The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers

Afterlife Of Billy Fingers

afterlife of billy fingersSome may find this review quite surprising. I am reviewing ‘The Afterlife Of Billy Fingers’ both as a professional in the field and as someone who has also suffered loosing of loved ones, and from a mediumship perspective. However, I am also about realism and as much as I enjoyed the book, there are some major weaknesses. First let’s start with the positive aspects of the book.

A Healing Message

The book is most certainly an enjoyable one, and within the chapters are the messages that can affect a great healing within the mind, body and the soul. The words within the words effect a positivity that can only be felt when one opens their heart. Each chapter builds on the last and makes you want to read more to find out what’s next, and you get a sense of being with the author throughout the work, and feeling the emotions that run through the author. I love the lessons and the rather humorous way that Billy plays with others in their lives. It builds a sense of excitement and you can definitely feel the love that has gone into the work and the belief the Author holds within her being.

There is no doubt the book can help people deal with the Afterlife and understand elements of Grief, but there are some very weak aspects of the work that needs to be addressed.

Words Of Entanglement

To me, there are aspects of the Authors perceptions and previous study clearly within the book and if one had to believe with no question what is claimed, the Afterlife would perhaps be a place where you would not want to be and that is a very dangerous message to send to those who suffer grief, who are suffering or who are skeptical of a universal force within the world. The author mentions that she had a place she went to when she escaped the corporate world and studied eastern wisdom and meditation, which clearly is evidence of her path of belief before writing the book. The examples of communication are to me, rather run away with some poetic license and if were to be believed, the author would be one of the greatest communicators alive today. What is clear throughout the work is that her prior held beliefs from spiritual teachings have gone some way to forging the perceptions claimed in the book, but overlooking that fact – the love, compassion and humor is enough to keep one enthralled on a spiritual Journey of sorts.


Do not allow my thoughts or feelings to go into this, but buy and read the book in the knowledge that a pinch of salt should be used when reading. You take what you want from it, you enjoy the story and the message within it, and love it for what it teaches. However do not hold it true to reality of the afterlife, there are a great many works about the afterlife – some modern, and in most cases – older books from the start of the spiritualist or spiritism movement hold many more realistic accounts given to medium vessels by spirit people and teachers with lessons and evidence in Trance teachings. I thoroughly enjoyed it, yet I read it from a detached viewpoint and some of the emotions both positive and negative arose in my experience and therefore I share them openly with heart.

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