We Live In Unbalanced Fear cover

We Live In Unbalanced Fear

How aligning with the divine and choosing faith over fear changes everything.

We Live In Unbalanced Fear

How aligning with the divine and choosing faith over fear changes everything.

COVID has caused an imbalance of fear.

There's no doubt that we are living in a time when fear is the banquet of the day. In fact, we are controlled by fear. Ultimately, the fear of SARS COVID-19 and its variants have us all in turmoil. The world is truly entrenched in fear, but what is more frightening is how others are using fear to control how we think, act and feel. The media spreads fear and what we ingest has a detrimental effect on our lives. In this article, I am going to tackle the problem of fear - especially in the time we are living and how we have allowed ourselves to become distant from spirit.

Fear has become a powerful weapon that is wielded to control. We fear the unknown. We fear that what we don't know will hurt us. We are fearful of the future. We fear that our lives will be over if we don't get this right. We fear those in power who tell us what to do, and now we fear something that seems intangible, cannot be seen, yet can take away our lives in a short space of time.

Our lives as we know it have changed from the happy-go-lucky daily activities that we took for granted, to where we are all on guard and almost fearful of living. This is no way to live, for if we continually live in fear, we cannot express our innate divinity.

Run The Gauntlet

It has been quite long since my wife and I came through COVID, and when you are reading this, it will be longer. Let me tell you, it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. It was a rough ride with some frightening phases, but, and I want to amplify this - we had more faith than fear. We knew that we would be looked after by a higher power, that we could heal holistically, and that our time here was not over. We knew that spiritual power and divine authority superseded anything on the material plane. We were unvaccinated and no matter where we turned, we were forced into witnessing perceptions of fear from other sources. It was talked about and played all over the media, and there seemed to be more at stake than people and lives.

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Fight the Fire

So, on the first signs that we had COVID, our immediate reaction was not to turn to the media. We turned to the power of divinity and began a period of daily prayer, meditation, sitting in the sun and natural nutrition, including vitamins. We had some Ivermectin, which is an antiparasitic drug used on humans and in veterinary practice since the 1980s to eradicate river blindness and other parasitic issues. Some studies of Ivermectin can shorten the symptoms of COVID dramatically and reduce mortality when used properly.

However, we did not feel we should take that unless absolutely necessary. Those 3 mg tablets sit in my box unopened and unused. As a consequence, I am not supporting or suggesting that you should follow what we chose, because the medical community does have merit and is here as part of the divine plan. However, like all life, we have a yin and yang and the medical community is no different. Nevertheless, we got over the illness fairly quickly in comparison to many others, and we put that down to our faith over fear.

How Fear Affects You

The reality is that fear can be broken down into 'False Emotions Appearing Real'; or maybe look at the yin and yang of fear and change it to 'Fail, Excel, Accelerate, Rejoice'. How you perceive things evokes emotions, either positive or negative and, as we know, fear can cause both, with most outcomes resulting in a negative expression of the fear energy.

We all have our fears and there is nothing wrong with that, but when you choose to live in fear, then you are not living in the present moment. You are living in the past or the future. Fear can be defined as feelings of apprehension and dread, often accompanied by feelings of impending danger and strong emotions. Fear can be physical (e.g., the fear of heights) or emotional (e.g., the fear of flying) but fear can also be the catalyst for the physical manifestation of disease, which is, of course, is an imbalance of emotions: DIS-EASE.

Living in a state of fear will ultimately put certain divine laws into play and, as with the law of attraction, you will attract what you give out or where you place your subconscious focus.

Living In Fear!

Living in a constant state of fear is more dangerous than the problem. In fact, what we do is cause ourselves to suffer more. We need to learn to have more faith in our divine power and our relationship to the divine to allow ourselves to fully surrender.

A student of mine is a nurse (Selina), and we recently discussed this aspect of the great lie we tell ourselves. I asked her how she felt and how she saw that life in the now was revolving around fear, and how fear governed her work in the hospital. This is what she told me :

“Because I understand those living in fear are listening to inaccurate information released by the media such as the news. Closely related to fear, is control. I have seen many nurses being forced to get the vaccine because of fear in which they could potentially lose their job. The government mandated this and many people got vaccinated in order to work, including myself. I also want to add that because I was forced to do so, it makes me wonder whether I live in a nation that promotes freedom, or rather - control? About a month later, government officials stated that healthcare workers no longer needed to get their vaccine. How confusing is that? Firstly, the rule was that in order for me to work as a nurse I had to get the vaccine, but then suddenly this rule was reversed and no longer a regulation. The way I see it, I did what I had to do in order to serve others, with the hope that one day justice would be served.

From an ethical perspective, how unethical it is to force someone to do something they don’t want to do? In fact, I recall one of the fundamentals of nursing is that the person has a right to choice. This made me question whether we are practicing what we’re preaching.”

Media Drives Fear

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Media is driven by fear and makes money from fear. Fear, in turn, manipulates us and causes division on multiple levels. There is a great unbalance going on - little positivism but more negativity that is fueled by hidden agendas. Listen to the news, and you will find it is all negative, especially when it comes down to propaganda with a hidden agenda. We ingest negativity from the media and then our expectations become aligned with the media agenda. Instead, we need to align with the divine. So often, we put faith in the material world and fail to recognize who we are and our divine power. This means our expectations become aligned with fear too.

If we expect nothing good to happen, then what happens? We get what we expect because our expectations are aligned with fear. The media has become so powerful that it has the ability to create fear, uncertainty, doubt and panic in the minds of people at will. In fact, I believe that the media is one of the most powerful institutions in the world, wielding power to control rather than serve. They are not only creating fear, but also controlling the minds of the public. This is why the media is the most powerful weapon of the elite. Rather like an evil spirit, it needs to feed on fear and promote fear to thrive and increase its influence and power.

Remember you are a divine being, and you have divine power at your disposal.

One of the greatest lies that we tell ourselves is that we are only human. We must remember that we are created by the very essence of creation, in the image and likeness of the divine essence. We forget that we have the power of divinity and authority to turn to, not only when we need it, but at all times. This enables us to truly live the expression of divinity.

In forgetting our divine power, we blindly succumb to fear and live in the prisons of our minds that we have erected through our perception of fear and fear expressed by others.

We live in the prison of our own minds and the prisons of other minds fueled by external perception. We must break out of these prisons and free ourselves. We must remember that we are divine spirits, and we are divinely powerful with the innate power that exists in the universe. Remember you are divine, and you have that divine power at your disposal. It is like a sword you yield with immense power. Moreover, you can be a divine authority for those around you, because you have the power to be that divine authority, regardless of what may come up. In what we may perceive as negative, are hidden blessings and opportunities for growth. But it takes discernment to become aware of the divine power in action.

Divine Connection and New Beginnings

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So let's jump back to how we deal with this negativity and fear that has unleashed evil upon the world, that was, and is, created by man - the media machine. I mentioned that when we got infected, we looked toward what we knew best and put our divinity above all else. Again, I must reiterate that we do not say this is right or wrong, but it was right for us, because that is who we know we are. I use the word ‘know’ deliberately. I had contemplated so much on what is going on, and the discernment of not only the virus but also hidden agendas and perhaps negative intelligences. Trying to understand how we can learn from this and start life anew. We have to ask ourselves if we are in a state of imbalance caused by fear and how can we call upon our divine power. We need to trust in spirit to help us develop the fortitude to not succumb to fears born of man’s ignorance.

Surrender Fear and Develop Stronger Faith

Aside from not ingesting too many media demons, and being controlled by other fears and perceptions, one of the greatest things we can do to help ourselves is to surrender fear to a higher power. In doing this, we set in motion the following:

To know is divine and if we come to know, we develop an awareness of who we truly are and how we are able to call upon the divine power that animates all life. Ask yourself if you would rather live in peace and harmony or live in fear, thus creating your own suffering.

Make the decision now, to not live your life in fear, for it will eventually become your demise. Choose the power you have within, the divine authority that gives you dominion over all. Know that life is a miracle you are given. Confront fear and make its power insignificant in your life. Refuse to live by its rules. Start your life anew. This is your choice in 2022.

If you are fearful, and need an extra piece of guidance, write to me at media@jockbrocas.com and I will send you access to some tools and prayers to help you surrender all your fears and live in the power of the divine within.