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New Beginnings – Let’s Awaken Peace

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Happy new year to everyone, it has certainly been a year with mixed blessings and a year with so many struggles and negativity. However, the clocks have been reset and we are beginning a new year, and we have the choice to make it the best year yet. Everyone wants peace and love in their lives, but often we are the cause of our own failures and demise. Nevertheless, we are now at that point where we have a choice to turn the corner of positivity to the live of peace and happiness we all desire. Let’s look at why we cause our issues and what we can do to rectify them and become more of who we really are.

Not with standing the atrocities that have happened throughout the world, such as terror and wars – we should never witness. We must remember that we do not own this planet, this place we call earth. It is wholly owned by our divine creator and we are merely guardians for a short time.

All of us are interconnected and rather than creating division we should be joining together for a greater goal and to move forward together in peace and happiness as we learn the lessons that help us evolve spiritually. There is enough turmoil in this world without bringing it on our own doorstep. You can’t preach spirituality and the power of the divine if you can’t act it or live it within your thoughts, speech and action. We must learn that we do not have the right to judge except the judgment of our own lives. Opinions are merely that, just an opinion and those are personal to ourselves. We are no better than one who commits a negative act if we hide behind the persona of spirituality and can’t live it. Nothing changes with an opinion. Judgments only bring destructive forces, which push us back in our development.

Something Comes From Nothing – Nothing Does Not Exist

The greatest inventions and technology of our time came from nothing; all organizations come from nothing, but nothing is something, as the divine is the creator and the giver of the power of thought which gives birth to something that is considered nothing. In this respect, everything that surrounds us – materially, physically, spiritually and emotionally are all thoughts. One thought can start a wonderful chain reaction that gives birth to something that becomes a creating force of positivity that changes lives, brings peace or helps us evolve. It takes the power of divine intelligence to inspire someone to build something from what seems to be nothing. If you are involved with an organization, a company, a group, a movement, then all of these are equal – all have come from a mere thought or desire to evolve, grow or serve. Why then would we wish to make a judgment on nothing, because we are all nothing without the divine. It is better to walk your own path and to touch hearts and souls upon our journey than to waste time with frivolous perceptions, opinions, and judgments.

Strive For Peace – Bring The Spirit Back

Man is forever searching for peace and peace evades man because of the negativity which he ultimately brings upon himself. One negative energy is just as destructive as the greatest evil against humanity, because, this energy attracts the other and so as like attracts like, negativity grows like a cancer that you have caused. In order to seriously bring harmony and peace, then one must take action to be the epitome of harmonious resonance in all aspects of one’s life.

Speak With Only Love

Be mindful of your speech, you can be the seed that sows itself in a beautiful orchard and with loving speech, you will only bear wonderful fruit. With hateful and spiteful speech, you will only bear weeds that will not feed the soul or quench your thirst.

Think With Only Love

Your mind is also the creating force, you are a visual person and a person with free will to use your mind. If you think negative things against your fellow man or you think negatively about your life, then you are watering the garden with only that which you are giving. Become aware of your thoughts, if you want to be spiritual and you want to get closer with the divine then take loving action with your thoughts. Think only love, because thinking bad is just as bad as doing bad, you have the choice to think only love about every aspect of your lives and others, you paint your own canvas. Nothing will change unless you make a positive change in you.

Write With Love

With the advent of social media in our lives, many have taken to the digital pen, being able to spread hate and yet try to preach love. Again, nothing will change for the better if you don’t change for the better. What good do you do by writing with hateful speech or making judgments based on mixed perception. Your life should not dictate another. If you wish to make a difference, then pick up the chalice and take a drink from reality.

Give With Love

Giving unconditionally is the best way that we can be of service and this does not have to be material. You can choose to give love, you can choose to give compassion, you can choose to give service, but all must be done from love. Many give with an underlying condition or a hidden agenda. That is fooling no one but yourself. The greatest spiritual leaders of our time have always given love without condition and surely in wanting to feel peace, you must wish to give peace. Acorns can grow into wonderful trees, but you have to plant the accorn first, for without that first act, you have nothing but empty soil.

Share With Love

As children, we are taught the values of sharing, how wonderful it makes you feel to share with others. Whether you share knowledge, food, money or anything else, you should share with love and have not one negative thought with the sharing. It is in sharing that we are blessed with so much of what spirit gives back.

Forgive With Love

Forgiveness is something that you have to learn from the soul. Making judgments or feeding negativity does not show that you have the capacity for forgiveness because you revel in the short term joy that you feel by fueling a fire, but, that fire can get out of control and you become the catalyst that causes suffering and pain to another. Doing this out of a mistaken sense of duty is just as bad as taking a knife and wielding it in anger. Often what we have to do is to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others, to really know what forgiveness means is to be able to be unmoved by any cause and to still have the capacity to show compassion and to forgive with love. Ultimately divine law will always play out and it is better to be in harmony with divine law then opposition.

Love Forgiveness and Compassion

This is not written to be some kind of self-righteous act of policing, it is written because I strive to live with these three rules of life, these lessons that are the fundamental basis of all religions of all spirituality and of the roots of our universe. If we can all strive to try every day to actively take part in being peace and truly understanding love, then what chance has negativity or evil or unbalance to take root. What chance does disease have where love exists and that which you desire the most will be given in abundance. Surely we must take action, surely we have this chance at the beginning of a new year to actively live what is preached and preach what is lived – finding peace in a tumultuous world.

Jock Brocas
Jock Brocas is a professional medium, Researcher, and Author. He is also the president of the ASSMPI and editor in chief of The Otherside Press. Jock works closely with his colleagues to share knowledge with three lessons in mind, Love, forgiveness, and compassion.