Suicides and Punishment

If there is one question that comes up time and time again, It has to be the one that causes so much suffering for those loved ones left behind.

“Will my son/daughter be punished for taking their own life”

Let’s not beat around the bush. The answer, in fact, is both no and unfortunately, yes. However, before you start sharpening your pitch-forks to lay into me. Allow me to explain in order to calm your fears and help you to understand. If your loved one has suffered so much – the only way out seems to be from ending their life here – believing of course that all problems will alieve. The truth is most certainly different. Yes, there will be a little suffering on their part, but only from the suffering they cause themselves by feeling the pain and emotion of their loved ones that have been left behind. This is all a part of their own learning experience when they are on the Otherside of life, and then of course they have to go through their actions all over again to learn from it. This is something that can’t be escaped. It’s a kind of karmic balance and as you all know – karma has to be paid no one escapes that basic spiritual law.

There is no eternal damnation

One particular fear from loved ones who are left behind is the belief in eternal damnation for those who have taken their own life. This belief can be true in some belief systems all be it misunderstood through ignorance and false perception. Imagine the pain and suffering that is caused by such a foolish belief. Losing your loved ones through the act of suicide is hard enough. Dealing with this anguish is far more exacerbated especially when you are told that your son, daughter, uncle husband or whoever has passed has gone to hell because they took their own life. How terrible is that, like a continual stabbing to the heart.  Every hour of the day or night, the fear is building and becoming worse. It only takes one person or one perception to cause so much suffering that your grief is compounded by false hypothesis and perceptions.

The Truth About Death

Silver Birch was the spirit guide of Maurice Barbanel and his words of the reality of death brings much comfort to the bereaved, but he also states that it is not the right for anyone to take their own life as life is given as a precious gift from the great white spirit. His vernacular is rather more about his energy of an Indian spirit guide. Nevertheless he has this to say about death In his words;

“Everybody in your world has to die. It is part of the law that you cannot live on earth forever. So it is inevitable that the physical body, when it has fulfilled its function, should be severed from the spiritual body and the soul which endowed it with animation. It is thus that the transitional period can be accomplished and the soul go marching on as part of its eternal pilgrimage.

It is, of course, sad that this happens because many of you, alas, have your spiritual vision restricted so that you see only the material, the shell, the husk, and not the underlying, sublime reality. The eyes of the spirit are open, and knows that the one you love and who loves you has left you physically but not spiritually.

Death has no power to separate those whom love has joined together and made them one in spirit.”

Even if your loved one has passed on prematurely at their own hand, you can be sure the bonds of love will never be put asunder. Love is such a powerful force in the universe that nothing can separate you. However, silver birch also makes it clear that we have no right to take our own lives, but spirit guides on the Otherside are available to help the soul learn. The only suffering that is caused is the suffering they feel by causing material and spiritual suffering on the earth plane.

In short, your loved ones do not go into a fiery pit and are lovingly tended to by loved ones on the other sides and spirit guides. Perhaps knowing that the powerful universal force of love can never be destroyed, also tells you that nothing negative can reside where love abides. How could a loved one suffer in a place of such torment and have the bonds of love exist. No! bonds of love are the most powerful universal force where light is the essence of that love, and therefore, that cannot be the place where suffering exists, therefore, your loved ones only feel your pain in order to learn from the love, they will never suffer in anything more than feeling the pain of your love. Take comfort in knowing that your loved one is still alive and well and their love for you is eternal.

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