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What is Mental Mediumship?


Mental Mediumship is the most common of the two basic types of mediumship that are practiced today: there are literally hundreds of thousands of competent and genuine ‘mental’ mediums throughout the world. Although a few people do have naturally inborn early experiences of their own mental mediumship during childhood (and go on to develop such mediumship in adult life), virtually everybody (if they have the desire and patience to do so) is able to  develop one or more of the four main forms of mental mediumship to some degree if they train regularly, and sit for it in a dedicated way (within a development circle) under a good teacher. This way, it is possible for any individual to develop the first signs of mental mediumship in a relatively short space of time; sometimes within weeks of starting their training – but after such a short period, they are not ready to work in a professional way. A much longer period of development is really necessary and vital for the ‘fledgling medium’ to achieve a good, acceptable standard of mediumship. Here, at the ASSMPI, it is very much our job and ultimate aim to ensure that all of our accredited mental mediums are working to the very highest possible standard.

The four main forms of mental mediumship are: 1) Clairvoyance   2) Clairaudience  

3) Clairsentience  4) Psychometry.

Clairvoyance:  Is the ability of the medium to ‘see’ spirit personalities. Sometimes the medium sees these spirit people as though they are real people, moving about in a normal and natural way. At other times, the medium might ‘see’ them on the ‘mirror of their mind’ within their head. What distinguishes this as mental mediumship, however, is the fact that only the medium sees these spirit people. Anybody else who is present does not. The medium can then verbally pass on to his or her ‘sitter’ or audience member exactly what they are seeing, by way of evidence.

Clairaudience:  Is the ability of the medium to ‘hear’ what the spirit personalities are saying. This gift often goes together with clairvoyance. Sometimes the medium hears these spirit voices as though they are real and coming from another real person in the room with them – or from mid-air. At other times, the medium ‘hears’ the voices within their head again ‘on the mirror of their mind’. The medium is the only person who hears these voices, and can pass on to their ‘sitter’ or audience member exactly what the spirit person is telling them, by way of evidence for the existence of ‘life after death’. Such a ‘message’ can provide great comfort for a bereaved friend, relative or loved one.

Clairsentience:  Is the ability of the medium to ‘sense’ the presence of spirit people, and to ‘sense’ what they are saying. Again, the medium is the only person who can (through their training) sense the presence of these spirit personalities, and sense the ‘message’ from a specific spirit person that they can then pass on to their ‘sitter’, who has gone to them for a ‘private’ reading, or who might receive such a message as an audience member in a Spiritualist church.

Psychometry:  Is the ability of the medium (whilst holding an object associated with the ‘sitter’) to tap into the ‘energy’ contained in that object to relay its ‘history’ with regards to its owner, and previous owners. The connection the medium receives mentally from that object can then often lead into the medium receiving a further clairvoyant or clairaudient ‘message’ for the ‘sitter’.

What is Physical Mediumship?


Physical Mediumship is totally different from Mental Mediumship. Firstly, it is extremely rare at the moment, with only a handful of competent and genuine physical mediums giving public demonstrations. When physical mediumship is taking place, everybody who is present is able to witness it. It is real, and it is objective. It is indeed PHYSICAL therefore. The actual ‘evidence’ of Post Mortem survival, however, which can be obtained through Physical Mediumship and its spectacular Phenomena can be truly life-changing.

The two main forms of physical mediumship and physical phenomena are:

  • Ectoplasm-Based Mediumship.
  • Energy-Based Mediumship.


Physical Mediums working in this traditional way are sometimes ‘born’ mediums, although – in most cases – their rare mediumship comes about only by the hard work, dedication, commitment and passion to be of service to Spirit and Mankind on the part of these mediums, who are prepared to sit week in and week out in a dedicated physical home circle for many years to develop their gifts (in constant liaison and co-operation with their personal Spirit Teams). It is not unusual for the development of some physical mediums to take 10 to 15 years to fully achieve an acceptable standard that delivers superb physical ‘evidence’ of survival that can be witnessed by everyone who is present.

Not everybody can be a physical medium working in this way with ‘ectoplasm’. Ectoplasm itself is an elusive and fascinating substance that is produced in the body of one single medium by their Spirit Team. The ectoplasm-based physical medium is very often in deep trance whilst the substance (a living, constantly moving, pulsating mass that has been likened to a cloud of ‘cotton wool’ or ‘cheesecloth’) is extruded from the medium’s body by the ‘Spirit Chemists’ and ‘Technicians’ to be used by the Spirit Team for the production of phenomena that has many different forms. The ectoplasmic substance is easy for the expert Spirit Team to manipulate; thus producing ‘Levitation’, ‘Independent Voices’ (speaking from mid-air) and indeed ‘Full-Form Materialisation’ (eventually in lighted conditions).

However, Physical Mediumship can be extremely dangerous for the medium concerned (who is often in deep trance). Each time they sit in a ‘seance’ they literally endanger their own lives, with the unpleasant possibility of a ‘sitter’ doing something stupid during the seance, such as putting on a white light, or attempting to ‘grab’ a materialisation during a seance. This has caused serious injury to a number of mediums in the past, when ectoplasm has shot back into the body of a medium extremely rapidly – causing (at best) burns to the mediums body or (at worst) severe internal injury to the medium concerned. In some cases (such as that of materialisation medium Helen Duncan), this has actually led directly to the death of the medium.


In the 1990’s – over a 5-year period – a newer, more modern form of Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena was pioneered by a dedicated group of psychic researchers (including my wife Sandra and me) in the small village of Scole (on the border of UK counties Norfolk and Suffolk). We became known as the Scole Experimental Group and – whilst working in full cooperation and liaison with a wonderful team of spirit scientists, guides and helpers – conducted experimental sessions with astonishing results that included over 1,000 hours of direct communication and spectacular physical phenomena produced in a different way. The phenomena that was developed through this group was Energy-Based (with no ectoplasm involved) and the results proved to be breathtaking. This phenomena did not require a single physical medium (as in the case of ectoplasm-based phenomena), although two of the group members remained in deep trance throughout the sittings for the purpose of direct communication with the Spirit Team. However, it could be said that the ‘Medium’ for the phenomena at Scole was the ‘Group’ itself, since every member of the group contributed to the ‘energy’ required to produce it.

We learned very quickly from the Spirit Team of the now famous ‘Scole Experiment’ that the technology used to produce the ‘energy-based’ phenomena was totally different from the ‘ectoplasm-based’ work. For instance, when solid (or partially solid) spirit people were present in the room, their spiritual essence (or spirit body) arrived by a process of ‘teleportation’ (similar to that used in the TV programme ‘Startrek’), and the spirit visitor was able to increase or decrease the density (solidity) of their body mentally by drawing on a reservoir of ‘creative’ energy, stored in a glass dome.

Three different types of energy are blended together by the Spirit Team to produce this ‘Creative Energy’. These are:

  • Energy from the Spirit World, brought by the Spirit Team.
  • Spiritual Energy from the sitters.
  • Natural Earth Energy that is found in columns or spirals in certain geographical locations around the earth.

Importantly, this ‘energy-based’ newer way of working has several advantages over the more traditional ‘ectoplasm-based’ phenomena:

  1. a) There are NO Physical Dangers whatsoever to the health of the mediums or sitters working with energy. If somebody does something stupid whilst phenomena is taking place, such as putting on a white light, or ‘grabbing’ a spirit person – then the phenomena simply stops.
  2. b) A limitless variety of physical phenomena can be produced in this way, including ‘new’ types of physical phenomena that have never been witnessed before.
  3. c) In most cases, the development of phenomena within a group working in this way is generally faster than that of ‘ectoplasm-based’ phenomena. Sometimes happens within just months as opposed to years.

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