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Instant Mediums Karma

Have you ever considered the importance of the Job you do as a medium and how much responsibility that carries? I often wonder how many actually think of the responsibility on their shoulders or who miss it because they are too caught up in the evidence or desire to perform and make a living.

I have lost count of the times when a grieving individual has made contact only to tell of the terrible reading they had with another medium and how upset they were. Now I know that some of you will be thinking about how awful was the so-called evidence, or if the person was actually with spirit at all? The words used in the sitting are often used frivolously, without thought. The actual readings by many standards may be great and many would be happy to receive it, but how it is delivered and how the words are chosen must be done with care – or they can cut like a knife.

Try this exercise. Have someone or your partner or even a member of your circle stand in front of you with their hand and arm outstretched in front of them. Now with your two fingers lightly – but firmly resting on the top of their hand – start to push down as you say amazing wonderful and complimentary things. You will notice the person is still fairly strong and nothing will move them. Ok, take a moment, now do the same thing, but this time, being horrible and saying horrible things, nasty things to them and about them. You will now find they are powerless. You have taken and affected their personal energy by firing and charging negative energy and forced it upon them. This small exercise exemplifies how words can hurt and destroy someone’s joyful spirit.

Now let’s get back to the sitting with the medium and how the choices of words may actually cause more damage to the sitter than one could imagine. Statements like, “He’s not happy with you” or “You should not have done that” May sound innocuous but in actual fact, do more damage to the person’s spirit than you can imagine. In fact, there are so many examples that could be given, such as how the person passed etc. One must consider how frail the sitter’s spirit is and how much in turmoil they are in. It is, therefore, a great responsibility on the medium to be able to deliver that message in a caring, respectful and responsible way, and that unfortunately is few and far between today.

Karmic Influence

I am sure that you have all heard the saying “What goes around comes around,” which is that basis of karmic law – saying in layman’s terms that all debts must be paid and your responsibility is not something that you can escape, what you sow, so shall ye reap or words to that effect. So is it wise to consider the reality that a medium may shoulder more karmic responsibility than one would think. In reality, if you are steeped in a bath of ignorance, you won’t escape the karmic responsibility because you did not know any better, but it may be to a lesser degree. Even if you are ignorant of Karma, you still have a karmic responsibility. However, there is a hypothesis that suggests one who is spiritually aware, should, in effect know better. I am in no doubt that Karma acts quickly on an individual who has a high level of spiritual awareness. How the karmic debt is paid is of no consequence to anyone other than the relationship between the individual and the divine source or whatever they aspire toward. Nevertheless, the reality of checks and balances does have an immediate effect. As a consequence, this means that perhaps from a developed medium’s perspective the responsibility of what they say, do, and act has a greater effect and the scales of Karma tip one way more than the other.

Medium’s Beware

Let us now get back to the hypothesis of the mediumship reading. It’s very easy for a medium to reel off everything and anything they see, hear or feel without actually processing it properly. One sure sign of an untrained or undeveloped medium is following that pattern of “Just Say what you see.” In this instance, it is all too easy to cause more harm to the sitter because you are unable to discern what to say and how to put across the message in a compassionate way. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard a medium give a graphic representation of how the spirit person passed, and though they mean no malice, it causes tremendous angst and upset to the sitter because they are faced with the visions or emotions that compounded the grief.

So, consider this as another aspect of the aforementioned hypothesis, if indeed karma has an immediate effect upon an individual who may be progressed more spiritually than another or who may have more understanding of spiritual law. Does that mean the individual could be the catalyst to immediate karmic balance, or, would there be no change? It certainly is something to ponder on and think about. If you do something against your spiritual knowledge or make up for your own personal gain, there will be a karmic balance, but where does that leave the medium, should the medium have that discerning power, because ultimately you have taken on major responsibility of spirit and passing on information that can change a person’s life. If you knowingly give a grieving individual evidence because you feel it is strong and that evidence causes the individual to be further catapulted into grieving or indeed any other negative state, there could very well be an instant Karmic reaction. This also bears down on the old argument that mediums should not work too early until a sufficient amount of development and training has taken place. It’s not about the evidence, it’s about the whole package and as mediums who are supposed to be more aware, we have a deeper responsibility and I would suggest are subject to Instant Karma.

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