divine law

Divine Law Is Perfect In Operation

Divine Laws are Perfect In Operation and You Cannot Escape them or change them!

Divine Law Is Perfect In Operation

Divine Laws are Perfect In Operation and You Cannot Escape them or change them!

Many laws exist that govern us. We have man’s law, the laws of physics and scientific laws such as the law of gravity and laws of the state, laws of the organization, religious law and so forth. All laws have been developed as a method of control and to conduct behavior, and are, of course, designed to create structure from chaos. Laws are all about governing and there’s no greater quote that explains this concept than from the Swiss philosopher ‘Jean Jacques Rousseau’ who argued in 1762 that

people are born free and must willingly give legitimate authority to the government through a "social contract" for mutual preservation.

At this moment in time, we as a people have never felt so incarcerated as man dictates what he feels is right and just - he is controlling based on perception.

A Divine Law That Supersedes All Of Man’s Laws That Are Governed By Perception

divine law

However, there’s one set of laws that governs all of humanity, nature and creation. They are known as our Divine Law. As an example, allow me to relay a story that might explain how Divine Law operates above and beyond all of man’s laws and to which man has no power to change.

She Confirmed Her Soul’s Path That Was Governed By Divine Law

Katherine* was a devoted wife and mother, until she was stricken by cancer that eventually caused her to pass to the world of spirit. Her husband, Michael*, who is now my closest friend, was guided to me by events that were outside the norm of operations governed by man. One of the greatest conundrums of Katherine’s journey through her illness and subsequent passing, was that if this journey was indeed chosen by her for a greater purpose, was it meant to be, and why did she suffer in the way that she did? Could anything have prevented that path that Laura went down?

For Michael, this was a question that needed some confirmation. He had always felt this was a course that Katherine had chosen, but confirmation would require substantial evidence in order to be accepted. Anyone can offer a judgment or perception based on one's ego or own perceptions whether they are false or true to them, but only evidence from the person who chose their path would be sufficient enough to go some way to offering an explanation.

He Would Have Given Anything To Have Changed It!

Michael would have done anything he could at the time to change the outcome of the journey. His wife was suffering and if he could have changed places, he would. Prayer to change the outcome, prayer to heal, or anything that could have reversed the path she was on, he would have done, and given. The suffering for all members of the family was absolutely overwhelming.

At the time, Michael could not see the greater picture, and Katherine, confined to the consciousness of this earth plane, would not have seen that picture or known how it would impact things forever more. Anyone in Michael’s position would do anything they could to change what was transpiring at that moment. These situations are reminiscent of the story of Jesus in accordance with divine will and Divine Law as exemplified during the agony in the garden, when Jesus had to succumb to what was inevitably governed by will and Divine Law.

There Was No Change

No matter what Michael or Katherine wanted, it could not be changed. Why? Well, the soul is governed by Divine Law and also knows what it needs for growth, what it needs for service or what it has chosen as its path for whatever divine reasoning it has. Yet, we who exist on this plane may not have the knowledge or understanding of the different needs of the soul, which may not be in accordance with what we desire or want as human beings. Though the connection is there, the perception can be different.

Katherine Confirms Her Path

Katherine finally came through during a mediumship sitting with a complex yet important piece of evidence that confirmed her path was chosen at the soul level and that no man-made law or human desire could have prevented the inevitable. She had to convey to her husband that the words in a song he resonated with were understood, and why that song meant so much to Michael in terms of the love they had, the journey they went through together as one.

This was achieved by leading evidence in a pattern and, toward the end of the sitting, conveying her understanding of that song which had important words and meanings that were known only to Michael. In fact, she did not know of the song when she existed on this side of life. This demonstrated that she was aware of the wording, the music and why Michael made the connection to that particular song. Therefore, she confirmed that her path had a higher authority that was not able to be changed due to the service and the lessons it offered to foster growth and change in the lives of others.

This example shows that no matter what we desire, or what we want for our own gratification, no matter how we plead or demand change of outcomes or ask for the cup to be passed as in the case of the garden at Gethsemane, Divine Law is perfect in its operation and no perception or power of man can change these laws.

What Is Divine Law

Divine Law governs all of creation and comes from the mind of God or Source, no matter how you label your perception. We only exist because of Divine Law and without it, no life or nature would be possible. Consequently, Divine Law is often misunderstood. Man has created a perception of Divine Law that actually does not adhere to what real Divine Law is, or how it operates.

When one starts to talk about Divine Law, religion immediately comes to mind as if these laws are only understood by religious beliefs and practice. However, that could not be further from the truth. Religion is man-made and therefore not the source of Divine Law. However, certain laws will exist within the religious perception but only from the reality of hidden truths that exist within all religious beliefs, such as the Divine Law of Love that exists within the basis of all religious belief.

Misconception Of Law To Suit the Ego

Many individuals, spiritual teachers and organizations will almost color what they perceive as a Divine Law to suit them or to suit the need of the EGO. One such example would be the belief in Reincarnation as being a Divine Law. If we look deeply into this, and learn from the wisdom of those gone before us and from explanations we have received from the other side of life, we would see that Reincarnation is a choice and not a law. There is no necessity governed by any other need that says it is an inevitable law that we all must adhere.

We have a choice whether to reincarnate or not. That choice is given to us by free will, which is another law that is perfect in its operation and allows us to make the choice to reincarnate or not - hence the Law of Free Will allows us to choose between the action of Reincarnation.

divine law

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A Divine Law Is Harmonious And Needs Other Laws To Operate

There is a grave misjudgement which perceives Divine Laws as being separate laws that operate only within their individual purpose or remit. But let’s consider something within two of these Divine Laws. Let’s look at the following;

Each of these laws actually work in harmony with one another and therefore the Law of Harmonic Resonance comes into play with both of these laws. Nevertheless, to make it easier to understand, we will only use the example of these two laws to exemplify how one is reliant on the other.

I fully understand that we could sub-divide even more into other laws of the universe, but we must begin somewhere and sow that seed from which we can grow. Therefore, we now have a nice segway into understanding the Law of Karma, which can be thought of in terms of cause and effect - again comprising another Divine Law. Furthermore, we can understand the Law of Karma more simply in layman’s terms i.e. ‘What you give out you get back’ or you ‘Reap what you sow’. So how does this correspond with another law that is in harmonious resonance - the Law of Responsibility?


The Law of Responsibility is perceived as a law that makes you responsible for all that you are, all that you think, all that you perceive or believe, all that you act upon and all that you say. In essence, you are wholly responsible for every aspect of you, down to mind, body and soul. Therefore, what you choose under free will to think or act upon is your responsibility and no one else can be held responsible for the choices you make or express as a Divine Being.

As a consequence, if you choose unwisely and do something that perhaps goes against other laws, you will have to pay a karmic price for the choices you make. As you are responsible for your choices and how you act upon those choices, which are governed by free will, the consequences of those actions will actually have a karmic effect. The truth is that each law in this example is working in harmony with the other laws and one cannot exist without the other.

Destiny Is Not Purpose

Let’s go back to Katherine and Michael. Purpose is not destiny and your purpose changes in accordance with the choices you make that are based on the journey. But inevitably, each chosen purpose leads to the one destiny which is what you chose before you incarnated upon the earthplane

The choices Katherine made, impacted upon her purpose at each stage in her life; her purpose as a wife and her purpose as a mother, yet her destiny was on the same path as her purposes which could not be changed, even though purposes change based on the choices you make. You can choose different paths which have different purposes, but your destiny remains that constant truth. Each law that governs our destiny is that which is in harmony with Divine Will and, therefore, Divine Law.

No matter what Michael wanted at the time when all the events were taking place, it could not change Katherine’s destiny and how those Divine Laws were operating. When Katherine came through during the mediumship sitting and confirmed her destiny was to be of greater service, it brought a level of comfort to understand how Divine Law and Divine Will operate and govern our lives from every moment.

Awareness Of Divine Law

Awareness of Divine Law goes beyond perception or theory. It is something that requires discernment to be able to understand the resonance within each governing law and how that law is in correspondence to another. This also means that one with awareness of this deeper level of understanding about not just the law, but its operation, relationship and mechanics, will have to be more aware of how it operates within one's life. One who is ignorant of such laws or who has no understanding, will not experience the impact as much as the discerning individual who understands that law, for the impact of such laws will be meted out with more impact. Consequently, one who has spiritual awareness of Divine Laws can in fact suffer more because these laws govern this earth plane and impact the soul’s growth.

divine law

It is therefore important that one has awareness of Divine Law in operation within the universe and of course one's life. By understanding the governance of Divine Law, we can learn to live in harmony with ourselves, with others and of course with nature. Divine Law supersedes all other laws made by man’s perception and of course ignorance and man’s perception cannot change the operation of Divine Law.

* Real names not used