The Exit


On occasion someone will email me with questions about their loved ones who are in transition or who have recently crossed over. They will share their final words or their visions as they are in exit.

Last week I received an email from someone who was curious if anyone had written me about having an experience like he had as one of his family members was in transition.

He said that when his family member was dying he was with him in those last hours at the hospital and that when he did die he felt a feeling he had never felt before. He realized that even though his back was turned away from the bed, he knew the moment and could “feel” exactly when he had passed.

But he said that even stranger was what he saw when he turned around. He said it was a misty smoke like substance not in the shape of a body exactly, but that it rose very slowly. He even asked another family member in the room if they saw it too. But they said they didn’t.

He continued to watch the smoke like substance rise towards the ceiling and within seconds watched it vanish.  He said it was a lovely feeling seeing that but others think he was hallucinating.

I was quick to reply to him to try to reassure him that he was not, in my estimation, hallucinating. But I feel like he was given a special gift of seeing his loved one’s spirit rise to return to the other side.

Why do some people witness this and others don’t? I do not know. Raymond Moody has written a book titled, Glimpses of Eternity and shares stories that many have shared with him about their experiences with their loved ones at the time of their transition and being included in the experience. “Shared Experiences”

I had patients who would speak of others coming to assist them as they crossed over: angels, family members, ‘beings’. But I didn’t see them. I did however believe them and respectfully listened to them. I never told them they were hallucinating.

You may one day experience sitting at the bedside or be the one in the bed. It is holy ground in my opinion. Truly an honor to be there either way. We are all going to cross over one day and we are all, more than likely, going to be with someone in transition. You may even want to record your loved ones last words. Dr. Raymond Moody and Lisa Smartt, and Dr. Erica Hyatt are involved in the project titled The Final Words Project. I think their study will bring us such enlightenment.

Bless you as you continue this awesome gift of life. One patient told me that even if we live to be 110 years old, it goes by fast!


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