The Physical Touch Of Grief

The touch of a loved one is often the most missed aspect that can cause grief to deepen within an individual, and even more so when there have been issues over the passing or the relationship between that individual and their loved ones on the other side of life. All too often the loss is felt more physically than mentally when that physical presence is no longer there.

Physical Presence

The physical presence of a loved one can be felt with all senses, and though one may consider the physical touch to be more important than another. The reality is that every sense is equally as valid as the other, and all are equally responsible for the deep-felt loss that one experiences. However, I would like to, if I may, over a number of well thought out articles and lessons – show that we can feel those presences just as real as the senses in the physical world or the world of materiality.

The medium in me melds with the medium in you

I remember once, a client whom I was helping asked how I dealt with death as it would seem that death, though an inevitable part of life, was the job that I had chosen or was guided to. Pondering for a while, it got me to thinking about how we as mediums deal with the loss of a loved one. The reality is that we feel the pain and suffering of physical loss just as much as the next person. Even though we have a knowledge of the other side of life and a deep faith in the reality of the existence of the afterlife; we still feel that grief as much as another and we grieve in similar ways. Perhaps the only difference is that we have the tools with which to use to close the gap between the great beyond. Nevertheless, even though we have those tools, it can be a different thing using them for ourselves when we miss – just as much, the same physical aspects of our loved ones not being there.

These senses such as seeing, hearing, touching, feeling are the God-given tools that we have as spirits in human form and very often we take these senses for granted. When in the presence of our friends and family, we often give no second thought to the experience at that moment because it seems as natural as breathing. It is not until we awaken to the reality that we can’t use those senses anymore that we feel that inevitable sense of loss, and so the reality is that grief then becomes a two-dimensional loss felt more deeply. We have an awareness that our loved ones are not there and do not want to accept they are gone. The grieving also deepens the perception by not being able to perceive the reality of the presence.

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The woman who misses the touch of her husband and who longs to see him again, not only feels the sense of loss from the physical world but in all senses, and often when one person say’s “I know how you feel,” You really don’t. I am not trying to be negative¬†but to rather explain the reality that each experience, though it may look like a similar map is completely¬†unique and individualistic journey.

Reach out and you’re there

The good news is rather enlightening and involves in retraining the mind to a new perception, that of the reality of the world of spirit. Each physical sense is just as valid as the spiritual senses and in activating that power, which every individual on the planet has, you will start to perceive the unseen world just as much as the physical world. What has happened is that your perception would have gone through a massive shift.

In the forthcoming articles, I will be bringing each one of these senses to valid perception and teaching you the reader, how to perceive the reality of your loved ones. Even though we miss the physical reality of their presence, we are going to change our perceptions to that of the realm of spirit. My desire is that you begin to feel the presence as real as the physical and can help you move through your grief journey.

What this means for you

No matter if you are a medium, a mother, father, sister or brother; we all grieve and we all have to go through that journey, loss is loss. However, what we can do is help to awaken the seeds of spiritual transformation that you may not feel alone in your journey and you can awaken to the reality of an everlasting life. It’s not about loss, it’s about change and sometimes a change in perception is all that we need.

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