The Real Reason why Personal Development is Crucial in Mediumship

The Real Reason why Personal Development is Crucial in Mediumship

Mary-Anne Kennedy tells us why personal development is neccessary.
I Walk In Two Time Periods

I Walk In Two Time Periods

Of the 252 Old Testament translators, most were uneducated in the Gifts of the Spirit. They ignored Saint Paul’s directive to understand psychic science. Are these translators trying to disguise the fact that one could ask a question and receive an answer from Spirit?
deadly departed review

Deadly Departed Review By Roy Stemman

Jock Brocas, author of the newly-published Deadly Departed – great title! – is one of the founders of the American Society for Standards in...
rochester square spiritualist temple

Sir Arthur Conan Doyles’ Church Facing Destruction

The foundation of Spiritualism is to provide evidence of life after death, and the belief in the continuation of life after the shedding of...
physical mediumship

A Bold Physical Move

There is no doubt that physical mediumship has suffered over the last few months due to the events that caused doubt and discredit within...
Einsteins Theory Proved

Einsteins Theory Proven Correct

Science has finally claimed they have detected gravitational waves in space, which is the theory of relativity that einstein predicted over a century ago.This...
The Moses Effect

The Moses Effect

Moses Could See - Why Can't We? Think back to the Biblical story of Moses on Mount Sinai, when he went up the mountain to...

Top 5 Spiritual Networks

Spiritual Networks and Spiritual NetworkingPublic domain image from PixabayImage courtesy of Stock.xchng You would be forgiven for thinking that a spiritual network would be a...
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