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You may be surprised to learn that we each have hidden beliefs inherited from our ancestors. These thoughts and belief patterns are passed on through our family lineage from generation to generation. [row][col w=”3″]

Tracie Delysia Wolter
Tracie Delysia Wolter

[/col][col w=”9″] Each individual person carries a very unique set of DNA which carries genetic information inherited from parents, grandparents and previous ancestors. This determines physical traits such as eye colour and body shape but also includes much more than that. Most of us, unless we have a particular interest in genetics, are totally unaware of the deeply embedded patterns and convictions we also inherit from our ancestors.[/col][/row] These inherited beliefs, which you are most likely completely unaware of, are with you from birth and can cause you to block yourself off from the life you truly want to live. They appear when you least want them and can create a dramatic influence on your health, relationships and finances. This unconscious mind blue-print can sabotage and disrupt your best intentions, hinder your efforts and stop you from grasping the opportunities that allow you to achieve your greatest potential. It can also stop you from enjoying or being proud of, the success you have already achieved. If you have a positive attitude towards life, why then do you sometimes feel frustration with the direction your life is taking and feel like you are stuck? Why can’t you change more quickly or why are you unable to change at all? The answer lies deep within your DNA mind blue-print. Through the study of hormonal and neuro-chemical explanations of behaviour, revolutionary scientific research has determined that many of our natural personality characteristics are formed from our genetic inheritance, although some are created through life experiences, from our environment or as a result of our behaviour. Behavioural theorists believe it is our response to environmental stimuli which shapes all of our behaviour and it’s certainly true that the person we are today is partly created from the energy vibrations of thought and action that we pick up and register through the stimuli of our daily environment. We develop traits acquired through conditioning which occurs from interaction with external events. Yet our genetic blue-print has also delivered us energetic vibrations from the unconscious mind of our ancestors and it’s these inherited unconscious thoughts and notions that can sabotage your progress in life and stop you from achieving your desires. This inner saboteur is often activated by an event that triggers a string of emotions which then activates potentially destructive behaviour such as negativity, obsession and fear and may even lead to anxiety and depression. So, we have determined there are two influences that affect our behaviour: our DNA – the genetic recipe for all living things -and our environmental conditioning which causes us to think, act and react to the emotional situations in our life. Wherever they originate, our thoughts are a collection of vibrational energy patterns. We receive and project along the frequency of energy waves by sensing and exploring with our mind, our emotions and the physical body. Every thought we have creates emotional and physical impact on the level of the body’s energy field. We are energy and the body’s energy field vibrates on electromagnetic energy which in turn charges our thinking. It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts affect our nervous system and guide our emotions. So, what we manifest with our thought processes is what we inherit in our life. In other words, what we think appears in our world. Even though you may not always be aware of it, you are always manifesting because you are always thinking and many of your thoughts will be those you have inherited, as well as those you have developed as a result of your life experience. You may have blocked your wisdom with limiting belief patterns of who you think you are or resisted making a change and denied yourself what you really want. Once you understand this and shift your thought processes and thereby your emotions to ones that serve you, you open up to the energy of receiving which allows you the opportunity to move forward and become who you want to be! Each one of us is meant to be a powerful force of manifestation. Once the blocks are removed you can work on creating positive thoughts which impact on your health and wellbeing. You can literally change the course of your life and become a magnet for prosperity and wellbeing. When we neutralize the negative aspects of the unconscious programming we have inherited, we progressively alter the coding of our genetics and this changes how we operate on an energetic level. This allows you to reprogram your DNA with a positive re-coding of how you think. The process of altering your thinking occurs at a cellular level therefore changing the vibrational frequency of our electromagnetic field. Altering the thought process affects your nervous system which in turn changes your emotions and alters your patterning. It gives you the power to reconfigure your life and create one you truly desire. Now that you know where they come from, you can remove your self-limiting thought patterns about relationships, money, personal and business success. You can take a fresh look at your desires, determine what you really want out of life and use your power of intent to achieve the abundant and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.[dropcap style=”normal or inverse or boxed”]Y[/dropcap]our text with dropcaps here

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