Messages from the Spirit World


When you sit with a Medium for a reading, you are bound to hear important messages from your loved ones in spirit. In fact, at least half of the reason spirit shows up at all is to have the opportunity to offer these special pieces of advice or guidance. The other half of the reason spirit wants to connect is simply to let you know they still exist and are part of your life.

Now, I say “simply to let you know”, but if you have any familiarity, whatsoever, with longing for someone whose heart no longer beats, than you know there is not an ounce of simplicity in learning they are not just dead and gone. Rather, learning first hand, through a Medium’s validation, that our loved ones are alive and well in the hereafter can be an exceptionally profound experience.

When spirit offers messages of guidance and love, they do so from a perspective of all-knowingness and all-lovingness. Their words are not about pettiness, not about anger, blame, or worry. Their words are so intensely steeped in love, and any emotion not rooted in love simply does not, and can not, exist in the spirit world.

Spiritual Frequency

Spirit’s vibrational frequency is too high to sustain sentiments of fear, hate, and discord. These sentiments carry with them low vibrations – think of how you feel when you are scared, mad, or irritated. You feel literally heavy. That heaviness comes from holding on to those low-vibration emotions, and spirit never does that. We do that here in the physical world, but our loved ones simply do not have the capacity to retain anything less than pure love, and that is a beautiful thing.

Some might say it is a rare occasion to get help from above, or at least it can feel that way sometimes. But the truth is that spirit always wants to help with troubles you might be facing, and they want you to know you are not facing them alone. During mediumship, a moment in time is created to hear their voice they so eagerly want to share.

While each message has unique information included in it, there are also common threads that Mediums are privileged to hear on a regular basis. The commonalities between messages are meant to help us live better lives, be more kind, love ourselves and others the best we can, and to help us understand the important things in life.
There is a long list of universal messages that come from the spirit world. And it is interesting how people react to them sometimes. Often the response is something like, “Yes, I understand that. It makes sense.” But other times there is not an ounce of previous understanding of what the message is all about.

Whats in the Spirit’s Message

For example, spirit talks about forgiveness all the time. And the big message behind it is that forgiveness is more about you than the person you are forgiving. Holding a grudge or anger or resentment takes nothing from the person you hold responsible for those emotions. But it takes an enormous piece of your happiness from you. Hence when we forgive, we are releasing ourselves from the damaging emotions rather than releasing our trespasser from anything.

Another common message is about relinquishing guilt. Guilt exists in a multitude of ways for a vast number of reasons, and sometimes our guilt is related to our loved one in spirit. Perhaps we had to make a decision about their treatment, or perhaps we had an argument before they passed unexpectedly. Spirit says that we all leave this world at the time and in the manner in which we plan to, and that means that everything happens for a reason. Nothing we could have done or said differently would have or could have changed the outcome. And so guilt is unwarranted – always.

Spirit also talks about loving you unconditionally, and how they want you to move on with your life. Even if that means meeting and falling in love with another. Your happiness is paramount to them, and they always want you to have it in your life. Spirit is never jealous. They know only love.

Whatever the message from spirit, you can be sure their intention is pure of heart, and full of love. It is always a profoundly beautiful experience to hear from our dearly departed, and it can be a life-changing opportunity for those who dare to ask, “what do they want to say?”

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