A World in Chaos - Divine Law or Nefarious Intelligence?

A World in Chaos - Divine Law or Nefarious Intelligence?

A World in Chaos - Divine Law or Nefarious Intelligence?

The world has been held in the grip of a pandemic that has affected every human being and life as we know it. We have become prisoners of humankind’s choices and the Law of Karma is now in operation. Mother nature has responded in accordance with divine law, not as retribution for our actions, but in response to the Laws of the universe.

Ask yourself, do you feel free? Are you tasting the freedom that we have fought so many wars for? Whilst teardrops fall and emotions build within, we watch as lives are lost and are told to keep our distance from one another. We look for someone to blame, but who or what? And what does this mean for us as sentient beings, what lessons are there to be had?

It is said that “there is a blessing in every darkness if only one can find it.” What has happened, without going into the realms of political statements, beliefs or new age theories, is that humankind, through ignorance of divine law, has sparked that law into operation based on humankind’s choices.

Divine Law is perfect in its operation. It exists so that we exist, for without divine law, the universe would be in chaos and we would not exist. The very breath we take for granted only animates us because of the divine power behind us, within us, and through us. We seem to forget the reality that we are only here because of divine law. However, the laws of the universe are vast and for every law, there is a cause and effect. For every cause, there is an equal and opposite effect. is perfect in its operation. It exists so that we exist, for without divine law, the universe would be in chaos and we would not exist. The very breath we take for granted only animates us because of the divine power behind us, within us, and through us. We seem to forget the reality that we are only here because of divine law. However, the laws of the universe are vast and for every law, there is a cause and effect. For every cause, there is an equal and opposite effect.

Some individuals live their life based on competition, ignorance, and the desire for power and control; is that divine? No! This could, of course, be fuelled by negative intelligence and that hypothesis will be discussed later. Nevertheless, we humans also go through many gauntlets and lessons until we awaken and whether or not this is through choice, destiny, or karmic law, the lessons bring us to the place we need to be for the purpose of growth.

The Law Of Karma

One particular law that we all face is the law of Karma, a Sanskrit word that primarily means action. It can be thought of in layman’s terms by understanding that what you give out, you get back, whether in thought, speech or deed. It is a perfect law in operation and all debts must be paid. An easier way to think of it is this:

Each reaction can be either good or bad depending upon the action you have taken to cause the reaction. In scientific thought, it can be likened to Newton’s law of gravity.

divine law

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Negative Intelligence

So what happens if we upset that balance of divine law and karma? Let’s think of divine law as a railway track and Karma as the effect of the action. The railway track is in perfect alignment and upon that alignment, the train travels to its destination as intended in a safe and effective way. As the train travels on the rails, it is held safe and its force is in perfect alignment with divine law.

Let’s consider for a moment that a person makes a decision, whether by their own volition or influence, to pull the track lever and change the direction of that train. Instead of carrying on its intended journey, man intervenes by his own free will and changes it by pulling on a lever that was not meant to be touched. The destination of the train’s intended journey is changed by a person’s free will and no knowledge of where the train will be diverted to. By sending the train on a different path, Karma responds because that action was not meant for that train. Diverted onto a new path, the train now travels on an unfinished train line, heading for impending disaster based on a person’s choice.

Obviously, the universe can respond and divine law can intervene and bring back balance by further changing the path upon activation of a new lever, but for this example, the person’s choice has sent the train to its disastrous end. The intervention comes later, as we will see. Furthermore, one can also consider that the person could have been influenced by a negative, malevolent intelligence to pull on that lever and spark a spiraling disaster, demonstrating the influence of a weak will being overridden by the will of malevolence.

The picture that has been painted, hopefully in your clairvoyant vision, is that this may have been the same scenario with the global pandemic, and of course, divine law, which is perfect in operation and acts according to divine law, responding in harmony.

It is not without the realms of possibility that a nefarious, intelligent being caused the issue by using its negative influence to destroy that which is divine in nature, in complete opposition to the divine plan. However, part of that nefarious plan also gave rise to the greatest power in the universe that is the driving force of all that exists - Love - the power that transmutes darkness to light.

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Spirit Force Governance

One must consider that all of life and spirit exist under divine law and even a nefarious intelligence or being is still governed by that divine law. Contrary to widespread opinion, evil intelligence does not have a full capacity for unrestricted free will; divine law restricts that free will according to the divine will. If we consider the role or modus operandi of the demonic forces, you will become aware of the restrictions placed upon intelligence that is governed by divine law. A demon cannot kill of its own will under divine law, but it can influence to kill, therefore there is a restriction placed upon the will of the demon.

It is the same for us. Our free will is limited in accordance with divine law. We must always remember the law of cause and effect, even from a malevolent intelligence that is governed by divine law. As a consequence, Mother nature responds to that law in accordance with the will of the divine.

What we are witnessing in the world is divine law and karma in operation. Through the free will choice that has been made or influenced, we are seeing divine law play out before our very eyes. This is not humankind’s law and humankind has no power against it and it cannot be changed by humankind’s will. It is divine will and we only exist on this plane because of the divine will.

Divine law has brought us light and lessons which have ignited our divine inner power that may have been forgotten. Divine power lies within and we are now in the phase of remembering and reigniting our awareness of divine law.

Divine Lessons During And Post Pandemic

During this time of darkness, although we are witness to heinous events that have taken lives and sent us down that track of disaster, the deep spark of divinity has been ignited and dramatic healing of the world has been taking place because of divine law reacting in accordance with its source.

The power of love has also been ignited within us through divine influence - and people are coming to the awareness that there is, indeed, more. There is a governing law that is perfect in its operation and intervention. We can see, if we look deeper, that mother nature has begun to heal her world. From the reduction of polluted, negative energy, and impacts caused by humans through the need for power, mother nature springs life anew. The air has become fragrant with the flowers of life, the waters, once dark, respond with clarity and life; nature finds new places to roam and grow that once held her back. It is the coming of Eden.

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We Find The Divine

Families are coming together, estranged sisters, brothers, and friends are reaching out to each other, reconnected by love - the divine connection within us all. The power of love brings less division and more unity and we are bound by the unending power of love that exists within us all.

The intelligence that harshly influenced humanity is now losing ground as divine law responds and karma is paid. However, it is our choice to continue on this new path to healing and allow divinity to run its course in our lives and in our world. We can pay for what we have done in service to humanity and be influenced by the divine power that animates us. This is divine intervention influencing us by the witness of divine law in perfect operation. It is like a second chance to awaken to divinity.

Clearing The Karma

From the Karma that we have found ourselves in, we need to find a way out; a way to pay back the debt we owe by the choices made by humans. It can be done but takes awareness and action. Paramahansa Yogananda stated that we can clear our Karma by the awareness of our actions. This is clearly evident from his statement:

The effects of your actions have much less power to hurt you when you do not allow the mind to give in to them. Remember that. You can also resist by counteracting the bad effects of past wrong actions with good effects set in motion by present right actions, thus preventing the creation of an environment favorable to the fruition of your bad karma.

We now need to give of ourselves in unconditional service and take action to help pay back that karmic debt. We can then begin to pay it back and forward with our good deeds, therefore bringing divine harmony into alignment once more. However, it is our choice to continue on the path to renewal now that we have been awoken by divine law in operation.

The Future As We Know It

We are currently faced with a free will choice - to face our Karma and make the right decisions based on what is in accordance with divine will and harmony. Our leaders have no power over us when we accept the divine will and they have no power over the divine will to fulfill their own desires.

Our connection to love without condition is what will overcome the karmic actions of humankind that has gone against divine law. We have the choice to bear witness to the power that is often forgotten. It is time to remember, a time to turn to prayer from our souls and to continue on the train journey we began upon our inception into life.

A prayer is useless without divine law and is merely words without power and divine action. One must be in harmony with spiritual law in order to make prayer the action that brings forth good karma in service.” - Jock Brocas

No matter how this pandemic was ignited or how it has affected us, we are all under the governance of divine law, and it is up to us to find the power of divine awareness within. Judgment, hatred, and unbalanced desires must be laid aside to allow the power of love, forgiveness, and compassion to work in harmony with divine law.

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