The Astonishing Power of Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing is the ability to align with the all-powerful cosmic healing forces of Creation, of Pure Source Energy, God, in order to be able to co-create specific healing shifts in a person’s consciousness and physical body for their greatest and highest good. It is always a process of co-creation, with the spiritual healer petitioning a specific heartfelt prayer to the cosmic healing forces (Infinite Love, Divine Light, and Life Energy), whilst also applying a focused intent upon the person requiring healing. The spiritual healer will often observe the healing changes taking place within their own mind, mentally seeing the spiritual and energetic shifts taking place within the person’s spiritual and energetic anatomy, including their physical body. As the spiritual healer’s mind is in harmony with the Divine Mind (Divine Creative Intelligence), miracle healing results can truly happen.

A spiritual healer can also be thought of as a facilitator in another person’s healing as they temporarily step in to help the person in need until they are able to rebalance and return to an energetic state of spiritual equilibrium. The truth is that God, doesn’t do the work alone and neither does the spiritual healer. The spiritual healer is joining forces with the ‘Light of God,’ in order to direct divine creative intelligence through the power of prayer to where it is most needed. God gave us the spiritual ability to Create, we are all divine creators.

Ask and it is Given

The spiritual power to help others to heal therefore happens when we begin to tap into a force of power that is much greater than our individual creative power alone. It is this through this remarkable spiritual process that beneficial improvements or instant healing miracles can and do happen. It is written in Scripture that we are to “ask and it is given. This is the cosmic healing key, we must ask for spiritual assistance in order to connect with and direct the cosmic healing forces of Creation to help someone.

Yes, it is God’s Creative Power that actually does the healing and restores the soul power, but a spiritual healer does have a creative part to play in this process. How do I know that this works? Simply because of the astonishing documented results and testimonials I have received of people’s healings from a variety of health issues and complaints. Spiritual Healing will often work when nothing else can and can help to improve those persisting health issues that the medical world is unable to solve.

Free Will

The person requiring a spiritual healing plays a very important part in their own healing recovery. For them to be receptive to the spiritual healing they must be willing to accept it. In this sense, no one can force a healing on another person no matter how much they want them to be well. The person themselves must at some level truly want and desire to be healed. Many people are fed up with the struggle of life and this can interfere with their unconscious will to live. It can cause all matter of resistance to their healing. A person’s free will is the key to their healing.

Healing often requires change and transformation of a person’s mindset, emotional state and behavior, and many people simply aren’t ready to let go, transform and move on. Many people fear change and some people even believe that they don’t deserve to be well. All of this self-sabotage can be found at a level of consciousness that is below their own self-awareness. A non-beneficial mental program running in the background of their consciousness calling the shots.

Non-Beneficial Energy

Spiritual Healing can help to clear many different factors and forces that interfere, cause or contribute to an array of health issues and life complaints. Spiritual healing addresses the spiritual and energetic level of a person, which includes their ancestor and genetic heritage, their soul’s past life timeline, and any unresolved trauma memories that they may have experienced from the womb to the present moment. It is all about energy and about transforming any non-beneficial energy into something more beneficial. Non-beneficial energy can adversely affect us.

Non-beneficial energy can be self-created due to our own self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotional pain. Other people’s negative energy can be absorbed into our energy systems and cause havoc with our state of mind and energy levels. We can be affected by an array of unseen energies, such as earthbound spirits and other kinds of spiritual interference. We can be affected by an accumulation of low vibration energies found in the workplace and in our home environment.

Along with all this, we still have our ancestor and genetic heritage and our soul’s history to contend with. These can include ancestor trauma memories, past life trauma memories, and non-beneficial karmic agreements, vows, and curses that can still negatively influence our DNA and life experience. All of this non-beneficial energy can truly begin to weigh us down, it can drain our vital energy and interfere with our immune system, clarity of mind and creative power. The astonishing power of Spiritual Healing is able to help clear this accumulation of non-beneficial energy and transform it into vital health, balance, happiness and more.

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