Eleven Years of Deep Wisdom From A Past Life

Eleven Years of Deep Wisdom From A Past Life

I have an 11-year-old son with special needs and immense wisdom from a past life. My post will be very long because he has told me much lately, and I wanted to share it with people who may understand him... I don't, nor have I ever believed in anything like this, but he explains it so casually:

Brandon has always been a quirky kid, atypical from boys his age in the sense that he's not interested in sports or cars and has what I've always referred to as an old soul.

When he was around five years old, he told me about his past life and how he died in a "jet crash." I smiled and laughed it off as to his being creative, although he's always had an almost positive attitude about death being just the beginning.

Today we had a heart-to-heart, he is now going on twelve years of age, and he gave me his thoughts on death. To my surprise, he instantly brought up the jet crash from his past life, insisting that he lost control of the engine, nosedived into the ocean, the force of the impact killed him, and the far left engine and gas tank burst.

He said it was not scary at all once he was dead, that it was about thirty seconds of darkness, that time goes by very, very fast, a past relative comes and talks to you, but you can't remember what they say, and then you see the light... but the light is actually when you first open your eyes being born again.

His final words to me on this subject were: "if you seriously remember how you died, you need to tell me because no one will believe you, and it's possibly because everyone is stuck in a time paradox, and it makes you special because you can remember your previous life, and might know how you'll die in this life." He insists he will die in an air crash again in this life, saying he will have to go do a report.

Past Life Wisdom From The Otherside

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I picked Brandon's brain for hours tonight, wish I would have taken notes. He is so sure of many things and kept saying how life is a "time paradox," it can never make sense unless you remember your previous experiences.

When I asked him why children suffer from disease and die early, he said, "it's more simple than you think." We grow and learn from them, they die and are then reborn, and in their next paradox, they are disease free.

When I asked him about tragic accidents, like car crashes, fires, or drownings, he said "Simple, again." It's destiny. It was meant to be in this paradox depending on decisions in your past lives."

But as a seeker of justice myself, I had to ask him about murderers, the worst of the worst evil beings. Surely they rot in hell amongst the devil for eternity?? No, not at all. Brandon says there actually is no devil and "the entity" is "eternal peace," but will teach you a lesson in your next life to help you learn.

The soul of an evil person will be reborn into a very good, innocent person in the next life. For example, the soul of an evil man may be reborn into an innocent girl. Something brutal will happen to her, and when she dies, the soul will have experienced what it had inflicted in the lifetime before.

The lesson will be learned, and the soul will be reborn as a better person.

He said in the 30 seconds of death's darkness and meeting with the relative and entity, years and years actually pass by in Earth's time, until you are reborn and reconnect with the same souls from your past lives, because "we are here to help each other figure it out."

I couldn't help but feel a bit sad because this is all against what I believed at his age. I asked him about my grandma Diane, how she always prayed to the Virgin Mary, and wouldn't she be disappointed if she didn't exist? Brandon laughed and said, "she does exist. They all exist. Every religion is really talking about the same entity."

He says the entity is very kind and shows you your entire life very quickly, and you judge yourself. "If you show remorse, it shows remorse." He also claims that before you can even learn to speak, you know all the languages in the world, and as you grow, you forget. This is why children learn a foreign language easier than adults.

He says he likes to research these things because of his jet crash when he was in the air Force, and that research is just theory... But that all the research can never compare to what he KNOWS from his experience.

And for all you pet lovers, he says that our religion says animals don't have souls, but that is totally wrong. Your pets get reborn too, and you meet again in your next time paradox. Finally, in regard to "God," Brandon says to think of him as the "Father of all time." He resets it over and over, so you keep on living."