The Helen Duncan Pardon Tour 2017

Our own Maggie Hahn is currently traveling the UK in support of the Campaign to gain a pardon for her Grandmother “Helen Duncan,” who was one of the finest physical mediums of her day.

The Helen Duncan Foundation, Operated under the control of the ASSMPi – has been promoting and distributing the information regarding Helen and the plight to pardon and over turn her conviction under the Witch Craft Act of 1735, online and further afield, under the support and blessing of the Duncan Family. She was wrongly convicted due to mass ignorance, and now in the modern day, her pardon is sought by literally thousands and thousands of supporters.

Maggie has been talking in Churches and centers regarding the life and work of her infamous grand mother. So far these talks have been well received and also culminated in being interviewed on the BBC regarding the Helen Duncan case. Maggie was interviewed on the BBC Daily 5 live;

She told 5 live Daily’s Emma Barnett: “It destroyed and damaged my family. I’m a granddaughter who loves her grandma and all I want is her name, our good name, to be restored.

“In 1944 they couldn’t charge her for fraud because they knew they wouldn’t get a conviction so that’s why they came up with the Witchcraft Act of 1735. They were guaranteed a conviction. She was guilty before the trial started.”

It is unfortunate that we can’t hear the whole interview, nevertheless, Maggie will be speaking at other venues during her time back in blighty.

You can read about Helen’s case on;

Helen Duncan Trial

Helen Duncan Official Site

And further Information regarding the claim of Helen being a witch can be found at;

Helen Duncan Is Not A Witch

Let’s see your support and comments below for the pardon of Helen Duncan;

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