Synchronicities – Knots of Knowing in the Golden Fabric of Reality


Having just completed a two-week spiritual pilgrimage to the eastern Indian region of Bengal (Calcutta and Puri), I find myself returning in thought often to a couple of synchronicities of importance which have enlightened my footsteps in knowing, not believing, not hoping but truly knowing I am exactly on the path my soul plan has laid out for me.

And so I wonder, how does one come to “know” with such certainty? Over the last 170 + years as Spiritualism has come forth into the world diorama of religions, Spirit communication and evidence of such fact have remained at its core. While I am not a Spiritualist, I easily could be. You see, I am a Metaphysician, as well as a Kriyaban (a student of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda). As the Senior Minister of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), my church is a chartered chapter (since 1978) of the United Metaphysical Churches headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. Our federally recognized religion is known as Divine Metaphysics. Our denominations religious distinction came about back in approximately 1964 when our founder, Reverend F. Reed Brown, was guided by Spirit to step beyond his familial religion of Spiritualism to organize a system of Spiritualism that encompassed reincarnation as a possibility within its metaphysical truth teachings.

Looking back over my truly recent awakening or my stepping solidly into the world of Spirit communication and metaphysics only some 8 years ago, it is amazing to realize the moments that stand out a spiritually pivotal… moments of synchronicity.

One especially of note was in 2012 when I had traveled to Arlington, Virginia to attend a Spirit Card Writing Séance (Precipitation Mediumship – think “Bang Sister’s” precipitated art and spirit writings but instead, on small white index cards) and Billet Message Séances (where guests write one question to Spirit along with names of three departed souls they’d like to hear from). These were hosted by the famous Reverend Hoyt Z. Robinette (Camp Chesterfield, Indiana). As the seance progressed with the medium blindfolded and eyes taped shut, I soon recognized the names of my family / guides / relatives in Spirit being called out. The three I had originally written on my billet were called out along with several others NOT written down. Truly remarkable! The medium brought forth one last name: “I have an Ethel here for you. She wants to say hi and let you know she is going to be helping you build your camp (church) just as she did hers.” (Ethel Post Parrish founded the famous Camp Silverbelle in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.) I informed the Medium I had no clue who she was. “Yes you do! This is Ethel Post Parrish. And she has a gift for you. She’s going to give you a likeness of her no one has ever seen – one where she is smiling.”

Card Precipitation



card precipitation

[images inserted, copyright 2012 to present, Kevin Lee]

I posted this image onto Facebook as a rare example of Precipitation Mediumship and quickly got a response from a Florida Spiritualist Minister I only knew for a few weeks. He was aware of a large private collection of items that belonged to Ethel Post Parrish that were being sold privately. I found it odd that this man would tell me of this as a Spiritualist Camp or museum would surely be a better placement of said collection. Months later, this Minister recalled how strongly Spirit had encouraged him to reach out to me with the private referral of information. Upon meeting the owner of said collection and hearing of the owner’s repeated challenges at each Spiritualist Camp she approached, the conversations soon turn to my sharing the beautiful precipitated image of Reverend Parrish. I spoke of my passionate interest in the history of such mediumistic phenomena and the three present day American Mediums I personally knew demonstrating this “lost art” at a professional level to the public. The owner began chuckling and said: “So, you’re the one I’ve been waiting for! No wonder all those doors were closed on me.” And I am now the caretaker of many precious artifacts, photos, paintings and booklets once owned by my own Guiding Star – Reverend Ethel Post Parrish.

This example leads me to my most recent and truly profound synchronicity as I sit journaling this event from my Puri, India hotel room. Only two evenings prior our small group of four Kriyabans (students of Kriya Yoga) descended upon the boyhood home in Calcutta, India of our Guru – Paramahansa Yogananda. The relatives of Yogananda continue to live in the same home and invite all to enter and pay respect to Yogananda. After the tour our hostess lovingly told us family stories of many “miraculous events” surrounding Yogananda. She begin discussing how Yogananda was the famed Arjuna (friend to Hindu Lord Krishna) in a prior life and how in yet another life he recalled being William the Conqueror.

Shut the front door! What?! How curious is that detail when I have only been drawn to very few things passionately in life – one of those was to a school on a property in Stanstead, England that once held a deed by none other than William the Conqueror; that property being now occupied by the Spiritualist College – the Arthur Findlay College. It is clear to me now that my life was being graciously guided by Spirits not only to study at the Arthur Findlay College to further my Mediumship and Ministry but also towards the light of Kriya Yoga.

With such synchronicities periodically emerging in my life, I have to stop and think of the bigger picture. Why? What’s all this leading towards? Of course I will never realize the point until it has all unfold beautifully and divinely. Could it be that my guru Yogananda has been leading and guiding me back to his ethereal ashram of Being all this time? There is no evidence of such fact save the fluttering of my heart that intuitively senses his presence in especially these moments of synchronicities. I don’t need anyone to validate my evidence. Other’s opinions of my experiences do not matter. What matters… is that we strive to be present enough in the “now” to notice and acknowledge those sudden moments of fluttering wings which weave our “knots of knowing” in that great golden fabric of our reality. We must
never allow these precious synchronicities to slip by without graciously acknowledging those souls in the Spirit world who have been weaving tirelessly that we may yet realize and truly know… Life Continues On!

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