Opening Your Mind and Your Heart

It is often said that you have to open your heart to be able to truly feel and to discern, and what may seem to be the vision in front of you in the material world is very often the lie that you are being shown. In life we have choices and through our free will, we can choose which path we wish to embark upon. Many perceptions are not the truth or the reality but because we perceive it through ego, and materialistic views – we may choose it.

Opening your heart means going beyond that which you may perceive as truth. The heart knows only truth, and I do not talk about the physical organ, but of something far greater – something that is connected with higher consciousness and what you may understand as mind. Learning to understand the power of the heart and mind through the divine energy of love, will open so much more to you as you travel on your journey.

Things which you are told or taught may not feel right within your heart. Underlying motivations based on non heart centered energies can bend the light of truth, but this is based on mere perceptions. Working with your heart energy and blending heart and mind as one allows you to transcend that which is based on other perceptions or fear or differing motivations. You are allowing your higher-self to bloom like a lily on a still pond. Follow your heart and live with love and compassion in everything you do. Live, Love don’t Feign Love.


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