The Cause and Effect Of Man

 In this séance Mickey talks about (after some gadding about!) Mans cause and effect not just for the world but also in his effects upon others.

In this he also mentions the “fruits” that we bear and whether you believe in manifestation or not there is certainly the imposition of will by some who do not care what kind of destruction they leave in their wake.

Mickey also answers one of those questions which are so very important to many who may ask the questions “If God loves us why does he allow such things to happen”. In this we must remember that this place (Earth) is first and foremost a place of testing and that in incarnating here we have come to learn by experience and not all experiences are pleasant.

We do influence this place perhaps more than we acknowledge. As Mickey eloquently puts it himself “The world is full of stupidity of man not realising the great potential of the part the spirit within themselves.”

We do seem to have the extraordinary gift of instigating things that get out of control whether it is organisations, inventions or conflict of all kinds.

Man has to understand his place in this world and not think he is above it, that he is the all important thing and that particular men are more important than others.

Man continually alters what he doesn’t like or what he thinks he can like more – money is one example. I do not believe that money is the font of all evil, it is a tool like any other and just like any tool it can be used for good or bad.

As I write this two songs spring to mind, the first is “Money” and the second is “Ball of confusion” both old songs and both still as relevant today where nothing, from the point of view of the songs, has changed. In that they are timeless and in that Mickey echoes what has been said by so many in spirit and here, that it is man’s inhumanity to man, his insistence on the individual getting what he wants that puts others to labour and strain. To that end I leave you with…


Mans Cause & Effect – Mickey


GEORGE WOODS: This séance was recorded on the 14th of September, 1972, the medium Mr Leslie Flint..


Some mumbling


Mickey: …On the matter makes harder for some people whoa might have something worthwhile to say. We might have something worthwhile to say Scuse me!


GEORGE WOODS: Well you do… [inaudible]


Mickey: Well then what have you got to say about what you’ve said? [inaudible]


GEORGE WOODS:  but I put you first…


BETTY GREENE: is there anyone around whom we know from the past or present whatever it may be? Mickey.


MICKEY: but I’m only being facetious as you call it. Oh we do our best old flint gets tired sometimes and they just leave it to me.


Mickey: But I like to say about what you say, about getting somebody [inaudible]




GEORGE WOODS:  [inaudible] first.


Mickey: [inaudible] oh, we do our best but it’s [inaudible] sometimes. [inaudible] just leave it to me.


GEORGE WOODS:  Is there anyone around that you know in the past or in the present or [inaudible]?


Mickey: What exactly do you want me to say though?



BETTY GREENE: ask him about your friends


GEORGE WOODS:  [inaudible]


Mickey: Eh?



Mickey: You know, I don’t quite know what you want love.


BETTY GREENE: Guides son, Guides


Mickey: Oh Guides!


GEORGE WOODS:  I knew you wouldn’t like it.


Mickey: Now, who am I supposed to be then?


GEORGE WOODS:  Well, your closet kind of [inaudible]


Mickey: What do you mean? I’m anybodies guide me!


GEORGE WOODS:  Well, you know.


Mickey: Oh, on the contract.




MICKEY: Now, can I help anyone? I’m not exactly skiving in a sense


GEORGE WOODS:  No you’re his master of ceremonies.


Mickey: MC, yes. That puts him for Chichester next season or the season after MC


Woman:  You know, I’m always supposed to try and get that [inaudible] to you


Mickey: Work that one out get your heads together!


GEORGE WOODS:   Yes, all right. I can only think of one – certainly more terrifying [inaudible]




GEORGE WOODS:   [inaudible] fiddles with microphone..


MICKEY: MC. All right


GEORGE WOODS:  [inaudible]


GEORGE WOODS:  I don’t suppose we can get serious then?


MICKEY: What are you muttering about?


GEORGE WOODS:   I said, do you want to talk seriously tonight or not?


MICKEY: I’m prepared to talk seriously, let’s get them [inaudible] whichever you prefer.


GEORGE WOODS:   But I’d like to know – could you tell us what happens when such as the Olympic games suddenly people were wiped out?


MICKEY: I don’t know.


GEORGE WOODS:   What happens immediately sort of following that and in most instances, I know you can’t generalise this evening.


MICKEY: [inaudible] when something like that happens, people from our side, go to their rescue to help them. The victims that is as you put it. But erm what can one do? I mean a situation arises and things happen and conditions are affected and many people are caught up in it really indeed sometimes thousands of people indirectly and the vibrations to some extent also caught up in it or affected, I mean, I don’t know what you expect me to say.


GEORGE WOODS:   No, I thought perhaps you could say in kind of or there is a certain contingent within that core of souls who have dedicated themselves or things like that.


MICKEY: Yes, I know, but –


GEORGE WOODS:   And do they receive a mental message or something that they have to go to wherever they are required to help some of the others –


MICKEY: There are groups or bands of people whose task it is


GEORGE WOODS:  I’m not trying to tell you what to tell me.


MICKEY: No, I know you’re not [exasperated]. But, erm… you see I suppose, perhaps you don’t see things quite the same way that we do obviously you don’t


BETTY GREENE:  But, where why we sit because we want to try to learn the way we should.






MICKEY: People on this side who have the welfare of people in another part, however conscious of the many needs that must arise by the very nature of things, well, sometimes it appears to you on the surface to be something that happens spontaneously or is it of a shock. It’s nothing of the sort. Most things that happen to humanity, whatever that form they may take, are often pre-meditated or pre-arranged or in another sense quite apart from what you were talking about the, Olympic games.


Most things, in fact, that I think it’s true to say that everything that happens in your world is obviously happening or has happened or will happen because man himself has brought about the very conditions that create the circumstances and the events that follow. Nothing happens just by chance. Nothing is pre-ordained and everything that takes place is man’s own bringing into being into being in some shape or form.


What happened to the Olympic games couldn’t have been avoided. I know there are instances or cases where certain things are side-tracked and they don’t happen, although we have every reason to think that they could have happened or perhaps in some places, they should have happened. Sometimes things are … its possible for sometimes some people, perhaps on this side or even on the your side to be used as instruments to intervene to prevent something from happening. But you can be well assured that whatever happens in your world, in some shape or form, or in some way or other, man has brought it upon himself.


If man thinks wrongly, then from those seeds which they’d sown would come wrong actions and whether this is in a personal way, an individual way or whether it is in a corrective way or the worldwide way, nothing is chance. Nothing just happens by chance. Nothing is ordained or pre-arranged or pre-ordained. Everything happens because man has made it possible for it to happen.


He has sown the seeds that must bring forth fruit, whether it’s good or bad. I mean, this is – this is as simple as that. I mean, sometimes people say, well, why should this happen to that person. They’re quite innocent. Or why should this happen to someone who’s led a blameless life. On the surface, it seems unjust, but it’s not necessarily so because you will see things in a very personal way. Instead of seeing yourselves as part and parcel of all humanity and that what happens to you or what you do to another must in the long run also affect you. In other words, what you have got to get into your bonnets is that everything happens because you will it to happen even subconsciously or unconsciously sometimes, or certainly you sow the seeds that make it happen. No one can escape from himself. And whatever may happen in some shape or form, you have brought it into being or if you haven’t, to some extent, you have made it possible for other people associated with you or around and about you, you have made it possible for it to happen whatever it may be. Nothing just happens by chance. Seeds are sown. Things are done. Things are said. And these things are the vibrant things, they’re realities, they’re things which must, for the very nature of things, have an effect. And it’s all a matter of cause and effect. And the Olympic Games which when you analyze it, on the surface may have seemed a very natural straightforward spiritual thing in the foundation of spirit, good spirit, was nothing of the sort.


It was really, when you analyze it, in many,    many ways, it was a pre-complex in which money, a vast amount was involved. A competitive spirit of one nation against another, individuals were used, often innocently and indiscriminately, the whole set up was false. When you have false hope, you have seeds that bring all sorts of things in their wake. You can not put people together in a competitive way without bad thoughts arising and bad intentions developing and bad acts forming. You may not think this explains the way what happens but those sorts of things can’t be avoided. It happened and it was unfortunate. It was a dreadful thing. And one thing leads to another and you’ll find that this will re-occur and on a larger scale whether it’s in that direction or the other direction.


When man sows seeds, he must reap the harvest. And this is what’s happening all over the world, whether it’s in Ireland,  whether it’s Vietnam, or whether it’s at the Olympic games or whether it’s in the family or even in between two human beings who’s professed to love each other. They’re sowing seeds and they’re creating situations and from those situations will arise discord, strife, disharmony, sickness, mental, physical and this is what life is all about.


Until people realise that they must not sow these seeds, they must try to live harmoniously and they must try to do those things which they know to be just right and honourable. Until you get man put right individually, you can’t expect the world to be right collectively. You have just got to set your house in order before you start thinking about what goes on outside. The whole world is in chaos because men are in chaos. They’re in chains. They’re caught up so much with material things that they can’t see the reality. They only see the things which are around and about them, the things that are tangible and the things which they know deep down in themselves don’t bring happiness or security or real security of peace of mind. They’re all running after the wrong things and this is what brings tragedy and sickness and ill health and unhappiness and all the terrible things that happened is because mans is running after the wrong values.


I haven’t answered your question have I?




GEORGE WOODS:   You gave a serious talk!


BETTY GREENE:  Infact Mickey by what you just said that I deduced from that, that people on the other side were almost aware of some tragedy – what we call a tragedy was going to occur, so that would be helpers round there, waiting for it and in a way –


MICKEY: All around the world, every inch of the world, there are people on our side waiting to help. Whether it’s a car accident, a train accident, an aeroplane accident or someone is drowning at sea or whether it’s an Olympic tragedy, or whatever, thousands of souls on this side who love humanity, who want to be of service are always at the ready to be there at that given moment. They may not be able to do very much in a material sense and it’s not until the moment comes when the individual on the earth to leave his physical body and enter into the spiritual realisation that we can do very much. This is the in the sense our tragedy. All we can ever hope to do, so it seems, at the moment, anyway, is to help people in the spiritual sense when they’re about to pass from your world to this.


The great tragedy is that we can not seem to do very much to help you spiritually while you’re on earth. For the vast majority of people are so caught up in self, are so caught up in your own personal affairs, material affairs and the affairs of their particular group, or country, or nation or war or dispute or whatever it may be, they’re so full of – oh, I regret to say this, but it’s so true. There’s so much malice. There’s so much hatred. There’s so much intolerance in the hearts in the most of humanity, even sometimes the nicest of people, they have these moments of rage and intolerance and pettiness and stupidity and it’s very difficult to reach them.


We can only reach people when their minds are open to receive, when they begin to realise the true values are the spiritual ones. But that doesn’t mean to say that you’ve got to neglect material things, or that you’ve got to shut your eyes to problems which are of a material nature. But all these things can, to some extent, be helped and they sometimes can be solved.

In other words, what you’ve got to do is to try to see that you should have balance, that you should put everything into its proper perspective and that if you want peace, if you want happiness, if you want a realisation of what life could be, then you’ve just got to adjust yourself accordingly and you’ve got to give out love. Even though it may be very difficult, even though at times you feel it’s almost impossible and I know it’s difficult often to turn the other cheek. But the only way that man will find sanity, the only way that man will find peace, the only way that he’ll find harmony, is through turning the other cheek. I mean, wars, they develop through stupidities, often in a few individuals, thousands of people; millions of people suffer in consequence. And it’s often due to stupid pride and place and position and false values. The world is thriving, if you can put it that at a material sense, entirely and absolutely on false values.


The world hasn’t realised that realities are not the things of the earth. They have their position and their place. They’re important, but they’re not the be all and end all. They’re only an aspect. They’re only a very small part of what it’s all about. You just got to see things in the proper way. I mean, it seems to me that man just goes on and making the same old mistakes and they are on a much faster and bigger scale. Man doesn’t learn from the past, unfortunately. He repeats his mistakes over and over and over again, whether it’s in a small way or whether it’s in a big way, man unfortunately doesn’t seem to be capable of putting his house in order. And it seems to me that erm… man is so dissatisfied and yet at the same time, he doesn’t want to exert himself to do what he should do or what he knows he should do. He just wants everything to fall in to his lap in the material sense without often making much of an effort. And even if he gets what he thinks he should have or want, it doesn’t bring him real happiness. Indeed often it makes him have more squabbles and more uncertainties, more headaches, more problems. If only man could have balance and realise that he could live in a material world with a spiritual significance and that he could conduct his life and he can conduct not only himself but help others to conduct themselves in such a way that the world could be changed. There’s no need for all of those that goes on but man creates it, man sows the seeds and therefore, he asks for these troubles and they descend upon him.


All the illness all the sickness, all the things that go wrong in your world can only be traced to man himself. No one else can be blamed. People say oh when they’re in trouble, “why does God allow this and why does God permit this?” God’s got nothing to do with it. You just blame free will and generations of time past and he goes on doing the same stupid things and creating havoc and creating even new situations where worst things develop.


I mean, this is true. I mean, there’s no doubt about this in my mind that whatever befalls man in some shape or form, he brings it on himself. He deserves it. And it’s the only way he’s going to learn any lessons. He many not reap the benefit of his experience unpleasant though it maybe on earth, but when he comes here, it won’t have been in vain. This may not be much comfort to people, but the point is… the truth is, you can’t escape from yourself. You can run this way, you can run that way, you can do this and try that run up a bloody ladder and get dizzy, but you can’t run away from yourself, that’s one thing you’ll never do. One day, you’re going to come up face to face with yourself squarely and then you’ll see, and then you’ll begin to understand that it’s in your hands and no one else’s. You can help other people and they can help you up to a certain extent, but it still falls back on the human individual. To some extent, things set his house in order, but the house is within himself and as what Christ said, that it’s within oneself, the power is within oneself and this the whole truth of the matter. Get it right with yourself and you’ll get right with the world, to some extent. You may not be understood by the world, you may be derided by the world, you may kicked up the arse, but it doesn’t alter the fact that if you’re right with yourself, your on the right path mate.


Woman 2:  It’s complicated isn’t it?


MICKEY: I know!




GEORGE WOODS:  Explain the point — what about earthquakes? Was there a natural phenomenon –?


Mickey: Well of course earthquakes are natural phenomena. But then again, let’s face it, what are we talking about. All laws are naturally, it’s all naturally laws. Well, some things aren’t always on the natural laws. If you disturb nature within yourself and then nature will rebel and certain things will take place or happen. I mean, all this illness lark this business that goes on, the sickness. It can all be put down to offending nature’s laws. It may not be you that’s done it. You may say, this is unjust, but it’s true to say that the sins of the fathers do fall on the children. This may sound unjust but it’s true. These sins are hereditary as well and these things – you see, if you can see yourself not as part of – a part of a family, that is the father and mother or an uncle and aunt, if you can’t see yourself as part of the whole human race, if one aspect of the human race suffers from some new disease or whatever develops then they would eventually, even if it’s only one odd person getting dose in another part of the world. They will spread it you can not run away from each other. You can not run away from natural consequences of whatever may happen. If you’re going to as you are, polluting the atmosphere polluting the seas, polluting the ground, in other words, you go on polluting, polluting people’s minds, you pollute the atmosphere that you breathe, you pollute the ground from which grows your food and the seas, evrything. But of course, man is going to suffer. Man has made it. Nobody else. God didn’t invent the motor car. God didn’t invent the airplane. God didn’t invent the train that kills people in crashes. Everything man has brought on himself.




And I’m not so sure in some strange old way but perhaps man even brings earthquakes on. I wouldn’t say. I don’t know. But it would never surprise me.


GEORGE WOODS:  Right. I don’t suppose for the moment underground atomic tests help do they?


MICKEY: Oh, they don’t have earthquakes from atomic bombs.


GEORGE WOODS:   Yes, I know, but I mean, that it’s not helping. But then, as you said it’s not separate phenomena, it’s something to do with settling of–


MICKEY: You can’t disturb nature without nature having its revenge. It’s not a nice word but it’s a natural law. You can’t affect nature without nature taking some reaction. It’s bound to happen.


GEORGE WOODS:   But nature sometimes affects itself, doesn’t she. You know, like an earthquake –


MICKEY: Yeah, but nature probably changes too.


GEORGE WOODS:  Yes, of course.


MICKEY: I mean for over centuries, aeons and aeons and aeons as you term it at a time — I don’t see how you’re going to get away from this. I mean, man creates stupid ideas or he creates mythological things and he thinks that they’re realities and then he allows himself to get caught up in something and let a group of people become a whole mass of people and that mass of people think they’re right and everybody else is wrong and then you get big organisations out doing, out bidding each other and then you get massacres because this lot cant agree with that lot. The world is full of stupidity of man not realising the great potential of the part the spirit within themselves. And if you would follow out that part of the spirit and get rid of other stupidities that create disruptions and then the whole world could be changed. Anyway, I don’t want it posh! I mean I…


GEORGE WOODS:  I think you’re wonderful


MICKEY: No, I’m not. But it distresses us at times, it distresses me sometimes. I think to myself oh blimey, what is the good and you go on. You talk to people. You try to help people. You comfort people and then you say this, what the hell are they doing with it, nothing.


BETTY GREENE:  I think, fundamentally, the majority of people, I include myself in this are selfish.


MICKEY: Yeah. Well –


GEORGE WOODS:  But not always conscious of being selfish.


MICKEY: Not being conscious of being selfish. I mean, you run down the old sally army but it does a lot of good and all those people work very hard in giving themselves, we know that they’re at the higher end that there’s all the money involved and all that portion of. But the point is that it’s the people and yet they have got something dynamic to make them be the way they are to do the things they do. It may not be 100% correct in the sense. I mean, they’ve got a journal of truth. But that journal of truth gives them a dynamic meaning and then what’s going on with the spiritualists, that’s what worries me.


GEORGE WOODS:   Why do you bring in the sally army?


MICKEY: What? Well, because I think they’re typical and you you’re in the sally army and so’s your sister and I think they’re a good example. I mean they do wonderful work in the world. They help people less fortunate and starving people, poor people and sick people. Er…You know, I sort of feel that – I don’t know. Everything we tell people, we try to give them conviction and we give it and we uplift them to some extent but very few people try to do everything. Neither does it change their lives in the way it should. I mean we can look around us all the time and we see in spite of all we’ve tried to do and the comfort we tried to give and the help that people haven’t changed very much. They’re still at each other’s throats and you know, I don’t know it is very disheartening.


GEORGE WOODS: But you go on.


MICKEY: Oh, what else can you do?


GEORGE WOODS:   Mickey, where does karma come in to all this?


MICKEY: I wouldn’t know, who’s he?




Mickey: I know what you mean.


GEORGE WOODS:   where would that be?


Woman 2:  Well, it’s just what he’s been talking about; the law of cause and effect isn’t it?


GEORGE WOODS:   Yes, but [inaudible] let’s talk before I forget the actual people who are living in a town that is hit by an earthquake. Is it pre-ordained that these souls, all those souls –


MICKEY: No, nothing is pre-ordained.


Woman 2:  No because of a series of actions on the part of themselves, or their parent. It’s not that they’ve been chosen to be in an earthquake


Woman 2:   Because it is as a result of a chain reaction…


MICKEY: I think the whole tragedy is that, a lot of people just don’t like this idea of dying. I mean they know that when they get to a reasonable age that they are almost certainly going to kick the bucket. It’s an extraordinary thing how even people in their religious nature, who are  deeply involved, you might say, and are probably very good people, there is this sort of terrible fear. They don’t seem to see death in the right way.


Death is not as terrible. I mean, you may say to yourself it is dreadful, when something happens, when a little village is wiped out by an avalanche or whatever. But it isn’t as terrible in the reality as it may seem in the, thinking about it. You see, I think people put too much store in living in your world in the material sense and therefore, the idea of death is horrific to them. Something that we know is going to happen, that it shouldn’t happen until you’re 80 or 90 or what er… Just because the person dies young, and you might say to yourself they haven’t had  much chance to express themselves or move on, it’s not necessarily so.


You see, I think that you put too much store. This is the whole tragedy, I suppose, if man puts too much store on the short duration of his life, even if it’s a hundred years, it’s still short in time. I think that one has to get right with oneself that death is not the terrible thing as it appears and it’s not the length of ones earthly life that’s important. The fact is that your life is merely an interlude. In some cases, it may have to be repeated. But the point is that it is, in a sense, in time itself insignificant and yet it is important, no one denies that.


I think man puts too much store on the material, that’s his tragedy. And anything that happens in the material way that seemed untoward seems a terrible tragedy. What may seem a tragedy may not necessarily be so in reality, it may be something that was necessary, although it was not ordained and the circumstances of it will be brought about by some disaster which we might even say was a natural disaster to do with nature itself.


But, I think the whole tragedy is that man puts too much store on materialism, on material things and everything that happens in that life of yours is vitally important and everything else is insignificant. Actually, in a way you got the wrong end of the stick. What man should have is balance and man is not balanced. If we could give everything a real significance and realising the importance of your world, that it is a place in which you have to learn certain lessons. You may not necessarily learn them in one lifetime and you have to come back. In some cases, people do. But don’t judge things only on this material level. This is the tragedy. Everybody thinks everything’s a tragedy because it’s material. Often, it is a tragedy. It should never happen, it’s true. Certainly, wars and terrible things have happened to individuals would not happen but man creates the set up, man creates the staging of it and brings it in to being.


Actually, man all the time is rehearsing next year’s tragedy. Man doesn’t realise this. You actually kinda way as Shakespeare said, life’s a stage. And the men and women are merely players and it’s perfectly true. All the time you are getting ready for next year’s performances in your own personal lives and in the world tragedy of life, man is creating the situation. He’s organizing things. He’s stage managing in it.


I mean, all these things don’t just happen, they happen because man prepares them. Man organises them. Man arranges them. You many not always be conscious of what he’s got to say, or what he’s got to do, but somewhere along the line, everything is organised. Organised by man himself in advance and the rest follows after.


You can’t get away from it, this is what’s happening all the time. Man is organising what is going to happen in the not far distant future and he can’t get away from it. If he’d sown seeds, they’ve got to come up in due course as weeds or flowers, according to what he’s sowing. The point is you can’t escape from yourself, whether you like it or whether you don’t. Whatever happens in your world, in some shape or form, man has made a contribution towards bringing it into being. Whether it’s sickness or illness, or whether it’s erm war or whatever it may be. Like what you are saying, the Olympic games, hatred, malice, intolerance. Wrong thinking brings forth wrong action and wrong action brings disasters and tragedy and bloodshed and unhappiness. Man does all this himself, nobody else does it.


BETTEY GREENE:   [inaudible] would it be a death, I think, with a lot people that it is not so much dying that they don’t like to think of, it is the process of dying, whether there is pain involved.


MICKEY: Well, this again I understand. More naturally, nobody wants to suffer.


GEORGE WOODS:   Like someone in an avalanche, ok, they might not worry at all about dying but –


MICKEY: They wouldn’t have a chance poor…


GEORGE WOODS:   No, but if they are impaled onto something or something like that and they know they are dying and they’re dying in great agony and pain, this is not helpful, isn’t it?


MICKEY: No, I’m not saying it’s helpful. Who’s suggesting for one moment it is helpful?


GEORGE WOODS:   No, but I mean – but that’s what, I think, lots of people are concerned with. They are concerned with the pain and the process of dying.


MICKEY: Well, of course, they are. What is human and natural, that you do not want to go through agonising pain. No one denies this, but the point is that there is no doubt in my mind that way back in dim time, when man was perfect, at least there was not many other things that you now call, tragedies happening. Man hadn’t reached the stage where he was creating or setting up situations whether they were to do with health or whether they had to do with – oh various things that happened in the world, sort of religion and intolerance or whether it is from national point of view of wars or what have you. I mean, you say you progress you’re saying that you got a higher peak or these people assume they have.


GEORGE WOODS:   Right [inaudible]


MICKEY: whether highly intelligent and all the rest of it. Where sciences have made great strides forward but this is stupid, it might be in some sense there’s an advance, but it isn’t in a spiritual advance. It isn’t an advance that really brings man to any real form of happiness or realisation of truth. The whole point is that man is constantly creating new situations, creating new things which bring in their wake all manner of problems and troubles and uncertainties. These things all develop because man – I’m not saying that man shouldn’t be inventing, that man shouldn’t be progressive – he was intended to be obviously, but most things or a lot of things that man brings in to being, instead of using them for the good of humanity, he uses them for the destruction.


I mean, you can not get good out of evil. I… I… mean I… I feel there’s so many answers to these things but I think that man is all the time experimenting. He’s using other people or if he’s not using other people, he’s using the animal kingdom for his own ends. He thinks nothing of torturing thousands of helpless little creatures for his own end. I mean, no good can come of this. Only another form of evil will come from it.


All right, you’re thinking of finding a cure for something, do you? Don’t kid yourself. Some may be cured by that, but from that will come all sorts of off springs and off shoots which will be detrimental to humanity. New things will develop which man never thought could exist, which will be diabolical. I am convinced that no good will ever come from man’s inhumanity to man or man’s cruelty to the less fortunate or the defenceless and that was the only predominating factor that will bring into your world a realisation of what life is all about and what life is all about and what the will and intention of the supreme power means.


The tragedy with your world, as long as it can find or think it can find some sort of way out of a difficult situation which did not going to be too involved even, or is not going to be erm… –


GEORGE WOODS:  Being too self centred?


MICKEY: Well, it is the whole tragedy of your world is that man thinks only of self. He doesn’t care how he gets what he wants as long as he gets it. He doesn’t care who suffers as long as he’s all right. He doesn’t care how many thousands of innocent creatures are tortured to death as long as he is cured. Why should man consider that he’s so important?


I mean, I know that man is important but you’re all part of the same creation. You’re all part of God’s creation and until you can learn to live in harmony and in love together, until you can sacrifice yourself willingly, for the good of others and for the realisation that you’re all walking towards a certain point or goal and you can do it in harmony in love and in brotherhood. Until you get the right aspect of these things, of course, you’ll have hatred, malice, intolerance. Course, you’ll have wars and suffering and cancer and all the terrible things that man has created.


Man is suffering because he has made it so that he will suffer. He has brought it into being through his own stupidity, his own ignorance, his own foolishness, his own sense of ego and his own importance and he doesn’t realise that he is the fundamentally only a spark in the divine heaven. He doesn’t realise that he is only a minute part of a great whole and when he realises that until he looses himself in love and into service, he won’t find real peace, real harmony and real understanding.


Man has got to change and until he begins to change and think of change and bring change into being, there’s no way out for him and his suffering. And whatever man suffers, be in some shape or form are forded of himself. Now, I’m going.


Woman 2:  Mickey –




Woman 2:  What about a person being a blood donor or in giving blood to save someone’s life?


MICKEY: Oh it’s your blood init; if you want to give a pint of blood to help somebody, good luck to you mate you’re giving something away to help somebody else


Woman 2:  Thank you.



Woman 2:  It is helping?


MICKEY: Oh yes. Because you’re giving of yourself. Well, anyway, as I have said before, love one another. Christ said that, love one another. It’s the simplest thing and the most wonderful thing and perhaps in some ways the most difficult thing but it’s the only answer. Cos it’s the only way. Bye, bye.


People:  Bye. Thank you, Mickey.



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