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Robin Foy Talks Scole Coming Next Month

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If you have not heard of the Scole experiment, then you will not want to miss this once in a lifetime Interview with Robin Foy, who was one of the original founders of the Scole experiment. This work was, and is, to this day, groundbreaking work on the afterlife. From a sleepy hollow village in north England, Scole became a world-wide phenomena itself and to this day is the topic of much discussion, films and controversy – Scole continues to confound science and the afterlife community.

Tosp is very lucky to have a wonderful relationship with Robin and now Robin talks with Spiritual Medium and Editor Jock Brocas about the work of Scole and the work of mediumship moving forward.

Jock Brocas
Jock Brocas is a professional medium, Researcher, and Author. He is also the president of the ASSMPI and editor in chief of The Otherside Press. Jock works closely with his colleagues to share knowledge with three lessons in mind, Love, forgiveness, and compassion.