Spirit realm as information structures

1. Introduction

In a previous article entitled “The creation process and states of love”, we learned from our Zeta teachers that we exist in a consciousness space where beings create simply by having the intention to do so. In an environment where thoughts are the precursors to the creation of forms, is there an objective reality at all?

In the energetic realm where perceptions are created, the reality experienced is an illusion in the sense that it is subjective. It is not a false reality as we normally understand illusions. It is the only form of reality that can be experienced, and includes how we choose to represent ourselves. But there is another representation of existence in consciousness, and this remains hidden from us. It accumulates the essential information from all life experiences that, when combined, create “the whole soul process”. Insight into that deeper level was provided by a Zeta in the context of the “container that is the spirit realm”.  The transcripts of the interviews with the Zeta are in the chapter, “The spirit realm as information fields” in Treurniet and Hamden (2014).

2. The spirit realm construct

We learned from the Zetas and other extraterrestrial visitors that our spirit realm was created long ago by one such race to support the development of the human race. As the humans’ consciousness advanced beyond the primate level, it was seen that their spirits needed a safe place, after the termination of the body, from which to be reborn into new physical existences. In their words, “the spirit realms were created to contain the consciousness of a human entity. It was seen that when humans were first created that they required a transitional holding ground. After they had transitioned to this energetic container, they could then choose to move back to a physical form if they wished. Back in the spirit realm, a spirit assesses its current vibrational state and chooses the best way forward. That is, “Once separated from the physical existence, each is then able to determine what step is to be taken next in their development path.

The spirit realm is described as an “energetic container”. According to a Zeta, “These “realms” that you describe are one of illusion, let this be stated at the outset. There are no defined boundaries between all of those states, as if some doorway existed between realms or dimensions. These energetic realms are actually divided only by the actual waveform’s ability to move into and out of the energetic area. Does this then limit what waveform can move where? Yes. These barriers are needed for many reasons. As each waveform or energetic being think within their confines, so they are.” The realm has boundaries which define a construct where human spirits, or “waveforms”, can know who they are. The realm boundary exists where a spirit does not resonate with the state of consciousness of its environment.

A Zeta used the analogy of an informational field to discuss the nature of spirit realm. He said, “These constructs that we give you are ways for the human mind to understand what exists in consciousness.” The spirit realm container is described as a multidimensional creation, an entity of consciousness that is separate from its contents. At this level of analysis, the contents are said to be interconnected threads of information. “There are threads of consciousness, and the threads of consciousness are individuals who have existed in the physical form. The threads are informational fields which combine to create the whole soul process.” These threads may perceive themselves as human, but may also choose to not do so. After an experience as a human in physical spatial dimensions, a spirit being has a strong belief that spatial dimensions exist. Therefore, the thread of a transitioned spirit often sees itself as a human living in the spatial dimensions of its recent physical existence on earth. The thread’s expectations create and activate the illusion of its own appearance, living in the illusion of space in the spirit realm.

Where the illusion of space has not been created in consciousness, the perception is of light. The Zeta says, “There are many places where the construct of what seems to be three-dimensional does not exist, the light area, and so quite often it is perceived as light by spirit people.

A spirit born in a human body is a facet of an information thread in spirit realm known as the spirit’s higher self. A higher-self thread at the lowest level of the spirit realm hierarchy, combines with other like threads to form an informational field known as the oversoul. Similarly, multiple oversouls are integrated into an even higher level oversoul. The Zeta explains, “The higher self is the thread, the oversoul is the collective consciousness of the multiple lives of entities. They are also singular in nature and existing infinitely as oversouls.”  Yet the sense of individuality is not lost at higher levels of the hierarchy. He says, “Your individuality as a thread will always exist as long as you choose for it to.”

The Zeta explains further, “Remember for the consciousness living within the spirit realm container, the perception is that they are not threads. The perception is that they are entities living within structure. … Many of the entities in the informational field that is known as spirit realm believe that they are singular entities. … The informational field has the ability to create any construct, any belief system, any existence that a human soul requires.

The informational field known as a higher-self thread is typically an entity that has experienced a physical form; i.e., one who has transitioned from a physical incarnation. A higher-self thread may choose to incarnate many times via spirit entities that are facets of the thread.

Immediately after an incarnation is over, a spirit and its higher-self thread are unaware that they belong to an oversoul thread. As the spirit reintegrates with its higher-self thread, the specific memories of what it learned during the recent incarnation may fade. Nevertheless, the thread retains its individuality after it updates the oversoul thread.

Although a number of higher-self threads form an oversoul group consciousness, each remains an identifiable entity for as long as it chooses. In fact, each higher-self thread believes itself to be the individual form that it created according to its belief structure upon the spirit’s return to the spirit realm. It is not aware that it is a thread entwined with others in a higher-level structure.

3. Beyond the spirit realm

The spirit realm and its beings that exist as information structures in the energetic realm, are part of an infinitely larger hierarchical information structure. The human spirit realm is equivalent to many other spirit realm constructs associated with races on other planets. The Zeta race, however, does not participate in a spirit realm process. The race exists as a collective consciousness that is still part of the same global information hierarchy as the spirit realms, but it exists at a different vibrational level.

And so consciousness external to the spirit realm is also populated in other ways by extraterrestrial races. Apparently, there can be some interactions between spirit realm beings and other races, since about 30 percent of humans are beings from extraterrestrial races born in physical human bodies. An extraterrestrial thread of consciousness integrates with a spirit realm thread after negotiating agreement with it and a prospective human mother. For example, a facet of a higher-self thread and a thread from the Zeta race go through the usual birth process together, and the Zeta consciousness is given the opportunity to experience earthly existence as a hybrid entity. After the physical body dies, the Zeta consciousness disentangles itself from the spirit entity and takes its earthly experiences back to the Zeta container or body left in a form of stasis during the experience.

The Zetas were asked about another race known to the medium as the Anorians. The medium had experienced this race before, and understands it to be independent of the consciousness we experience. It exists in a true void in a state of oneness and appeared to him as a bright light. When it came near, the medium felt a powerful sensation of love. According to the Zeta, the Anorian does not exist as part of an information structure like the spirit realm. Rather, such races “no longer hold the desire to exist in a singular entity structure, and so they are seen as light.” 

The Anorians seek “to be, to exist in that state of oneness, and to not be confined to a reality based in consciousness, but to be free of that construct, to no longer see that they require the interactions between matter and the non-matter states. … There is no requirement to create, they no longer hold the desire to create.” The Anorians appear to have an independent unitary existence that does not have the properties of our consciousness such as the creative process. In particular, there is no desire to incarnate and interact with matter, since this is possible only for threads within a structure like the spirit realm. As “the construct of interaction with matter no longer exists” for them, they may not even have the ability to incarnate.

4. Discussion

The lesson from the Zeta teacher is that the spirit realm and its contents are constructs analogous to information fields or threads. The spirit realm is a non-spatial field construct that is given spatial attributes by the creative processes of its inhabitants. The inhabitants do not know the true nature of the spirit realm or their own nature as information threads. They unknowingly create their own appearances and the appearance of their spatial environments.

A spirit is a facet of an information thread known as the higher self. It may choose to have experiences in the physical realm by following an incarnation process. After a transition back to the spirit realm, a spirit re-engages with its higher-self thread, and detailed experiences from its recent incarnation may fade from its individual memory. The thread moves to become part of a structure known as an oversoul. It is a higher level information field where multiple higher-self threads are organized as a group mind. The spirit realm information threads constitute an infrastructure for comparing and evaluating experiences gained by spirits while in physical containers.

The Zeta presents the spirit realm and its functions in terms of the interplay of information structures. This corresponds somewhat to a relatively recent reconceptualization of physics as information interdependencies rather than energy exchanges. For example, Vallée (2011) suggested that the physics of the future has the following four requirements.

1. Recognize the universe we perceive as a subsystem of a meta-reality of information associations.

2. Recognize dimensions as a cultural artifact. Do away with them.

3. Treat the present as over-determined.

4. Consciousness traverses associations – thus generating the mind’s impression of space and time.

Vallée proposed that what we perceive has hidden representations in terms of information associations. In this scheme, perceived changes in the world are conceptualized as changes in those associations. Spatial dimensions are not important for describing the world. They are artifacts of our experience and are not needed when the world is described abstractly as associations among information. The present is strongly determined by the past and the future, so there need not be an emphasis on time either. Finally, he proposes that consciousness generates our impression of space-time by recognizing the continuously changing associations of information in our environment.

Susskind (2011) explained how any three-dimensional space, ranging from a black hole to an accelerating expanding universe, may theoretically be described completely on an enclosing two-dimensional surface. The 3D volume and all its contents are represented on the 2D surface like the encoding of a hologram. The holographic encoding is an example of how objects in 3D space might be represented in terms of information associations as proposed by Vallée.

The Zetas concurred that such a holographic representation is analogous to a representation in consciousness resulting from the creation process in the energetic realm. This suggests that the physics of information could be a vehicle for reconciling our materialistic physics with the workings of the energetic realm. Our new understanding of information structures in the spirit realm and elsewhere may encourage us to follow this path.

5. Bibliography

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