The Mediums Journey Ends But The Sitters Begins

Over my many years in being of service to those who are grieving, and to spirit. There is one thing that I feel many mediums miss, and that’s “When do the medium’s journey end and the sitters begin? Many mediums will continually read for a sitter believing they are always helping and while there is an aspect of this which is true – much of it is self-serving.

Your New Journey Through Grief

There comes a time when the individual who is grieving can move forward and recognize that communication between those loved ones that have made the Journey to the other side and themselves is a divine right. It must be recognized that it is not a gift only given to those laden with special divine authority. Of course there is the natural ability bestowed upon individuals who are destined to serve in that capacity, nevertheless, there is a latent ability in everyone and I believe it is the next step in the grieving process for the sufferer to learn the language of the soul.

Whilst some of us can play a symphony it does not mean that you can’t learn the tune.

Reach Out On A New Journey

A medium plays a role as an intermediary between those that have gone forth to the spirit world and those individuals lost in grief upon the earth plane. However, we also have the outstanding job of being the catalyst – not to the healing, but to the next stage in the journey of grief. It is my opinion that a sitter would give anything to be able to learn how to move forward in their grief and how they can communicate on their own. What seems impossible is entirely possible and in fact it is your divine right. Though many proponents of mediumship would have, you believe that it is such an extraordinary ability. The truth is that you have it, and yes it is special and some of us have a unique ability but no more special than you are as a divine being with divine power at your fingertips. This is the power that you have to understand now. It is the subtle nuance of spirit language, tone and vibration that will allow you to receive that wonderful communication from your loved ones on the other side.

Become Aware

The first step that you must take is becoming aware, and that does not necessarily mean joining meditation groups, courses, and circles. All of this has a place, which is dependent on what your destiny is and the lessons you have to learn or teach. In the modern day; there are so many researchers and people making leaps into learning about communication on the other side, from my good friend Dr Craig Hogan with his ADC (After Death Communication) and the Work from Dr Gary Schwartz on the Soul phone, we can see there is a need for people to awaken to the reality that afterlife communication is more than possible. Naturally, not everyone will be able to take part in these programs, but there are steps you can take, and that is to learn to be aware of being aware.

Now I know that sounds rather far fetched and I hear you saying to me “Jock, how can I become aware if I am aware or learning to be aware” The answer is in between, it is the space between the words between the letters between the thought. It has always been there and always will be. If you hold your finger in front of your eye and you move it, you have completed a circle of events such as motor neurons firing and the material aspect of the brain responding to that given stimuli. Contemplate on this, what about the time and space between the intention and that action, the energy that evolves the thought process.

You’re screaming that Its so deep to understand, so let me give you the first step in your daily routine of learning being aware of being aware.

Talk With Them And Wait Out

Communication is simple, all be it that we often drive ourselves away by allowing our ego that control over us. The Ego, rather like a crying child needs to be loved and pampered to control it. It is a part of you and a necessary aspect of that Yin and Yang. Learning about the reality of you and recognizing that you have divine power will be the first stage at learning awareness.

The rest is natural, from understanding that everything comes within the breath, that our inner power is very much a part of this breath aspect. When you see something beautiful, then breathe it in for all the wonder is captivated in that time. When you listen to a tune, a song or hear the wonder of nature, begin to breathe it in and capture that moment in your soul. Feel every rhythmic movement of the breath and its connection with nature. From opening your eyes to simple things, you take for granted. You breathe it in, and then you start becoming more aware. This is learning the language of the soul; it is calming you within and without and soon as you progress you will be ready to talk. Spirit responds in nature and not in words, it is in feeling and the breathing, the energy of awareness is your language. Take up a new language today, it will soon have you on your way to a beautiful discourse.


If you would like to learn more about harnessing this inner power, then leave a comment or contact is, and perhaps we can start a series on here.


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