New NDE Research Reveals God Experience

New research carried out by the Experience Foundation has revealed the occurring theme of a “deep and unconditional love” within the majority of all near death experiences. This data was compiled from a mass amount of reports of people who have experienced these paranormal episodes.

Dr. Jeffrey Long stated “I was struck by the remarkable consistency,” noting the experience could not be explained by preexisting cultural or religious beliefs.

“They represented a wide spectrum of those from various faith traditions or no faith at all.”

His research is detailed in his new book God and The Afterlife, which is sure to answer many questions about these experiences and the messages that are contained. During his research, the responses had a similar thread running through all of them such as;

“No human can ever love with the love I felt in that light. It is all-consuming, all-forgiving. Nothing matches it. It is like the day you looked into the eyes of your child for the first time magnified a million times. It’s indescribable.”

“I came to realize that God is more loving and caring than I could ever imagine.”

“The entire encounter was about God, the ultimate power of God, and God’s forgiveness. The message was, ‘Love is the greatest power in the universe.’ ”

“This love was unique. I felt completely safe; nothing bad could happen. I was no longer in pain, and all my worries and fears were left behind with my body. Not many can get even the slightest idea of what this love is like.”

One word of warning, though. When you consider these themes have similar threads. It is often difficult to measure the or confirm the experience with real evidence. This is a great difficulty when it comes to the experience. After so many blockbuster books, films, and other media that have pushed the ideas of the near death experience, it does create somewhat of a conundrum.

What is to stop anyone creating their cover story of an NDE.

A Call For More NDE Research Compiling Evidence

There is clearly a need for more research into this field, but it is difficult to verify a real experience. How does one qualify that experience when it is personal? The need for science to know is understood, but there is also a deep need within the spiritual and spiritualists community to understand the deeper aspects of the afterlife and the experiential claims of those within this field.

In the great scheme of things, perhaps the other side would be able to help in this regard, knowing the need we have for this research, they could intervene. Consider the near death experience of the blockbuster movie and book of the “Little Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.” Alex Markey admitted to faking his story, one which resulted in a book deal and blockbuster movie.

In an open letter to Pulpit and Pen website published – Alex wrote succinctly: “I did not die. I did not go to Heaven.” The publishers then removed the book from print.

This is just one Example of how easy it could be faked. Then there is the recent case of Lamar Odom, who faked near death to win Khloe Kardashian back.

However, there are other near death experiences that do have some revealing lessons, and one can only be mesmerized by the sheer power of those words that craft the lessons, which are clearly from beyond. There is a deep knowing this is real because of the energy of the power behind the words and the voice. However, this again is no proof, and science finds it difficult to accept near death experiences as something that can be verified easily.

Until the time that other breakthroughs happen, and we have more of a basis of proof or validation, perhaps we must just learn to use our inbuilt scientific measuring tool – Intuition. If the lessons resonate, then so be it, and we take what we wish and discard what does not resonate. There comes a time when breakthroughs happen, and as science and spirituality become more entwined – the breakthrough, we hope will be soon.

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