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There Really Is Another Side

I would like to personally welcome you to the Other Side Press and hope that your visit with us no matter how long or how short is an enjoyable one. This project started to bring information about all aspects of the afterlife and spirituality by some of the most influential, minds in the world. Personally, I believe this to be a portal to bring happiness and joy and to educate whilst examining – scientifically and with an open heart, all avenues of spirituality.

We live in a world with much  confusion and suffering and often we never stop to consider feelings, emotions and give way to the ego by pandering to our own desires and reach for power and control. So The Other Side Press is all about sharing knowledge with three aspects of truth in mind  Рnamely, love, compassion and forgiveness. Even within the confines of spirituality and hidden dogma, we often forget about these aspects of life lessons. We hope that words will open the heart, comfort the soul, bring smiles to the reader and allow you to learn more about the reality of spirituality.

Lastly, I thank all at The Other Side Press Team and especially our head of communications for the ASSMPI, Susan Tiemann, without her this work would not come to life. We may have some work to do to optimize the magazine and we envisage a printed version to come. We have many wonderful people, from spiritual teachers, healers, mediums and authors who will join us and appear within our pages. You may get involved with our events and in our pages but be respectful, be loving and most of all be compassionate.

My Blessings to you all,



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