Precipitation Mediumship – It’s All In The Cards

precipitation mediumshipDecember 2007 was the month my life of spiritual turmoil was powerfully healed. My own little Christmas miracle happened – all due to a 3-inch by 5-inch ( 7.64 centimeter by 12.7 centimeter ) index card covered in colored images and names of family members in the Spirit world.

You see, I was born into a very conservative Southern Baptist family. My family runs a cattle ranch in rural Texas. The Klu Klux Klan has a history of lynching in that predominantly white community. Local school busing was not desegregated till 1983 (the segregation of the races in schools in the United States occurred in the 1960’s and 70’s.) Even today, the two local Southern Baptist churches are segregated between races, sadly.

My upbringing was strict and full of “religious fear – guilt – damnation.” Rigorous daily Bible reading and recitation was expected. Adhering to church teachings was paramount; otherwise Satan would begin to influence your life. Interestingly, all those mysterious and miraculous stories in the Bible “only happened in those days” and “only Jesus” could do such things (all the other characters were conveniently ignored.)

Fast-forward to 2007, I came across the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida and immediately found their spiritualist and metaphysical teachings to resonate with all of my being as Truth. As I was reigniting my desire for a relationship with God and Spirit again, I was seriously struggling to let go of my conservative Christian upbringing and step into a world of psychic phenomena and mediumship as a Metaphysician. Everything this church was teaching was “of the devil and sinful.” I was emotionally and spiritually so torn as to whether I should stay with what my heart and soul told me was true or to flee from what my mind (full of conservative Christian dogma) told me was ungodly and sinful.

December 2007 marked my six month presence at the Metaphysical Chapel and the Senior Minister recognize my research, writing and speaking skills. I was asked to research, write and deliver my first sermon on the metaphysical interpretation of the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. Honestly, I was quite nervous and unsure about doing such as I was not even in seminary nor could I see myself as a minister in the future. About the same time, our minister she shared with me several stories of attending séances with Rev. Hoyt Z. Robinette – an outstanding physical / mental medium from Camp Chesterfield (Indiana, USA), who was widely known for his Precipitation (card writing) Mediumship – similar to the Bangs Sisters. She brought to show me some 20 small index cards and a few square “silk precipitation” pieces (not silk but a type of polyester that feels like silk and is sold as “SLK”) she received during multiple séances over the years. As an aside, silk precipitation occurs through Spirit laying down colored writing inks via precipitation onto the blank white silk pieces held at solar plexus chakra by each sitter in total darkness. Images of faces and bodies of Spirit persons and sometimes animals appear on these precious silks.

Our minister further explained that the precipitated cards would come out of their store-bought plastic wrapper and would be shared with all guests to validate their being unmarked and to personally energize them with one’s own energies to be used by Spirit in the precipitation process. Rev. Hoyt would empty his tightly woven “snake basket” of its numerous coloring media (crayons, markers, pens, colored pencils and oil pastels) to show how nothing was inside. Everyone would return their charged card to the front at which point the medium would begin layering the basket like a “lasagna” with a handful of coloring media, then some blank cards, more coloring media, more cards till the basket was full of blank cards and coloring media. The basket lid was put back on top to create a “darkened cabinet” space within which Spirit could work rapidly materializing images and writings upon the cards through precipitation.

Okay, hold up. What the heck?!? Oh, no. This poor minister was clearly scammed! It’s a magic trick! I feel so bad for her!”

Yes, these were the skeptical thoughts running through my very logical scientific mind. I didn’t believe it was possible or real. Plus, my parents and upbringing had taught me to believe such was not possible. Coincidently, my minister told me Rev. Hoyt was in town offering just such a séance soon and I should go. I was unsure but thought I’d sign up to witness and prove to myself it was fake.

It was a Friday that I finished my first sermon writing project and turned it into my minister. She wished me well in my first séance experience with Rev. Hoyt to happen the next day.

I was nervous and very cautious as I showed up to the location. About 25 of us sat down while the medium entered and began his introductions.

I need to share with you my state of mind at this time in my life. I was terribly conflicted both emotionally and spiritually over the fact that I was now attending this metaphysical church with all its psychic and spiritualist teachings which I had fallen in love with. I had found what felt familiar and like home. I was seriously struggling to replace my southern Baptist beliefs with the truth teachings of this new church. I wanted to believe that God was not upset with me but feared I was “dining with the devil” and being mislead. I was heartbroken, confused and ready to walk (well, run!) away from the Metaphysical chapel towards a more traditional and familiar God.

And so back to my séance… The medium handed out blank, small pieces of paper called “billets” – basically “Letters to Spirit” – upon which we wrote three names of loves ones or guides in Spirit we hoped to hear from and one question for Spirit to answer. We charged our billets with our own energies prior to dropping them folded up in a basket. The medium taped his eyes closed and blindfolded his eyes with a night mask and a handkerchief on top of this (some US mediums place a solid silver dollar over their eyes before taping).

How bizarre he looked! I thought to myself, “Clearly the props for a magician!”

And so off he went into his demonstration. He started fumbling through the basket of billets and as he grabbed one and held it up he stated he had begun to hear names being called out to him from the Spirits around him. (Rev. Hoyt is a true clairaudient medium able to hear Spirits speaking to him.) He would share several names in a row and quickly a guest would yell out, “It’s for me! Hi, mom! I love you mom!” Many tears and much laughter would ensue.

I was sure he was somehow looking out from under the three layers of eye coverings tightly applied to read those billets.

Soon I heard him speak about a grandmother from a farm with lots of cattle and she had massive vegetable gardens she loved to work in. He said, “She’s telling me she had a man’s name. Like Sam, Sam, Samm-ie… Sammie.”

I thought, “Oh my God! Is he talking to MY grandmother?”

He said, “She is calling out for Kevin. Who is Kevin here?”

I spoke up with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. A powerful message ensued from her through the medium: “I’m so proud of you! And this new church you’ve found, I like it! I’m learning about mediumship with you.” I was shocked! My grandmother was a very conservative southern Baptist lady and yet she didn’t condemn me and my new church or the mediumship. How odd and how inspiring to me!

Rev. Hoyt then said, “Now, I’m not being cute becase its Christmas time but you have Father Joseph and Mother Mary around you today and they are telling me it’s due to a special project you are working on. Does that make sense?”

I was shocked! No one person at this event knew anything about me. How did he know this!?! I began to shake nervously. I was very uneasy with this strange experience pushing further towards even higher strangeness. How’d he know about my sermon that I had just completed less than 24 hours prior?

He continued sharing a message from these two saintly souls: “They tell me they are very happy with the spiritual path you are now on, this new church and to not be concerned with what others think of your spiritual beliefs. You don’t have to stay there but know that if you do you will be able to help thousands.” Rev. Hoyt said they had a gift for me and they were working on it. It was going to be my Christmas miracle – a likeness of themselves on a card.

I was blown away and in shock. My pressing life issue of staying with or leaving my church had just been transformed. I felt a new and rare state of peace and happiness that had not been in my life for a long time. And to now know that not only did my precious grandmother approve of my new religious and spiritual practices that included healing and mediumship, but Mother Mary and Father Joseph (otherworldly Beacons of Light from my hellish childhood) also approved of such.

As the séance came to a close, the medium’s spirit basket that had sat in front of us all and himself the whole event was opened by two random, first time guests chosen last minute. The cards were removed to find stunningly beautiful card after card interspersed between several untouched blank cards. Every guest received one card. The whole affair took some 45 minutes. Considering there were approximately 25 guests present who each received a precipitated card within that 45 minute time period, one would presume the time needed by Spirit to precipitate each card was approximately two minutes each and this included both the front and back of each card – one minute per side.

This phenomena is often termed in the United States as “Card Writing” (Precipitation) Mediumship and has been around in one form or another since the mid-1900’s in the US. Precipitation is defined as a substance that falls out of solution. Think snow, ash, rain and hail. In regards to this article, the colored media are dematerialized, taken into the ethers by Spirits who then return the colored “matter” and intelligently precipitate such onto the index cards being used by medium. The results are images and writings upon the cards.
Spirit writings are fairly common occurrences even in today’s many physical séances worldwide. Two of several ancient examples of said “spirit writing” precipitation phenomena were the Ten Commandments and also the hand that appeared in King Belshazzar’s temple in Babylon and wrote upon the wall in an unknown tongue.

Being that the phenomena is termed “card writing”, the front of Rev. Hoyt’s cards contain the “writing” that include names of loved ones, guides and teachers in the Spirit world around you in support. One’s own name or initials are even written by Spirit to help identify your own card – how fun! I have experienced Spirit writing my legal family name that I rarely use in public – using it in a joking way such that on one day they’d write it out and the next séance they’d leave it off and replace it with “…” (etc. dots). The backside of Rev. Hoyt’s cards are considered by him as the “bonus side” as it hold an image personally chosen and created by Spirit for the recipient. Often such images are understood and important to the recipient.

I am reminded of my favorite saying by Jesus, “With God all things are possible.” And setting one’s heart towards the intention of such Gift of the Spirit and ability will most certainly manifest in one’s future reality.

And while this phenomena can be fun and entertaining to experience, what matters most is the true transformative and healing potential this form of physical mediumship can have for those who experience it. Imagine being able to take home physical evidence that you are surrounded and totally supported spiritually by your loved ones and Spirit guides. My life was transformed and healed due to this very rare form of mediumship. I am forever indebted to Spirit and will work the rest of this life serving Spirit and sharing the reality of not only the beautiful expressions of the various Gifts of Spirit but the Golden Truth… There is no death; life continues on.


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