inside and outside of his body possibly thousands of times over the course of its manifestation, he continues to read it, for it is an ‘infosphere’ and thus contains ever-unexplored levels and areas of information—or ‘between the lines’—and sparks new and even strange ideas with each reading. Being an infosphere, it is living—which is what vibration is. Vibration is also imagination, and all manifestation arises from the shapes we are able to imagine.1

“The Risen who are involved with the book sense the vibrations of those who read it, and so are aware of you—they are all willing and able to assist you, if you ask. When you feel a certain passage stimulating you—that is, raising your vibration—pause and see if you can sense someone in Spirit there with you. Your raised vibration is visible and audible to them, and attracts them as a signal.

“There is a way to use your imagination to spark this sense towards the experience, should the particular spiritual sense be inert or as yet inactivated. This reminds us of your mention of your faith, about which in the Risen is said, quite early in the text:

“Spiritual awareness, like science, requires diligent questioning and participation. Simply accepting something because one is told to believe it is not equal to experiencing it. But once we experience something, we have begun to know it. Upon greater and fuller experiences of experiential knowing, we begin to have faith. From there, wisdom arises from the event and this faith becomes an integral part of our present awareness.” (p. 34)

“Thank you for your consideration of what you call our ‘courage’—although we would not call it that, for courage is not a comfortable feeling—which is why many people avoid it until they feel forced. Courage seems to be what you felt in venturing to read the book. Rather, we felt encouraged—enriched, enhanced, empowered—and it was very easy. Love eases all paths. Eventually, love erases all paths. It has allowed August to find Tim, and Tim to find August, in their very different realities.”

We have named this column in honor of a collective of non-physical entities, self-labeled as “Cloud” who when communicating with us once referred to humans as “beings and becomings.” Cloud invited us to realize that in spite of our current self-imposed limitations, through imagination we are able to continuously find transformational ways to locate, engage, embrace, communicate, and commune with others—wherever, whenever, and however they may be.

“Beings and Becomings” are those whom we might call “angels” but who are actually people like us, and have been evolving and transmuting for unfathomable eternities, just as we and our Risen Loved Ones are now doing on our own immortal journey. Angels—meaning us—are Risen aspects of the Whole, always crowding forth into expression, awaiting to serve those who are vibrating in a way that gestures they want to experience their own unique Cosmic Power and Purpose.

We on Earth are such angelic “beings in movement” and “becomings in transformation.” These transformational movements are the creative methods of interweaving of all things living—and there is nothing that is not living. “Creative” is used here to mean “fun” or more succinctly, “to enjoy.” That is, to join with the drawing forth of joy from where all pleasure surges forth, and to permeate our life with that joy. We are glad that you are here to join us.


  1. An infosphere is a kind of “thought-ball of energy.” All the concepts encapsulated in this compacted energy form can be passed in one action from one entity to others. The information can be experienced and absorbed all in an instant, or stored for later access—a little at a time or all at once. It possesses an organic, intelligent quality, absorbing new energy and changing from what it absorbs, producing yet more information.

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