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Door Keepers

Let me here clear something up please. The term Doorkeeper (DK) is only a name, an appellation if you like.

We only in truth have one main guide and that is our DK. Now the term was coined back in 1948ish by Ken Pretty on the advice of his guide as a more suitable term. Before everyone apparently had been using the misguided term of Guardian Angel which is really not appropriate.

Now the Buddhists have a term of what they refer to as a bodhisattva. These are souls who temporarily suspend their own progression for the purpose of aiding another. I think DKs fall into this category.

Let’s get one thing clear here and that is the DK isn’t here to stop negative energy coming through to the earth plane. It’s their task to stop it coming to their charge. That is one of their functions.

If you want to dispense with the term DK, that’s fine by me. The term Main Guide suffices equally as well.

Now contrary to some opinion a DK is not just found. It is usual to be someone in your own soul group, who may be a little more advanced spiritually than oneself. There is no ego involved here as it must be that way for them to be able to offer guidance as and where necessary.

Now here’s the thing. Not everyone has a DK. If it is in your life plan to do some of a spiritual nature to help your fellow man and also The Great Spirit, and by this I don’t mean big daddy god lol, then an arrangement is usually made before you incarnate to this plane.

It may be that you spend your life and never get to know your DK. In some ways it matters not as they will still try to protect you that is their key function. They cannot alter anything for you or give you answers directly as that would mean interference etc. The Prime Directive if you like.

I was fortunate in That I got to know my DK again at a crucial point in my and Wendy’s early development. We were left without guidance as we had left our first circle and didn’t know where we were going to turn for help and advice.

He took over our training. I won’t go into the detail here suffice it to say he was a hard task master and really put us through the mill.

Now as for the proverbial “doors”. We don’t have any “doors” it is just terminology or a way of speaking. It just how we close ourselves down from spirit contact and to have our feet firmly on the ground once more, so to speak.

We cannot also close our chakras. So what we are in effect doing by “closing our doors” is to take our attention away from them. It is all a mental exercise really. Simple as that.

Others who come to help as in healing or public work are not in truth guides as we only have the one Main Guide or dare I say it DK. They are helpers who come for a specific task. Sometimes they stay as many of those who help us in healing etc. I know some of mine have.

There is also my little pal Tommy, a young Cockney lad who came to me early in my unfoldment to help with the public demonstrations. It was Tommy who did all the clairvoyance with me.

Now I can’t help it if as in case of those in

that Spiritualist Church have never heard of the term DK but they may be using Guardian Angel for all I know. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter folks. There really is no ego involved. Call them what you like but you will get more out of them if you actually acknowledge them.

I hope I have cleared a few things up ….. or have I?

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