The Art of Spiritual Alchemy

What is Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of using a chemical philosophy to turn lead metal into gold. Now how does spiritual alchemy work so that you can turn around a difficult situation to create and a positive and prosperous life? Let me explain….

When something distresses us we are involved with it and a part of it. It takes control of every part of our being. The influence is so strong you are unable to progress and it becomes a physical, mental and emotional experience. Then, from the depths of hopelessness you are able to turn yourself around to become the ultimate spiritual alchemist.

We have all experienced fear or distress to a degree; this state of mind can destroy ambition, undermine enthusiasm, can have full command of your imagination and can also overwhelm your thoughts. It can stop you dead in your tracks, freeze you and have you breathless.

Going through the extreme depths of personal meltdown whether this is due to a loss of finances, illness or disease, legal, a love or even grief can leave you cut to the core of your being. All you have left is one thing and that is to turn your life around. Your only option is to dare to open up and be truthful, compassionate and look to yourself to find a way out.

This is Spiritual Alchemy, transmuting your life and creating self- exploration and growth to ignite the power within you. By taking a quantum leap… taking a risk on yourself.

You Can Learn Spiritual Alchemy

You have control over your own mind and the power to allow whatever thought impulses you choose, sometimes there are emotions that challenge us in our everyday lives. You have the choice to have control or for it to control you; feeling the strength of the distress and then turning the heightened emotion into positive expression.

By developing your inner knowing, it will allow you to see life with different eyes; you will see a whole new perspective by connecting to the divine voice of your soul. By trusting your inner significant you, it will bring forward guidance, urges and insights. Then suddenly you will feel yourself gravitating to new expression and ideas and go to places you would never imagine.

A power to action with an impulse of thought. These thoughts are almost like a magnetic force that will attract similar or related thoughts, you become in harmony with your decisions. The mind is constantly attracting and drawing in the energies of one’s thoughts.

If you let go of the limitations and replace them with faith, you will be able to remove the old ways of thinking that do not serve you. By working with this philosophy you will start to change your thoughts you will become a powerful, passionate influence to yourself and others around you. This transformation will develop inner intuition, allow for self- healing and allow yourself to explore your true inner essence. Developing this mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies. On a personal level using powerful positive thinking, visualizations and positive affirmations can help transform your life. This leads to greater health and a wonderful feeling about the direction your life is taking. You will wake up in the morning ready to enjoy your day to the fullest, with renewed optimism about what you will attract in your life. This enlighten way of thinking will explore the great power within you. Now it’s time create your personal transformation take that leap of faith to believe you can become the alchemist and live the life you desire.

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