The Intuitive Connection of Telepathy

The intuitive connection of telepathy
The intuitive connection of telepathy

When we blend the energy of our mind, body and soul and engage with it, there are certain kinds of messages that come to us in an inward manner or to which we are particularly receptive. These messages are absorbed through our energy field, sensory channels and appear as an overwhelming, significant awareness. How you receive messages will be an individual experience depending on your awareness. Let me go into more depth about how messages are transmitted and which parts of the body and mind best facilitate the flow of energy.
Telepathy encompasses the science of psychology and quantum mechanics. It is a communication transmission via the sensory channels and the part of the mind which processes the sending and receiving of messages. This communication is between two people and is conducted on physical, emotional and mental energy levels. Telepathy is instinctual and there are different levels of both mental and emotional frequencies that tune into and convey language, feelings, symbols and desires.
Telepathy utilises the aura, our sensory channels and the pituitary and pineal glands. It also works with our awareness, unconscious and conscious minds. This principle works on electrical and quantum impulses in the brain, when fluctuations in the level of electron response alter the neuron-pathway frequency. These projections allow the receiver’s emotional subtle body aura to sense the emotions being projected. These are then decoded through the nervous system and interpreted through the limbic system deep within the brain. This is how we receive emotional telepathy.



We telepathically convey emotional impressions through our aura to support our words which helps other people to understand us on an emotional level and this how we project emotional telepathy. We are constantly sending and receiving on an energetic level, intuitively sensing on a simple telepathic level. Emotional telepathic communication is more specific and adept between people who have a close emotional bond such as a mother and child or between twins. They communicate clearly on a frequency that is transmitted between the emotional bodies as if they were linked physically. They are still linked, but the link is energetic.

Another element of telepathy is an awareness of premonitions. A common example of this is when you know that the phone is going to ring and even who the caller is or when you are aware that a relative has passed to the afterlife. This clear inner knowing has transpired telepathically and the impressions are received through the super unconscious mind. It then becomes a part of our conscious mind as a thought form. These types of impressions appear as if they have come from nowhere, all of a sudden and are felt on an emotional level and through the aura at the same time.


Then we have the synchronicity of two minds meeting and linking for communication which is known as mental telepathy. This next level is a more complex communication and is known as non-verbal conversation directly from mind to mind. This is directly linked with the pineal gland, the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.
Mental telepathy in the dream state is known as precognitive or prophetic dreaming. This ability is being able to be in the dream state and to have visions, or to sense and clearly know about future events. It is a warning signal to be aware of the possibility of disasters, deaths and ill health or to be careful of the hidden or as yet unknown. This type of dream state telepathy is undefined as it is about an event that has not yet happened, however it largely depends on how you interpret these dreams. The pineal gland is the main part of this function of telepathic dreaming. During this dream state, the cornea and retina of the pineal gland see the vision or images of your dream. Then the second subtle body of the aura records the emotions experienced in the dream state. This is how you can reflect on how you felt in the dream.


Telepathy with animals is a similar type of communication to that already discussed as it is a non- verbal transmission. With animals it still works on the same principle of sending and receiving on an emotional or mental frequency, however animals do not communicate in our known verbal language. Through intuition we receive impressions of emotion and knowing, images and thoughts. Our pets are very intuitive and can tune into their carer and companion, clearly sensing the human’s emotions and knowing when health issues arise. Animals use auditory, olfactory and visual signs and postural gestures to send and receive telepathically.


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