Re-touched By Grief


This months article is based on a prime example from a private sitting two days ago and though normally not something I would discuss, the sitting ignited a lesson that I would like to share in the hope that some comfort can be derived from it. No personal details of the sitter in question are put forth.

A woman who was waiting to come and have a sitting with me finally had her day and turned up promptly at the agreed time. As I welcomed her, I knew immediately that her father had come to communicate with her. Within moments of her sitting – the evidence was flowing and many tears as her father courted her with evidence of his presence. Her sister and mum made themselves known with such loving evidential information too. However, her father’s passing was the one that stuck with her and the person whom she most wanted to connect with. As the sitting came to an end, she mentioned to me that she actually thought she had dealt with her fathers passing and was happy until recently when an event triggered all the grief.

The interesting thing about this particular session was that it sparked within me a great lesson that can be learned. Grief as I have always maintained is not something that you can heal from, it is a journey that you have to go through and it is a lesson of life that in many respects, though very hard and emotional – can teach you a great deal. We often think of healing grief and at some juncture in time, we move on – sometimes not placing as much weight on how we initially felt during that dark period.

There comes a time when something can spark those emotions that you once felt, when you feel abandoned and alone, perhaps even feeling angry that your loved one left you. It is also possible that you will play events over and over in your mind, trying to make sense of the pain and sorrow you feel at not feeling or seeing your loved ones again in a material sense. Anger may erupt and your ill feeling toward yourself, your spiritual direction and others around you. Why not, hasn’t God abandoned you in your time of need and you have every right to be angry at yourself and to God.

The truth is that you are not abandoned and that your God, spirit or whatever you believe in would not abandon you and that you recognize that an inevitability of that passing is an opportunity to grow further in love and in divinity. If we could only see the passing as a necessary journey to a higher plane of being and recognize that our loved ones are still alive, it would be much easier to deal with. However, even though we may have a ideological belief of what we perceive the afterlife is, we still cannot help but feel those emotional feelings that cause so much pain.

One thing to remember is that everything in life is temporary and nothing is ever stagnant or stays the same. Life is a rich tapestry, which is ever evolving and death is the great transition to a new adventure. Learning to look at it as being a positive event will help you to come to terms with loss, or is loss really what we should perceive. After all, we have not really lost anything. Our loved ones are forever letting you know of their presence in your life from the other side. From those little signs that are subtle and call out to you to blatant signs of their presence, your loved ones are forever shouting to you they are alive and well.

Going to a medium for evidence of this is only one way to recognize this truth. Learning the language of the soul will help you to look at the blessings in the darkness and see the light that exists all around. Allow your visit to a medium to be the catalyst to learning and not as some would think, being healed. You alone have that power and all we can do is hold your hand at points along your journey of grief. Look at it as a great adventure of which you are the explorer and know your loved ones are there with you.

The Sitter who came was shocked at how she realized she was not over her grief and that even though she felt she could deal with it and had been doing it; the recent event she experienced had brought all that back to the surface. What she got from our sitting was the understanding that her loved ones were and are still alive, and that she realized that she was re-learning what she already knew. She was able to feel and transmute her pain by understanding the necessary journey that was helping her grow spiritually and in divine love.


You have to feel, to reveal what is real: Jock Brocas


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