The Moses Effect

Moses Could See – Why Can’t We?

Think back to the Biblical story of Moses on Mount Sinai, when he went up the mountain to converse with God and to be taught what is to happen next or rather be tasked by the divine. Moses must have felt elated at receiving that communication. It is said in the bible that Moses did not know his face was radiant when he descended from the mount after being in communion with God and carrying the stone tablets.

However on returning to the camp, he witnesses terrible things, such as debauchery, worshipping false idols –  brother against brother, sister against sister. No one being aware of the hideousness of the negativity – evil had undoubtedly permeated into the camp in some respects. From something that was provided in love and being delivered from what seems the gates of hell, the people should have been rejoicing and giving thanks to God for the deliverance. The opposite was the effect. Moses in his anger, cracks the tablets – melting the gold calf.

The Moses Code

Moses had a code in his mind, not just the commandments, which he was given, but a belief and purpose in creating harmony, peace and love for the new world. The new world that was to be inhabited by loving, kind and compassionate people, but That was not the case and now in the modern day, we have the same problem in the modern day. It’s the Moses effect!

Spirit is our Moses; our spiritual gifts are our mount Sinai and the hatred, jealousy and envy between mediums, teachers, and spiritual workers are our debaucheries and golden calf. It seems rather dramatic to tar what should be a loving, compassionate and kind community of spiritual people with the same brush. However, more and more we see competition, disharmony, the struggle for power and the lack of compassion and love for our fellow brother and sister.

We have enough enemies; we should stand united

Our Pharo already has their foot soldiers with intent to harm and to destroy inevitably fixed upon us. How easy of a target do we become when we can’t unite and use the powers of love, compassion and forgiveness as our weapons. How futile it seems to pit our wits against each other, trying to get one up or control of something that is not ours in the first instance. Those who are intent on standing against us and demeaning the work we do for spirit laugh at us as we tear one another apart.

What does It matter

At the end of the day, when we leave this world and transition to the next, what will it matter what we have materially or how well known we were. We are all spirit in human form and we will have time to view ourselves as we should have been and not what we created through our own misunderstandings. I know that you will not want to look back on your life on the earth plane and regret the fact that you did not act with love, compassion and kindness. Even those who stand against us will have to view their own lives from that same perspective. No matter what we do in this life, there will always be those who will not see the light of what we do. In the blinkered perception of their own suffering they feel it is their solemn duty to try and take away the very essence of our reality. But what does it matter, is there anything they will gain other than creating deeper dominoes of hurt and suffering.

How do we fix our broken stone tablet

The first thing we have to do is to get back to the beginning and recognize what the message is and what lies at its core. We have to realize that we are all divine and therefore to create or cause suffering is not who we are. Why is it so necessary to speak without love, why does brother have to attack brother, why does the teacher deliberately and vehemently operate under the guise of spirit but have a material hidden agenda and why is the skeptic intent on destroying that which they are. We could keep adding more and more to our list. The reality is that we are all spiritual sentient beings, and if we can actively take part in becoming more compassionate, understanding and loving, then life would surely become an enjoyable journey with no suffering and less competition with things that do not matter.

The basis of a spiritual life

Living a spiritual life is ultimately what we are looking for. It is the same search even for those who would deny it, yet it may seem so elusive. Life can be likened to that of an equilateral triangle, each side being equal and never overshadowing the next, the basis of which is love, forgiveness and compassion. We need to make this our daily mantra, to live by those lessons of love, forgiveness and compassion. To be joyous when one succeeds, to show love when the seed of jealousy arises, to speak only compassion and love. These three seeds of life are the only weapons we need. Perhaps then we will arrive at that place where all hearts beat as one and there is no room for negativity.

Perhaps if we take just 3 seconds of loving thought before speech and action, then perhaps we can tame the wildness of the ego that exists in us all. We can stand hand in hand – united for a greater goal of bringing spirit back to where it should be and to live in compassion and understanding. It is time to think about the reality and take responsibility for every thought, speech or deed.

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