Robin Foy’s New Physical Energy

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The Scole Experiment

In a little village named Scole in England, in a cellar that was hidden from most existed one of the most famous Psychic Research experiments into the afterlife and physical mediumship. To date, this remains one of the most ground breaking events in the history of mediumship and you can hear all about the work of Robin Foy and the Scole Group.

No matter what you believe or perceive, you will be sure to take something positive away from this interview and may even want to set yourself on the path to psychical investigation through physical mediumship.

This interview has been brought to you so that you may receive knowledge and guidance from one of the foremost authorities of physical mediumship in the modern world, and as he is so affectionately known as Robin Foy – The Grandfather of Energy Based Physical Mediumship.

The Scole Experiment 


scole experiment


Robin Foy-witnessingtheimpossible scole experiment





  1. I absolutely loved this, to have access to Robin and his wealth of knowledge of physical mediumship is just amazing, I would give much to spend some time looking at and listening to his experiences, I hope we shall hear a lot more from him, thank you so much, it was a privilege to see and hear!


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