The Many Faces Of Grief

There is a saying that if a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Africa, that act can cause a chain reaction that can become the catalyst for a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or even tsunami. It represents the very belief that we are all made of matter and that matter is nothing more than an energy, which can neither be destroyed or removed. It can merely be manipulated and transformed but never destroyed.

Energy is the very essence of life and every emotion that bears upon us affects us in so many ways and each has its own unique signature. Grief is an emotional energy that affects us in many different ways, it has many faces and many personalities. Grief is not restricted to the loss of a loved one, it can rear its ugly head with any kind of loss or disappointment. The whole world grieves and every human soul that harbors a space grieves in some way.

Within the world we live in, we are so consumed with perceptions forced upon us by others. Brother versus brother, sister against sister, and all based upon what one thinks is right and another thinks is wrong. Relationships break down because of our perceptions and we lose the reality of compassion in our lives. Acceptance is merely another word in an ever evolving dictionary and words of compassion, love, and understanding are said glibly without thought and feeling. World leaders are forever struggling for control of something that is not theirs. One thinks he is right more than another and so the reaction continues – a domino effect of negativity.

The world is loaned to us for a short time, the great spirit has given us dominion within this world to live and to grow spiritually.

America is grieving for its country, some think reacting negatively will change things based upon their perceptions. Instead, the energy of discontent and ignorance is exacerbated by false beliefs and perception. Britain grieves for its country based on decisions made – thinking it is better on the other side of the fence. Religious-based bigotry is rife and if you do not follow that path based one one’s perception, then you are doomed. World leaders rule based on their perception, desires, and greed with no real thought for loved ones. All around us, there is a continual barrage of negativity and each individual faces the many personas of grief. Reactions are often knee jerked and so many innocent people are in fear of something they do not understand, consequently reacting negatively.

How many times have any of us considered that we are merely tenants of a place that does not belong to us, that we have been given the gift of life – to love one another, to accept one another and to grow in harmony. Instead, we force ourselves down a path of materialistic driven desires and the drive for power and control. The reality is that we are grieving every day for something. Each morning, the media finds another problem to spread and give power to, thus feeding discontent and disharmony within the hearts of people. They say the devil comes as a being of light, yet that devil is harbored within every false perception and desire within each one of us. In truth, we are the balance of good and evil with the free will to choose. The only real power in life is love. The debilitating energy is fear and that is false emotion appearing real, yet we give it a life force in which it grows. We can choose love and temper our fears, we can learn to live with love and compassion in our hearts. It is a simple choice.

How do we fight that which we cannot see, that which we do not have an understanding of, and that energy that consumes us based on perceptive influence? If the Butterfly can cause that chain reaction with a simple flap of the wing, imagine if each one of us takes the time each morning to pray. Not prayer that is said without feeling or belief, but real prayer from the heart and soul. Praying for awakening to the spirit, awakening to love, forgiveness, and compassion. To negate that prayer for self, but praying for everyone, for every leader, for every government to awaken to love, forgiveness, and compassion. Instead of reacting to the grief in a negative way of a given situation, maybe the answer is to turn to mindful prayer. Instead of expressing anger, express prayer. Instead of feeding discontent, feed prayer, instead of voicing hatred, voice a real prayer from the heart. At the root of all within the world, what one really yearns for is love, to be accepted and to live in peace. The only reason that does not happen is due to ignorance and perception. Love is the real power and only power. To touch it, we have to awaken through mindfulness and prayer.

Will you take action to cause a reaction, a tsunami of love, forgiveness, and compassion? Will you be the butterfly and awaken each morning to give power to heartfelt prayer. Do not pray for a leader to see their foibles, for your neighbor to change to your perception? Pray for all in the world to awaken to love, forgiveness, and compassion, for only that awakening will bring the peace that every single soul desires. If you will join every morning in prayer, then you will make a difference. Let us know if you will take that moment and become the butterfly.

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