Of Planes and Doorkeepers

Door Keepers

One of the things I puzzle about from time to time is about the levels in the Etheric World. We are told that there are seven planes of existence and if we are lucky on our passing we will be on level three.

I accept that as far as it goes but I do have an enquiring nature. I have not been told this from spirit so this is entirely me and my thoughts on the subject.

We know that the Etheric World is infinite in nature and that as we progress spiritually we will gravitate to a plane of a finer vibration each time. Now I am thinking that if it is infinite, why then could not the next world be seven planes within seven planes? This, actually, could go on ad infinitum. Perhaps some information from the afterlife may eventually come through to verify this, or not as the case may be.

I have also pondered at times, on the prevalence of guides being Native American. Everyone seems to be a chief and has a flowing headdress. Not the sage Silver Birch, I must say here. Also more maybe in previous years they used to talk about angels. There is even a book of angels by a Native American guide!

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Why would they talk about angels when the angel myth was created by early Christians? Could it possibly be that they had to speak in the past according to the level of understanding of the sitters? In a way that does make some sense as in the early decades of the last century practically everyone in this country spoke and thought in Christian terms. So with that in mind perhaps these guides, who were very wise indeed, had to alter their explanations accordingly?

I am not casting aspersions on the veracity of these guides as indeed, they had a vital message for us, and they still do but I think in some way in every age they have to temper their words so they can be easily understood. It would be pointless for a guide to speak, say to me about something that was beyond my understanding as I would not be able to accept it. So not just in the past but even today that rings true.

Today we are finding out more and more about our past and indeed about all religions, and it seems with this in mind, the guides are opening up more with what they tell us.

Now, many years ago Ken Pretty coined the term Doorkeeper (DK). The common term up to that time was Guardian Angel. You can see from my previous comments why this was not an appropriate title especially from a Native American Guide.

This term DK is so apt and most of us know it and use it today and it really does the job better than Guardian Angel. So we have Ken to thank for this.

In truth, you will only have one true guide and that is the DK. All others will join you as helpers or indeed healers. Some may stay but some may only have a particular task to do with you and when that is done they will move on.

I was told many years ago by my dear friend in spirit that there is only one truth, but we can only reveal parts of it as and when we are ready to receive it.




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