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The Nature Of Consciousness Space

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Beings from the non-terrestrial Zeta race have given us much information via the medium, Paul Hamden, about the nature of the energetic realms and our place in it. They explain that consciousness is the basis for all existence, and there are constraints on experience that are analogous to our physical laws. This point of view resolves problems that our science considers inexplicable, including such things as physical mediumship phenomena and familiar sensations known as qualia. A number of these insights will be presented in this column.

William Treurniet
William Treurniet has published scientific research on psychoacoustics in science and engineering journals. Since retiring from that work, he coauthored a book with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled “A primer of the Zeta race”, based on interviews via the medium with non-terrestrial Zeta beings. The book teaches us about the nature of existence in the energetic realms, and discusses our relationship with the spirit world and other extraterrestrial races. He has also done some exploratory research on electronic voice phenomena.
William Treurniet

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