My Experiences With Leslie Flint

Editors Note: When an article is accepted for publication, we have 2 editors, soon to be 3 that go through each individual article and edit it for style, grammar and punctuation. We postulated over this for a considerable time and finally came to the conclusion that if we changed it – even a little, the feeling, emotion and experience would have been taken from it. The decision to leave this intact, is primarily due to the author’s experience and reality coming from his own words with his own energy. We are delighted to have finally come to a place where we can post this ‘real world experience’ between Leslie Flint and our very good friend Robin Evans. Please Enjoy.

There has been much written and documented about Leslie Flint. For example how he was the most tested medium of his day by the researchers and found to be 100% genuine, but this account is about our experience with him and I feel no need to go into other areas as it can easily be found by the researcher if needed.

These séances were wonderful and we learned so much. One very interesting point is that the voice actually moved around the room. As Mickey or whoever was talking at the time went to someone else you could hear the voice was further down the room. This does not come through on the audio unfortunately.

Then some are going to ask did anyone famous come through? Well yes a few did. Elizabeth Garret Anderson who started the first hospital for women. Nelly Wallace the old Music Hall star. You can Google them both and there is even some old newsreel footage of Nelly on YouTube.

Anyway here is my story:

It is hard to know exactly where to start, as not only was it so long ago, but things happened in a certain manner or why if you like before we actually went to Leslie Flints’ for the first time.

I think the best thing is to try and give some background beforehand so it can be seen how it all happened.

Early in 1981 my wife Wendy and I opened our backroom as a healing sanctuary. We were the first ones to actually do this outside of the Spiritualist churches, in our area anyway.

It was a great success. Every Thursday evening we would be working away until nearly midnight on some occasions.

We got to know John from our local church and he was so interested we offered to train him as a healer.

I can’t recall now just how long had passed, but one night we had a new patient. A lady from Lowestoft whose name was Jo. After our healing had finished she asked if she could come again next week. We said of course that is why we are here, you don’t need to ask

She then told us that she had moved down to Lowestoft after losing her husband Les, who had himself been a healer. She went on to say that she was thinking of moving back to where she had come from as she found the local people not to be very friendly and was feeling a bit disillusioned.

But she said that we were like a warm breath of fresh air as we were so friendly in welcoming her.

So she started to come each week, and there she got to know John who also was a widower having lost his wife Jean about a year earlier. They became friends. Then a little later they married.

Now during this time Jo was regaling us with stories of Leslie Flint. She lent us his autobiography Voices in the Dark. Leslie had signed her copy for her so she treasured it but entrusted us with it. She said, “I must have it back, but will buy you a copy for Christmas.” She truly did this, and it is now one of our treasured possessions.

One day she said, “Would you all like to go to Leslie Flint’s for a Direct Voice séance”? We jumped at the idea.

She said that Leslie, by this time, was actually retired and only did séances occasionally for people he knew or who had been before. As Jo had been before Leslie knew he could trust her if she wanted to bring a group to see him.

She told us that Leslie only made a nominal charge of £6 per head which we could manage okay. But we would have to go by train from Great Yarmouth to Paddington which was going to work out a bit expensive for us. We were existing at that time on basic benefit which was about enough to keep soul and body together.

Then I had a thought. A couple of years previously I had bought an acoustic guitar, which I was vainly trying to learn to play. I had actually given up on that a while ago as I know it was never going to happen.

A friend’s daughter had expressed interest in buying it from me. I said she could have it for £25 which was half what I had paid for it. She readily agreed and we had our train fares and enough for a meal for our visit.

Jo arranged things with Leslie, and our séance with him was booked for 2nd June 1982.

Because of the time it would take to get there by train we had to get up very early on the day. We piled out of bed at 5am to get ready to catch the train.

Our little flat was full of the atmosphere of expectancy. It was as though our spirit friends already knew of our visit and what was awaiting us.

As I walked into our front room all Wendy’s ornaments were pinging like crazy. We both stopped in our tracks and listened as they went ping, ping, ping for a few minutes, or so it seemed as timed seemed to stand still for a while, we were so enthralled by it.

We went into the kitchen to make a pot of tea. There Wendy had an indoor washing line set up. She gets a bit embarrassed when I tell folk about this next bit. On the washing line was only one item of clothing and was part of Wendy’s’ underwear. Well the washing line was going crazy, it was pinging up and down with quite a force and there was the item belonging to Wendy going up down with it.

Once again we were truly amazed. When all was still again I tried to emulate it by pinging the line myself. It was no good it just wasn’t the same. When spirit does something it can’t be imitated.

We set off on our journey full of excitement and expectancy at what we were, hopefully, going to experience that day. Jo told us that Leslie had managed to fit us in with another group who were also booked that day. It didn’t matter we were just excited at the prospect of going at all.

We eventually got to Paddington and Jo said it was only a short walk from there to Leslie’s home in Westbourne Terrace. When we got there we found it was a very large house and we commented on the size of it at the time.

It transpired that Leslie was a silent film buff. We later discovered that Valentino the silent film star was one of Leslie’s guides. The room where the séance was to be held was in fact the cinema room. This was where Leslie showed silent films on a regular basis, free of charge to the elderly folk in his area.

Leslie was waiting for us as we entered. Being polite I said my name is Robin and this is…….. that is when Leslie said “NO don’t tell me names.” It won’t be evidential if I know all your names.

He had to leave the room for a while and while he was gone Wendy thought she would look under the cinema seats to see if there was anything untoward there. Leslie came back while she was still looking!

He wasn’t offended in the least. In fact he said: “Go on look everywhere; satisfy yourself that everything is as it should be.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  He even told her to go and look in the projector room where the film machinery was. So she did and found nothing wrong there either.

Most of our group and the others sat themselves in the cinema seats.

For some reason I had spied a piano near the corner of the room and Wendy and I sat down beside that so we were a bit separate from the others.

Then the lights were put out and we were sitting in total blackness. Leslie told us just to talk normally amongst ourselves, and to him of course. Keep it light hearted and laughter will help. I can’t recall now exactly how long it was we chatted away it may have been around half an hour or maybe a bit more.

Then Mickey started to speak.

It will be almost impossible to say what happened in detail as it was so long ago so I am going to try and put the link here to that séance so you can all hear for yourselves:

Our first séance

I can tell you this, it was truly wonderful.

After this first time Leslie knew us and knew we could be trusted and he agreed that we could bring a group to see him on our own.

Our next séance was arranged for 10th November 1983. This time we would have transport to go by road. We had made friends with a chap called  Brian through a local charity that we were both helping with at the time. We had told him of our visit and he also was interested. He had a large Mercedes van that he used to take disabled people around in and he agreed to take us all in that to see Leslie.

So we took our circle members with us for that visit. Again here is the link to that séance:

Our second séance

Everyone enjoyed it so much we all decided that would love to go again, so we arranged once more to go on 11th July 1984.

Once again we went with Brian taking us in his vehicle. Here is the link:

Our third séance

We went for a fourth time, unfortunately I can’t recall the date. But the reason may be that it was a dud. Nothing happened at all. We must have sat there in the darkness for around two hours when Leslie called it a day. He was so sorry, he was full of apologies that nothing had happened what with us coming all that way.

But you see dear Leslie was getting on a bit a he couldn’t guarantee a result. He said it was happening more often because maybe his own energies weren’t sufficient on that day.

Of course we were disappointed but we had a lovely talk with him while we were waiting for the séance to start. Of course it never did that day.

We were all of good cheer though and we made an appointment for another visit which was take place on 1st October 1985.

I have labelled this as the fourth séance as it was to be in actually our fourth and final successful visit.

Here is the link:

Our fourth séance

May I just add here that for all these wonderful séances to be heard on YouTube, and many others also are only made possible by my good friend Jack Terrence Andrews who has so diligently uploaded them to his channel the New Leslie Flint Trust.

Just put that title in search on YouTube and you will hear these and many more that Jack has put on for the world to hear the unique and wonderful Direct Voice mediumship of Leslie Flint.

Robin C. Evans

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