arthur conan doyle

Skepticism and Spiritualism

Healthy, scepticism is the basis of all accurate observation, but there comes a time when incredulity means either culpable ignorance or else imbecility, and...
death quotation

Fear Of Death

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.Mark Twain
limiting perceptions

Greatness Shines

"Don't hide yourself under the umberella when your greatness already shines. Live your truth, be fearless and love yourself. You are greater than your limiting...
spiritual giants

You Are A Spiritual Giant

"You are only half the size than the spirit inside you, a spiritual giant resides within, and all things are possible when turning within....
silver birch quote

In Times Of Crisis – Silver Birch

in all the moments of crisis, fix your minds upon the eternal things of the spirit. Do not dwell too much on the kingdom...
inner spiritual battle

Your Inner War

  "The inner battle within is always greater than any battle or hurdle you will experience on earth. Bring victory through your divine power realizing...
spiritual quotes

Think Like A Waterfall

  "You can't keep the water from the fall in your hand, it is temporary like material life, but it's life is eternal like you....
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