The new energies, Leo Bonomo.

The new energies

I would like to give an example of how “new energies” are being used by spirit. Many physical mediums are taught by a method which is at least many centuries old.


This is taught by methods shown not only in that excellent Noah’s Ark Society but also in the excellent Scole experiments and is usually a slow process taking on average eight to nine years to develop providing there is the gift and the right conditions.

The prevailing conditions being that Harmony is first and foremost, Darkness and a real willingness to persevere and take instruction from spirit in the best way to produce phenomena. It is also essential that a room be set aside for this purpose and its usage is specifically for this purpose.

The building up of energy itself can take a long time and is still of a quite delicate nature and of course no one sitting can guarantee any results certainly in the short term. Eventually repeatable experimentation can and does occur on a regular basis.

Ectoplasm withdrawn from the body of the medium and on occasions from sitters is produced. Ectoplasm has been studied under the microscope and while it does not exist per se in its “ectoplasmic form” in the body its constituent parts are produced in the body, gathered when a séance is to be undertaken.

This matter is extremely light sensitive and can be and has been dangerous to the medium resulting, in extreme circumstances, death Helen Duncan being a prime but I suspect, not the only victim of intervention.

Physical mediums training today are shown the “old traditional methods” by which after many years produce great results and only when conditions are exactly right can red light and on rare occasions, a crack of light be introduced. Modern technology has not altogether produced satisfactory results on the recording of such phenomena however again good results and pictures can be obtained.

In places like Africa full daylight materializations have been produced and of course, we have materializations in daylight which are slightly different and are called “Ghosts” although there are two forms of the apparition. one is technically a “recording” triggered and replayed, the other comes under the heading of “interactive” and this physical phenomenon comes under all kinds of headings such as poltergeist activity and as we all understand in full daylight objects have been moved, images captured on CCTV in all kinds of locations through the world.

The question then arises, as this activity does not seem to rely in any way on “séance conditions” how is this produced when in a contradictory manner we seem to have such very strict conditions imposed and any counterbalance to those conditions in any small way at all can void a séance?

The reason must be in the “age-old method of working” and by this, I mean that once spirit and a medium embark on a particular strategy of development it is hard for those structures to be altered or indeed replaced. TO do so from a logical standpoint is to throw away all that you have learned and become attuned to, frankly, is that at all possible?

The new energies.

In the formation and using of the new energies which a completely new standpoint it encompasses not only “new technology” but a much safer environment and an environment which can be used not only in broad daylight but also, eventually, within church environments (as happens in places like Africa) but hopefully within TV studios in the future.

I was first made aware of the energies in 1987. The last six or seven years the use has been refined and so the idea is that new mediums without the restriction of older practices can use the energies while giving demonstrations, the ability to not only speak about the communicator but initially for the communicator to transfigure on the mediums face, again in daylight. With little need for modification the practice, when the right amount of energy is produced, in part audience participation is required to a lesser degree, materializations of form can and will be produced within demonstrations again in light conditions good enough for all or most to appreciate.

The significance of this is huge and not only in scientific terms but purely from the number of people who can see firsthand for themselves but in this being recorded can be distributed much further than can be currently achieved. This is the aim of spirit. There are three benefactions with this.

The first is that physical manifestations can be produced in ordinary light and the second is that this is safe to produce and the third is that when properly achieved it can also be photographed, videoed safely and then reproduced to be seen around the world.

This will have a profound effect for those who can experience this even remotely. This will begin to sweep away those doubts and increasing not only a thirst for knowledge but a true understanding of the spirit and its communication in many forms.

Opening and closing, protection.

The first preparation for all this is the continual cleaning and purification of the physical body in opening and of all of the bodies we possess, etheric, mental, spiritual astral etc. All need to be cleaned, sanitised and healed and of course this process also brings blockages up from not on the past, but past lives too so all can be purged.

The second most important thing is the emergence and use of the new strategies. This effectively means using the colours of the chakra and it works like a reverse prism. A prism breaks up normal light into its seven basic components, in essence the rainbow. The real main difference in what is used is that from the base, Dull red, Orange, Lemon Yellow, green, sky blue, indigo for the forehead/third eye is that the crown is always seen as brilliant white.

The brilliant white is the true expression of spirit, the highest form of spirit the greatest power. This is if you like a transformation of violet which is no longer needed is has been superseded by a greater force. In spirit those who are so very highly evolved unless they dim themselves, cannot be looked at because they are brighter than the sun.

The evolvement of this brilliant white light is most significant because not only is it the transformation but it is the key to bringing higher abilities forwards for this new energy to perform.
It is the primary energising force that cleanses this and all our bodies.

In addition to this as the chakras are opened (in reality of course they never shut it is our perception of our control of them and it is very important), this energy can be used to manifest and heal – should healing be a part of you life experience.

Using the chakra energies.

The colors of the chakra within the circle individually and as a group is used to blend a particular blend of “white light” it is not as white as “brilliant white” and the basis of the “technology” is this. A prism breaks white light into its basic colors and what the guides do in effect is use a reverse prism to use the chakra colors from their basic colors into white. You may ask what the purpose of this is.

Why change now?

The reason for the change is that for materialisation to take affect the old methods have proved very effective but it has its limitations as we all know, not least of which is the fact that inordinate precautions have to be taken to protect the medium first, helpers who help the medium in spirit and also those who support from this plane. What spirit envisages is the lessening of that way of working and the inherent dangers that are well known.
What’s the point?

The whole point of this new way of working is that not only will the dangers of full materializations be minimized but the pure and simple fact is that not enough people will ever get to see partial or full materializations throughout the world. Generally, only those who “know” and are steadfast in their knowledge tend to attend physical mediumship.

Neither I nor spirit are saying that it has immediately had its day there are many purposes yet for it to fulfill yet in bringing this to the public in a different way will certainly not only grab attention but will become more common for those who practice this way.

Already we know that materializations can and do occur naturally, usually spontaneously and the fact surely is that whilst it can and does happen it tends to be infrequent.

What Spirit is aiming for.

What spirit are aiming for is for a medium trained this way to be able not only to give messages but for transfiguration and materializations to take place helping to confirm the communicator as real whether currently remembered by the recipient or not.

This is meant for broad daylight or in the light of a church or hall. I have myself transfigured at times when giving demonstrations and those who saw it, sometimes mediums have confirmed that “mother” for example had come through.

Full materializations as yet have not happened under these circumstances and to me and I feel spirit too, what is important is not that other mediums, “believers” see and acknowledge the materializations and transfigurations but those of the general public who have never witnessed such an event. There, to my mind, supported by spirit, is the way forward. It is a much safer way of working.

Great advances.

Great advances are being made all the time in spirit and the safety of those participating in physical mediumship must be protected and as we have discussed, has its physical limitations not only in the preparing for such but the physical limit of those who can attend, those who have to be vetted and those who may for one reason or another tip the balance or outcome of any particular event.

I firmly believe that “Mediumship is for the masses” and in that way it has to be brought home to as many people that can be reached as is possible.

AT some point with the help of some extra preparation, it is hoped to be able to show on TV a demonstration where some transfiguration will be shown. This is still in the early stages yet and of course, we need the opportunity to get the right platform – no pun intended, and the right circumstance too.

This advance will be very much safer for all concerned and will enable more of those who would never be able to get into a physical demonstration of the advantage of a very similar experience.

What is different in this way of working?

The chakras are themselves opened in the same way and the energy of the sitters is blended as indicated. However, not only is each individuals energy/light used to blend but at each point of the chakra say at the base, this is linked horizontally through each sitter too.

The same for each chakra so there are bands of color, seven of them connecting each sitter plus the blending of that and the vertical energy individually and this is focused by spirit helpers and guides above the circle but also as a concentrated column within the circle.

A different way of opening and cleansing.

A Different way of opening and cleansing also helps and each chakra is opened individually although with practice they can open simultaneously and instantly, and when the crown chakra is fully open brilliant white light is drawn down through it, through the chakras and the outline of the body is seen clairvoyantly.

In seeing the image of your own body the light begins to flow into the toes, filling the feet, ankles, knees, etc, etc until it reaches the armpits whereby it flows into the fingers, palms right up to the shoulders and the neck and head.

Once this is accomplished a “Plug” or cap is placed to stop any excess overflow from the crown and this energy which can be used for self-healing and manifestation and any number of things begins to heal, soothe and energize the body whilst it is also helping to remove any blockages they may have surfaced.

I’m sure we are all aware that as we develop there are times when blockages surface because those need to be expunged, at that time. This is then repeated until we are “filled with light” again and then we are ready for work.

What this energy also does is cleanse all the bodies we have those are astral, spiritual, mental, physical, and etheric. It also begins to cleanse and remove blockages from this life and past lives it is a very powerful energizing and one that is undertaken every time we sit.

Constantly cleaning, energizing, purifying and strengthening with the new energies. It is after this that we begin to practice the mediumship skills that we all need to be able to be as best an instrument as we can be.

Channeled teaching is the only way to teach.

For me the only way is channeled teaching, those who want to learn about spiritual history should do so of their own vocation. Those who read from, or follow a curriculum too closely do restrict, I feel the real meaning of development.

We need also aware of and keeping tabs on, the one or two guides of each individual student. And also connecting to those communicators, friend’s helpers that will attend each of the students and can see who they are connected to before a message is given so for each student there can be six or seven who are with each them.

We all have an individual “personal code” in our heads where certain things, for example, a red door would have a particular personal meaning or connection for us.

A student getting this image needs to be able to make the right sense of it. Essentially a teachers job is to make sure they understand what they get, their own personal meaning, the feeling directly given from spirit at that particular time because it can have different meanings at other times and to help them “join the dots.”

This direct connection method cannot be taught from a book it is something that is instinctive, channeled and is “for the moment” to be able to write just one example of this explaining every possible outcome and connective meaning just cannot be given in a book.

Teachers should be able to instinctively channel to each individual within the circle accurately, every time for every occasion. That to me is real teaching.

Always when new students come to the circle is it is essential always to scan them for any possible attachments, mental health issues or overburdening problems that can interfere with development. It is a very sad thing to say but some institutions do not do this and that to me is very dangerous.

Another thing also with a newcomer to the circle is to connect, give them a short history of how they are spiritual, this is not to impress. The reason for this is to give them confidence in you as a teacher. There is one thing to be said on understanding a person can teach you, it is quite another to say “I have a certificate”.

Another difference in my teaching is this, the meditation is not restrictive. There is a very good reason for this. At a particular point and it differs on the night for each individual, their guides or more likely a companion, will take them on their own individual experience.

Sometimes they are completely taken out of it and to me that is fine because I am not wise enough to know what they need; it can be they need healing etc.

What to do, depending on how many there are, is then go around to individuals and give a detailed review of what they have seen, felt, touched, smelt and experienced within that meditation time. It has a very important function, for me.

It allows me to see how they are progressing, what needs to be tweaked (along with the message giving later) and sets up for them that night, a particular way of working, fine-tuning for the session.
Finally the closing down procedure is a reverse of the opening but here again, I do teach everyone especially those who may attend for only one night, a quick way of closing and the reason why it has to be taught.

There are times when we walk into a place and it might be the place itself, the people or spirits who are around. If for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable the need to close down immediately is the only thing to do.

So many especially the untrained, reach out to understand what it is they “don’t like” they are going against their own inner warnings. What we should teach is a way that closes and reinforces protection. What we do is see the seven chakras as seven doors or padlocks, and we instigate the slamming shut of them by a clap of the hands and asking our guides to be there.

In reality, of course, the opening and closing is in the mind and the mind control of spiritual things and in fact we do not have to, though some do, clap our hands.

It can be done quite inconspicuously by just rubbing the hands or the gentle slap on your won thigh etc to initiate that very fast closing down for protection that is needed.
I hope this short introduction is helpful and interesting and would welcome any comments.
Light to all, always, Leo.

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