Pray For Peace

Unfortunately in the world in which we are part of for this short time, we are taken over by ignorance, vile disposition of false beliefs and anarchy that can only be feeding the evil further in this world and the next.

We label religion as the issues that are causing the atrocities, and yet at the basis of all religion is a kernel of truth and that truth is the ever constant flowing of the divine river which has no beginning and no end. It is divine love, reverence, compassion, non judgment and understanding. We have an evil that permeates our world and causes an inordinate amount of suffering in the name of God. One has to consider the fundamental truth in all of religion is that of love, forgiveness and compassion, and so it is not the religions that are the cause, and nor are they – the effect. It is said that the Devil can show himself as a being of light, that will trick the ignorant into false truth. His thousand years of tyranny has arrived, but where light resides and love is abundant, no evil can exist and no ignorance can infect the hearts of the pure. It is time to pray for peace daily, and let the light of the divine shine. Raise your light as the sword of truth and let it shine where darkness exists. Let there be no more darkness, let only love and light exist in your heart and soul and see with the eyes of the spirit.








Many Blessings From TOSP




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